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Thermalogic Ultimate Window LinerThermalogic Ultimate Curtain Liner is the most popular curtain liner out there.

Curtain Liners are some of the best and most versatile among ways to keep the heat in your house.

If you have ever stayed in a high end hotel, or even at Motel 6, you may have noticed how easy it was to sleep till 11 am!

It was thanks to excellent thermal insulation and noise blocking provided by a Thermalogic Ultimate Thermal Blackout Liner.

What Does Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner Claim To Do?

But what about your home? Detachable curtain linings by Thermalogic promise additional thermal insulation in winter, and ease of installation. We have set out to look into all available buyer reviews online to see whether these claims are valid. We found the answers and a whole lot more! Keep reading about our findings below.

Who Uses Thermalogic Curtain Liner?

Thermal Insulation In The Winter: We found that anyone living in places where it gets cold in the winter, especially Midwest could use some extra window insulation. A person from Midwest actually reported $50 savings every single month compared to the previous year. Especially these days, with Polar Vortex winter chills coming down on a regular basis, more people would need to find out about this best kept secret.

Heat Blocking In The Summer: We found that people living in Southwest, especially Arizona and Nevada, also found much use for this liner in the hot and sunny summer months. These people were even more impressed with the blackout that the Thermalogic liner provided. Even in coastal California people found use for the extra insulation.

Improve Blackout And Keep Curtains You Love: In a lot of cases, people fell in love with their curtains they bought, and didn’t want to take them back to the store. Often, these curtains would be labelled “Blackout” but were nothing like it. So instead of returning the curtains they liked back to the store they added Thermalogic detachable curtain lining. They kept the curtains they loved and made them blackout with the liner. As an added bonus, thermal insulation improved too.

Noise Blocking: Many buyers were surprised how good the Thermalogic Liner was in blocking the road noise coming through the window.

What Is Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner Made Of

Thermalogic Ultimate Blackout Insulated Curtain LinerThe white face of the liner (facing the window) is made of 80% polyester, 20% cotton and the back (facing the room) is 100% acrylic suede. According to buyers, it does not have the plastic feel that some other liners have.

We like the acrylic suede for two reasons. First, its extra fibers give the liner a less plastic feel, and second, the extra fiber will further reduce the unwanted noises, as we have seen in this suede energy efficient curtain review.

Note: You may find customer reviews reporting receiving a panel that emits foul odor. Which is a shame because these reports have dissuaded many prospective buyers from purchasing. The odor was probably a fire retardant and formaldehyde which may have been added to comply with an US law.

On a small chance that you sense that foul odor, soak the curtains in vinegar, baking soda, or a great smelling Fels Naphtha Soap and the foul odor should go away. That is a tip from a Thermalogic Liner user.

[Update since 2014] There were no foul odor reports since the end of 2013 and none in 2014. The company may have read the damaging reviews and changed the manufacturing process. At most you will smell some glue like smell or some normal new plastic smell which will go away in a week or two.

Thermalogic Liner Is Flexible And Install Is Convenient

Several types of hooks and attachments come included in the Thermalogic Liner package. Indeed, you can conveniently attach this detachable liner to all styles of curtains. You will find the details explained in the included instruction sheet that is included.

You will find included 4 rings, 4 hooks, ties and pins to attach them to grommet curtains, back tab curtains, pinch pleat, or rod pocket curtains.

So no matter how your existing curtains are hung, you can always attach Thermalogic liner to the back of the curtain. You will pin the included hooks into the curtain just like a safety pin.

If you have grommet style curtains, you can use included rings to hang the Thermalogic liner directly on the decorative rod. You can hide the Thermalogic rings behind the curtain. Iff you are installing the curtain rod, make sure you affix the rod at least a couple inches above the window. That way you will allow for the liner to hang from below the top of the curtain yet still cover the entire window.

Buyers took anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes total to install Thermalogic Liner. Compared to installing thermal window films, installing Thermalogic is easy.

One woman was even as brave as to cut the liner down to size which she found super easy to do.

If you are considering installing the thermal liner on a double rod, this will slightly reduce the thermal blocking but it will give you the flexibility to close the liner independently from the curtain. For instance, you could be using Thermalogic in winter and summer months only to block the heat and sun rays.

Color And Looks

Although the image above shows the light blue/gray color side of the liner, the Thermalogic Ultimate Blackout Thermal Liner is actually white on one side and light blue/gray on the inner side only. The white side must be facing the window for better thermal insulation.

Some HOA actually require the outside facing curtains should be white, so you will be able to even use Thermalogic liner to comply with your HOA.

As for the looks, buyers report that the liners aren’t obtrusive or obvious as they hang behind their other curtains.


Width And Length: The package contains a single panel. The width of the panel is 45 inches. There are four convenient lengths available, 101 inch, 88 inch, 77 inch and 56 inch.

We recommend to choose the width of the liner to fit the full length of the curtain rod. You will get better thermal insulation if you straighten out the liner. Be sure the liner covers the whole window and at least a few inches out on all sides of the window. Do not go by the curtain width. Thermalogic liner is quite stiff and does not flow as a wave unlike the curtains.

If you are buying curtains at the same time, and there are no obstructions close to the window, we recommend to extend curtains and the liner all the way to the floor and all the way up to the ceiling. Doing so will assure better thermal insulation. Convective heat loss will be reduced. Convective heat loss is due to cold air falling down from the cold window and circulating into the room.

Weight: Single Thermalogic panel weighs between 1.25 lbs and 1.8 lbs depending on the length, see above. This is quite heavy but nothing out of the ordinary. Some buyers found them “thick and heavy.” If you are buying curtain rods at the same time, consider double rods or large diameter (over 1 inch), sturdier rods.

Rod pocket: If you are hanging Thermalogic on a sepaate rod, Thermalogic liner will fit onto any rod less than 1 inch in diameter.

Best Features Of Thermalogic Panels

  • create significant improvement in room temperature
  • reduce heating bills
  • eliminate window draft
  • block out street lights
  • block heat and bright sun light
  • damp out the street noise


Included accessories: curtain rings, tabs, tie-ins, metal pins. They provide a great variety of options to attach them to existing curtains.

You could add flexibility by purchasing a double rod and hang the liner separately. Then pull the liner out for instance when watching TV on sunny days for blackout, or to lower the temperature in the summer, or to increase the temperature when it is extra cold in winter.

Pros Reported By Buyers

  • $50/month savings on the heating bill
  • insulated a drafty window well
  • blocked some noise as well
  • achieved complete blackout with the liner only

Cons Reported By Buyers

  • odor reported on some panels [this seems to be completely gone since 2014]
  • only one panel included in a package
  • available in only one width

Buyer Ratings And What Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner Actually Does For Users

One buyer from Midwest who went and compared the utility bills reported an amazing $50 reduction in monthly bill.

Another buyer found the Thermalogic blocked the heat so well in the summer that he just left the curtains closed all days and turned on lights.

Yet another buyer loved the newly found comfort in her home. She realized how the Thermalogic Lininig prevented the furniture and the curtains from being bleached. She also reduced her air conditioning bills.

A family that installed Thermalogic liners on all bedroom windows reports that everyone sleeps better.

Several buyers report reduced noise from the outside, and deadened sounds of the highway.

One buyer even realized that he saw the same blackout liners at Hyatt House and other high end hotels.


Note: The pack only contains one Thermalogic liner panel, 45″ wide. We found selection of lengths be better at than anywhere else, and prices lower at by as much as $7 per panel compared with other shops such as The price difference does add up when you are buying 2 or more liners.


Thermalogic Rod Pocket Curtain LinerThermalogic Ultimate Window Liner is the best kept secret of thermal insulation. It is amazing how few people know about this miracle passive heating tool in Midwest, East, And South. Their winters could be so much warmer. They would spend much less money on heating. Some people have lived in Southwest deserts for years without anyone letting them know about Thermalogic Liner. If they knew about it, their summers could have been much more pleasant and cool.

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