How To Soundproof A Garage For A Garage Band

Why Soundproof A Garage?

Audimute Sound Absorbing BlanketsIf you are starting a garage band then to soundproof a garage using something like Audimute absorption sheets or thick sound absorbing moving blankets will be the first order of business. In addition to putting a band together, getting the musical instruments and the amps, mikes, monitors, and the rest of the gear of course.

If you don’t treat the acoustics of the garage properly, your neighbors will be sick of you because of the excessive noise. Plus, the band members will hate each other because of the unwanted echoes, excessive reverberations and sound distortions inside the garage.

You should soundproof the garage! However, the soundproofing does not have to be perfect! Have no fear of starting very simple!

The Amazing Story Of U2

U2 at Gelsenkirchen, Source Wikipedia

U2 in concert at Gelsenkirchen, source Wikipedia

Did you know that the famous Belfast Band U2 started as the band before they even knew how to play their instruments? It’s true! Their first name was actually Feedback because of the terrible noise they made during rehearsals. Ha! They had to write their own songs because the songs others wrote were too much for their skill level!

I can only imagine that to soundproof their garage must have been the first thing on their mind. Without soundproofing, their neighbors would shut them down for sure and there may not be U2 today!

To Soundproof A Garage Is Easier Than You Think

So how do you go about soundproofing a garage? And of course you want to do it quick and easy, with little money, so you can get moving, working on your wicked chops?

Couple things. First and foremost, don’t even begin to listen to soundproof forums, filled with builder experts who will tell you to build a room-inside-the-room with some monster insulation. You’d spend all your money on soundproofing and a lot of your time too! Or you would call in an “acoustic specialist”! Bring money!

It is easier than you think to get you started with a quality sound treatment. You just need to figure out the noise insulation for walls, how to soundproof the garage door, soundproof the windows and,  optionally, soundproof the ceiling.

You will find our quick and easy recommendations for soundproofing below. Plus, we’ll give you a cool psychological trick to make sure your neighbor will not object to your playing, even if they still hear some noises. Keep reading.

Acoustic Blankets – The Easy Way To Soundproof Garage Walls

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets To Soundproof A Garage

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets, an easy way to soundproof the garage walls

This is the most important first step. Instead of building a drywall within your garage, we will simply take acoustic blankets, and hang them on a rod or by the hooks from the top of the garage walls.

This will accomplish two things:

First, acoustic blankets will absorb significant amount of sound, as much as 80% which will appease the neighbors.

Second, acoustic blankets are soft. As opposed to the hard cement (or even wooden) walls of the garage. Thus, the sound inside the garage will have less echo and will be easier on the ears. There will be less distortions of the sound overall.

If you happen to have windows in the garage, you can simply cover them with the acoustic blankets as well.

You can find more information on acoustic blankets or Sound Absorption Sheets here: Audimute Absorption Sheets.

The Cheaper Alternative To Acoustic Blankets

Soundproofing a garage with Super Supreme Moving Blankets

Super Supreme Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets!

Be warned though. Moving blankets are not designed for sound absorption. They do come in wildly varying thicknesses. The skinnier ones (like the ones Uhaul carries) aren’t even all that safe for your furniture when moving it, let alone to absorb the sound in your garage well!

If you decide to go with moving blankets, pick the thickest you can find. The sheer blanket weight counts for a lot when it comes to sound absorption. Higher weight blankets will be particularly effective in absorbing the most annoying low end frequencies.

Soundproofing The Garage Ceiling

As the quickest and easiest solution we also recommend Acoustic Blankets for the ceiling. Acoustic blankets have grommets on both opposing sides, so it is possible to attach them to the ceiling using hooks built into the ceiling. Just make sure that the hooks are screwed in tight because the side pull on them will be strong. Put them a bit closer together to reduce the side pull and allow Acoustic Blankets to form a nice down arch.

Soundproofing the ceiling won’t be that important for the garage band. First off, the loudspeakers will not point up, and second, the sound going up and out the garage ceiling is less likely to disturb the neighbors because most of it will still be directed upwards, not directly into the neighbor’s house.

But if you are going to soundproof the ceiling anyways, take a look at Sound Absorption Sheets by Audimute.

Soundproofing The Garage Floor

Why soundproof the garage floor you ask? The worms underneath won’t complain, they’ll just leave. Well two things, much of the sound will bounce off the floor and then hit the walls and the ceiling. So if you treat the floor acoustically, you will reduce those sound reflections and reduce the outside noise. At the same time, reducing echoes from the floor will improve the overall acoustics and allow you to play longer without fatigue.

Yeah, nothing big is needed to sound treat the floor, any old carpet will lower the reflections and absorb the sound some. The thicker the better.

Soundproofing The Garage Door

Garage door, depending on the type you have, can be a bit more tricky. They are the only moving part in the garage besides the windows. You can use Acoustic Blankets or Acoustic Sheets but you would probably have to cut them to size. You would also have to make sure they don’t get in the way as the door opens. Using thick moving blankets as described above will work fine as a less expensive alternative. Plus you won’t mind cutting them to size that much!

Grommets on both sides will come in handy as well. Just make sure that the hooks are very sturdy.

Psycho Trick To Appease Your Neighbors

If your neighbors give you a “stink eye”, because of any residual noise that is still coming out of your garage while you rehearse, do this:

First, think of U2 and Bono, how terrible they must have played in the beginning. So make sure nothing the neighbor says or does will affect your determination to play. Nothing should prevent your band from rehearsing!

Second, just take your neighbor to your garage and SHOW them all the soundproofing you have put in. The neighbor will be impressed with your effort to soundproof a garage after she sees all the sound absorption sheets or even just thick moving blankets. She will realize you are doing your best to take care of her senses as well! She may become your fan and a groupie!


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