Heat Reflective Window Film: 3M Outside Window Kit

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3M Outdoor Window Insulator Kit For 2 Windows - Heat Reflective Window Film
We decided to write this 3M Window film review because an Outside 3M Window Film Insulation is such a low cost and  wonderful complement to inside thermal window treatments like thermal curtains and thermal curtain liners like Thinsulate and Thermalogic. 3M Outside Window Insulating Kit comes in 2 sizes, Patio Door size, and 2 Window size.

Benefits Of 3M Window Insulation Film

3M claims that their 3M Outside Window Insulating Kit will keep the heat in the house and cold drafts away. That it provides additional thermal insulation in the winter months. They claim the heat reducing window film will achieve up to 70% drop in heat loss through a single pane window.

Considering a large fraction of heat in a single family home or in apartments is lost through the windows, this can mean significant savings every month.

The secondary way this heat reducing window film will reduce heat loss, 3M claim, is through fighting the cold air influx through the cracks either in the window, but most likely at the edges of the window.

3M also claim that this Outside Window Kit reduces condensation. This can be understood because, since the heat reflecting window kit is installed outside, the temperature on the inside of the window will be higher than usual, which means less condensation on the window pane inside the room. Less condensation could extend the lifetime of your windows.

3M also talk about reduction of frost buildup. Again, we can understand that by realizing that the warmer temperature from the room is extended further out through the window pane. A warmer window pane will resist frost buildup on the outside of the window better.

Who Is 3M Outside Window Insulator Suitable For?

This video features Greg Biffle, the 3M race driver, and his wife. They show how they are using 3M residential window film in their home. The heat reflective window film enables them great view outside while at the same time not darkening the room and saving money on HVAC (heating and air conditioning) costs. The 3M film they had installed allows them to have their curtains open to bring in light. Yet they still enjoy added insulation and warmth, protect floor, furniture, paintings, carpet and curtains from fading through the UV light exposure.

Anyone who wants additional thermal insulation without sacrificing view through the window will enjoy this 3M product. This includes homeowners who have already installed heat reflecting window kit on the inside, realized fantastic savings, and want to save even more. Or perhaps you have already installed thermal insulating curtains or thermal curtain liners. You can still benefit from additional thermal insulation and save even more.

With constant threats of the arctic cold in the US pushing in from the north, anyone from the Rockies through Midwest, South, to the Eastern Seaboard states will find use for the kit to save energy in the winter.

Materials Used

3M is proud to tell that their 3M Window Insulator is the clearest heat reflective window film available on the market. They probably won’t give out the exact details of the materials.

However, they are quick to say that powerful, two-sided 3M scotch tape is included which keeps the insulating window film firmly in place all year long.

Effectiveness Ratings Of Heat Reflective Window Film Are Impressive

3M claims up to 70% reduction of heat loss through the window. They claim 99% UV light blocking.

Versatility And Convenience Of The 3M Window Insulation Film

If you are using the 3M window insulation film for smaller windows, you will have to cut the film into matching pieces. This will require a large flat surface, like a dinner table, and some patience in following directions.

On the other side of the coin, the film is easy to remove from the window when so desired.

Translucent Color And Inconspicuous Looks

Again, 3M claims that 3M window insulation film is the clearest. They say it is “clear as glass”. When you install it right (follow directions by 3M and check out directions for a competing product here) it will shrink tight and you won’t see any bubbles forming either. There will be little internal reflection, so overall, the window will look natural after installation.


3M Outdoor Window Film For Patio Door will cover a surface sized 84 inch (7 feet) x 112 inch (9.33 feet). It comes in the package sized 1.6 inch x 9.75 inch x 8.75 inch. It weighs only 0.5 lbs.

3M Outdoor Window Film For 2 Windows covers a surface sized 5.16 feet x 7 feet, Its package is sized 1.5 inch x 8.75 inch x 9.75  inch. It weighs only 0.35 lbs.


  • thermal insulation
  • UV blocking
  • outside frost buildup prevention
  • inside condensation prevention
  • clearest thermal insulated window film

Additional Accessories

If you live in an area with extremely powerful winds, you may want to consider securing the outside window film with extra weatherproof tape around the edges. Consider Scotch Outdoor Window Film Mounting Tape.


  • up to 70% heat loss reduction
  • nearly 100% UV light blocking
  • highly translucent
  • does not form bubbles
  • powerful double sided scotch tape included
  • easy installation
  • protects windows on the outside


  • exposure to elements may cause the outside film to not last as long as the similar inside film
  • must be prepared to cut to size following directions

Buyer Ratings From 3M Window Film Reviews

Buyers are generally happy with the performance of the 3M window insulation film. They praise how the 3M scotch tape holds the film up despite adverse weather conditions. Something the competitor window films couldn’t handle.

Others appreciate the true transparency of the film and its ability to stick to the window throughout the winter thanks to the strong and persistent two sided scotch tape.

Yet other buyers pointed out that installing of the 3M film was easier than installing other products because no hairdryer was needed.

Getting The Best Price On 3M Window Film

Where To Buy 3M Window Film? Walmart had at the time of review free shipping on this product which made it $8 cheaper per package compared with other retailers like Sears. When you order more, the price difference really adds up fast.


Heat Reflective Window Film - 3M Outdoor Window Insulator Kit Patio Door

3M Outdoor Window Insulator Kit For Patio Door

Given all the advantages of the outside heat reducing window film, this 3M product is worth its weight in gold especially in cold winters like this year’s.

Check out the current price for patio door kit and 2 window kit at Walmart.com.
Look for “Rollback” or “Clearance” tag for reduced price.



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