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Eclipse Kendall Blackout Curtains For Kids, Teal

Eclipse Kendall, Blackout Curtains For Kids

Eclipse Kendall Curtains are for kids. In contrast to Absolute Zero Curtains (our fav) and Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient curtain that come in the more toned down pastel, dark and brown colors, Eclipse Kendall comes in colors that are lively, bright, and really suitable for kids rooms, and will brighten up the kids rooms.

Note! There are a few caveats when buying Eclipse Kendall Curtains, especially because a lot of outlets will market them as “Blackout”. It is true that, because of the Thermaback lining, all Eclipse Kendall curtains will have excellent insulating properties, however, they will not all equally block the sunlight. It really depends on the color!

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So read this review carefully to prevent disappointment.

Eclipse Kendall Materials And Noise Control

Compared with Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains, Eclipse Kendall are made of similar material, including Thermaback layer. They don’t have the “faux suede fiber” so their noise control will be lacking quite a bit compared with Eclipse Suede Curtains.

However, you can, by buying two and a half times the window width to three times the window width, make sure that the curtains will look full even when closed. As we discussed elsewhere, this will increase noise control by as much as 3x, based on research and data from a famous music school.

Look below under Dimensions, for how to measure your window properly for size, and how to pick the exact number of panels to buy.

Convenient Installation And Maintenance

The Eclipse Kendall curtains are packaged as single panels. So you can buy exactly the number of panels you need to maximize fullness and noise control. They are easy to unfold and you must put them in the dryer (together with a large damp cloth) as soon as you unpack, to remove creases and folds. Then prepare to hang them immediately for best results (look into curtain rods under Accessories, below, to be ready to hang them right away).

The curtains are easy to hang because they have a 3 inch hem on both ends which will let you hang them either way on even the thickest of curtain rods (the 1 inch diameter ones which we recommend).

Since the Thermaback layer is a part of the curtain itself, it is easy to make curtains look good when hung. No need to mess with extra liners.

Every few years you can conveniently machine wash these curtains. Make sure you use the cold temperature setting. You can tumble dry on low, and we recommend to place moist kitchen cloth in the dryer for better crease reduction. We recommend dry cleaning, however, to be on the safe side. Especially if curtains have been exposed to strong sunlight daily for a year or longer.

Kendall Curtains Come In Lively Light And Darker Colors

Eclipse Kids Kendall Curtains

Eclipse Kids Kendall Curtains – Denim Color

Due to lack of extra (faux) fiber texture, the Eclipse Kendall are perhaps a bit more industrial feeling than Eclipse Suede.

But the wonderful lively colors they come in make up for that in the child’s room.

When you are considering buying light color Kendalls, such as Lime, Turquoise, Ivory (dark white), or Artichoke (medium to light green), beware that the Eclipse Kendall will not really block 99% of the sun rays. If your window is facing the sun at any point during the day when kids want to sleep (like east facing windows for example), we recommend to install extra blinds on that window, or change your Eclipse Kendall order to a darker colors, below, for maximal, nearly 99% outside light blocking.

Dark colors choices for Eclipse Energy Efficient Kids Kendall curtains include Raspberry, Denim, Ruby, Purple, Aubergine (dark purple-brown eggplant color), Cafe, Black, Stone Blue, and Chocolate. You will be really happy with both the thermal insulation, light blocking, and noise blocking, especially if you double up on the number of panels, as described in Dimensions, below. By doubling on the number of panels, your curtains will look fuller too when closed.

Sizing The Curtains, How To Measure The Window Or Door

Eclipse Kendall curtains come in two panel dimensions, 42″W x 84″L and 42″W x 63″L. Their packing weight per panel is 1.76/1.5 lbs.

The Curtain Length

First off, for better sound reduction, light blocking, and thermal insulation, we suggest to pick the longer, 84 inch length, instead of the shorter 63 inch length. That is unless your radiator is right underneath the window in and you don’t want to cover it.

The Curtain Total Width

Now let’s talk about width. As we have recommended above under Materials And Noise Control, if you are really concerned with doubling or even tripling the noise reduction (as if you living by a noisy street or having noisy neighbors or need to sleep or relax in peace during the day), you will want to have the total curtain width be 2.5x – 3x the width of the window.

How to measure the window? As for the height, you can choose to have a few inches of space between the bottom of the curtain (the 3 inch hem area on the bottom) and the floor. You may want to achieve the flooding effect by letting the curtains spread down on the floor, but we don’t recommend that with the Kendalls, especially because of the kids.

So be sure that the center of the curtain rod is installed at least 85-86 inches above the floor. Then measure your window side to side. (See also the distance A-B here: Multiply the window width by 3 and get total recommended width of the curtains. Then divide that total width by 42 inches, round up to the higher whole number. This will be the number of 42 inch panels you want. Usually, you will want to get 4 panels for a regular size window for extra noise control and sun ray blockage. And for the extra full look when curtains are closed.

If you are getting a double rod to hang Eclipse Kendall on (see Accessories below), you can purchase even more panels and increase the light blockage and noise blockage even further.

Top Quick Features Of Eclipse Kendall Energy Efficient Curtains

  • Many beautiful colors kids will love (but beware that lighter colors will not be as light blocking)
  • Blocks up to 99 percent of outside light in lab tests. Note: In tests, 99 percent is only achieved by the darkest color choices
  • Patented Thermaback technology keeps hot sunrays out and conserves costs of cooling and heating
  • Noise reduction not as high as but similar to Eclipse Suede
  • Made of 100% Polyester

Much Needed Accessories

You can buy matching curtain rods either as single rods or double rods. Double rods will allow you to block sunlight and noise better. Two reasons. First reason: one of the curtains will be close to the wall, which is good for noise and light blocking. Second reason: you will be able to hung more curtain panels. You will achieve solid light blocking even with the lighter color panels. The double rod brackets are usually made stronger. Stronger curtains can only be a bonus in a kids room, especially if you have active boys playing there!

If you are buying single rods, make sure that they extend at least 10-20 inches to the left and to the right of the sides of the window. Many curtain rods will be extensible so you will be able to achieve that easily. Especially for single rods, be sure to go with the thickest, 1 inch diameter is preferred. You will be able to choose decorative and standard rod endings. Just be sure they match the room decor as well.

Mostly Positive Buyer Ratings

It is hard to please all buyers. For instance, the blackout property. The lighter colors of Eclipse Kendall will not block the sunlight, not even close to 99%. Some people hate that, as they expected 99% blocking even from the lightest model. That’s not happening. On the other hand, a few buyers love the special “yellow glow” that the light yellow curtains impart on the whole room. So there. Know what you want.

Some buyers complained that the curtains stay creased when they hang them! But they didn’t follow directions and tumble dry them in a dryer for 20 minutes together with a damp cloth! Don’t be that gal!

A lot of buyers compliment the bright colors. They find them to cheer up the toddlers rooms!

Parents have indeed found that the kids sleep much better and longer when curtains are closed. Even some adults had no trouble sleeping till noon on Sundays!

Some buyers complain that the curtains are not blackening enough. Just follow directions in the section “Dimensions” above. You will see there how you can improve blackout by doubling up on the number of panels. This simply means you should buy 4 panels instead of only 2 panels. You should do that for sure if you choose to pick one of the lighter colors.

Price Research

We found that has the prices of a single panel that is $4 less than any online competitor.’s price is $10 less than the price at the physical Wal-Mart store. When you purchase 4 panels as recommended, you will save $16 in total. In addition, you will get free shipping right to your door. Something to consider.



Eclipse Kendall Blackout Curtains For Kids - Denim

Eclipse Kendall Blackout Curtains For Kids – Denim

We like Eclipse Kendall Energy Efficient curtains. We find them a good match for any colorful kids room or nursery. Even the adults who want to liven up their bedroom a bit will find a color that will match their decoration idea. When you follow our advice on doubling up on the number of panels, you will get a simple, inexpensive window treatment with terrific blackout. Noise reduction, thermal insulation, and energy savings will not disappoint either.

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