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Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain Plum Purple Thermal CurtainIf you’re looking to get the best kids thermal insulating curtains, we will provide here buying advice based on basic physics. You will save money on your heating and AC costs, too. So keep reading.

Eclipse Dayton Thermaback in all colors are exclusively available at Walmart.


Thermal insulating curtains are some of the best options to keep your house windows well insulated and saving you money in the winter and in the summer.

So what makes Eclipse Dayton Thermaback awesome kids thermal curtains?

Requirements For Awesome Kids Thermal Curtains

Childrens thermal curtains have extra requirements put on them. Besides looking good in the kids room, matching the wall color, matching the furniture, they also must make sure that childrens room is well insulated thermally. Kids thermal curtains must make your child comfortable to play, learn, and sleep well. Plus, as a bonus, they should save parents some money every winter on heating costs, and in the summer, on air conditioning costs.

But that is not all. If you have girls, you will want purple or pink thermal curtains (or whatever color your girl is demanding) and if you have boys, they will be better off with shades of blue or even red. In any case, you need to match the curtains to kids’ personality.

There are even more considerations such as blocking out sunlight in the summer and reducing external or street noise and that is why buying curtains is never easy. That is why we will talk here about multiple aspects of what makes kids thermal curtains awesome, and what to pay attention to. Then we will see where our choice of childrens termal curtains, Eclipse Dayton Thermaback Energy Efficient Curtains, meets these requirements, or where it doesn’t meet them.

So think about what are most important qualities of thermal curtains for the kids and let’s review how Eclipse Kids Dayton Thermaback Curtains will fit.

Eclipse Kids Dayton Thermaback Energy Efficient Curtains Review

As the name implies, the Thermaback liner in Eclipse Dayton will reduce the heat outflow from the room, and measurements show that a single layer of curtains will reduce the heat outflow through the window by as much as 40%.

This is huge! Why? Because, windows are the biggest heat leak in most houses and apartments in the US.

Now let’s look at the colors to make sure the curtains match kids room walls and furniture and then let’s look at the fit and the functionality.

Practical Materials And Vivid Colors That Hold In More Heat

The Eclipse Kids Dayton are made of 100% woven polyester fabric. That holds both for the fabric facing the front as well as the white Thermaback liner facing the window.

What makes Eclipse Dayton curtains different are the vivid colors they come in. You won’t find plum purple thermal curtains anywhere else!

The lighter colors include:

  • Turquoise (light blue),
  • Raspberry (pink),
  • Lime (yellow green), and
  • Plum (light purple),

and the darker colors include:

  • Chili (dark red),
  • Blue, and
  • Black.

Why do we make the disctinction? Given that the materials that the curtains are made of are identical, their heat conductivity, or heat blocking will be the same. However, the heat radiation/absorption (or infrared radiation/absorption) will be more in dark curtains than in lighter colored curtains. Radiation and absorption means heat and energy loss (or transfer in general). Therefore, overall, lighter curtains will save you more energy and will lower your electric bill more in the winter.

Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain Raspberry Pink Thermal CurtainAll Eclipse Dayton curtains come with the white colored Thermaback lining on the back, which is the best. We’re talking about your choice of colors of the curtains on the side that is facing the room.

Bottom line, for maximum heat blocking, and maximum energy savings, choose one of the lighter colors. They look more vivid, anyways!

Eclipse Dayton Convenient Install And Easy Cleaning

As all Eclipse Thermaback curtains, the Dayton Kids Curtains will be quite easy to handle. After you open the package and take the curtains out, you will need to make sure to tumble dry the panels with a damp piece of clothing or a damp cloth for 20 minutes on low heat. Then hang them immediately and the creases should go away shortly.

Another convenient feature of Eclipse Dayton is that you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning them. Just follow the manufacturer’s advice and machine wash them when needed.

Curtain Dimensions To Minimize The Heat Loss

Eclipse Dayton come in two sizes, 42 inch by 63 inch and 42 inch by 84 inch. Consider getting the longer, 84 inch curtains and hanging them precisely so their bottom hem touches the floor. That way, you will minimize cold draft down from the window bottom that will end up cooling the room in the winter. Similarly, see if you can extend curtains all the way to the ceiling, for essentially the same reason. This public service announcement on the ElementsOfStyleBlog agrees with us (and they are quite graphic about it). The 84 inch curtains are sometimes the same price as the 63 inch, so getting taller curtains is a no-brainer, price wise.

The curtains are hung using top grommets. While the pleated, wavy look is perhaps better looking, it offers more surface through which the heat can escape. So, in winter, consider stretching the curtains to be nearly flat, and simply keep the excess curtain width to the sides of the window. That way, you will minimize the cold draft coming from the sides of the window and minimize the heat transfer through the curtain at the same time.

To accomplish maximum heat blocking, purchasing 2 panels for the standard size window will normally be sufficient. If you follow the standard recommendation to purchase the total width of the curtain panels to be double the window width, that could be a bit too much. For best thermal insulation, you should be hitting the sweet spot by purchasing the total width of the panels to be somewhere between 1.5 times to 2 times the window width.

If you are feeling extra frugal and enterprising, we suggest to double the heat blocking by purchasing a double rod, and doubling up on the number of curtain panels, and then hanging the panels one in front of the other. Or, even better, place a thermal liner on the inner rod. You can see reviews of these two excellent thermal linings,  Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner and Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Liner. You will double your dollars saved every winter month and double your AC savings in the summer.

Bonus Features Of Eclipse Dayton Kids Curtains

In addition to great thermal savings, Eclipse Dayton are also blackout curtains, again thanks to their relatively thick Thermaback lining. The rub is that lighter color curtains (see above) will not block out light as much as the darker colored ones. But the darker Eclipse Kids Dayton curtains will be good at blackout. You just can’t have the cake and eat it too. Know your priorities.

The Eclipse Kids Dayton curtains will also be blocking a noticeable amount of noise coming from the outside. If you have any street noise, or loud neighbors, you will notice the difference in peace and quiet in the room.

Choice Of Accessories To Help Increase Thermal Blockage

Any decorative rod that is less than 1.5 inches in diameter will fit the curtain grommets. If you want to combine these curtains with sheers or if you want to double up on the number of panels as discussed above when you use an extra thermal liner, you can purchase a double rod.

Pros Of Eclipse Kids Dayton

  • plenty of vivid colors to choose from
  • Thermaback back lining provides thermal blocking, noise reduction, and blackout
  • modern looking brushed nickel grommet top
  • easy care


  • darker colors will keep less heat in the winter

Buyer Ratings And Excerpts From Best Buyer Reviews

On, Kids Dayton Curtains currently have an excellent star rating of 4.3 out of 5. They have a total of 155 reviews, most of which gave a star rating of 5. 90% of buyers would recommend these curtains to a friend.

Here are some quotes from buyers:

“It’s cold between the window and curtain, but I don’t feel it from the inside of the room.”
“They have kept the room cool when it was hot.”

Price And Shipping

The Eclipse Dayton Kids curtains come in packages containing a single curtain panel. All of the color choices are currently only available on although some other online retailers have limited colors at ridiculously higher prices. Walmart online shoppers are reporting fast delivery times as quick as few days from the order. Often, delivery will be ahead of schedule.

Verdict of Eclipse Dayton

Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain Lime Thermal CurtainEclipse Kids Dayton curtains are simple, colorful, and high value yet low price choice for kids rooms and nurseries. Choose among many vivid light colors like the Lime pictured to the right. You will maximize thermal insulation and the savings on your utility bill in winter months.



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