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 Top Heat Blocking Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux SilkBetter Homes and Gardens (BH&G) claims that their Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains  provide thermal insulation for your windows in the winter, ease of installation (simply slide on a rod), and provide blackout.

With this modest description of these thermal insulated curtains, we were surprised to find over 90 mostly five star reviews on So we took it on ourselves to investigate what makes these heat blocking curtains so popular and well received. Is it the shiny faux silk thermal fabric for curtains or is it something else?

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Why We Pick This Diamond In The Rough As Our Top Heat Blocking Curtains?

Lacking much information about these curtains in product descriptions, we undertook extensive research especially using buyer’s feedback at Walmart. Walmart appears to have sold the most of these curtains in part because of extra low prices, see below).

We compared BH&G Faux-Silk Thermal Curtains with Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, IKEA, Lowes And Amazon, and found numerous significant advantages.

We found that these curtains were the only off white or light colored insulated curtains (other than the very luxurious off-white double width Signature velvet curtains) with good blackout, as reported in several buyer reviews!

What BH&G Thermal Faux Silk Curtains Are Made Of, Their Look And Feel

These insulated tab curtains are made of 100% polyester. But don’t fret, their look is nowhere like the plastic shower curtains, they have a nice, rich and shiny, woven look to them. They also have a quite heavy feel to them, they hang like a thinner kind of velvet curtains.

The back lining is also made of 100% polyester and appears solid and durable.

When using their back tab design option for hanging, they will have a more classical look to them.

Convenience Of Installation And Maintenance

The rod pocket will only accept up to a 5/8 inch rod. As long as you remember that, you should have no troubles installing.

The Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains are really quite easy to install. Buyers report being able to hang them on a rod in five minutes. Just slide them on a decorative rod and you are all done. It is equally easy to take them off for cleaning.

Yes, they are washable (hand wash only)! No need to spend $40 per panel for dry cleaning!

Chances are you will see creases caused by packing and shipping in a tight bag when you receive these curtains in the mail. Be prepared to use a steamer iron and smooth them out. People have had success by tumbling them in a dryer on low heat for up to 15 minutes together with a damp cloth. And others just used the regular warm (not hot) iron to remove any wrinkles.

Color And Looks

As we explained elsewhere, we recommended light colored curtains (such as white insulated curtains) because light colors will block heat better providing better thermal insulation. Light gray thermal curtains, off white, beige, ivory, and similar lighter color curtains like will lower your heating bill more.

Matching the curtain color to the wall color and bedding color is important. For instance, light ivory curtains will go well with the walls that are painted in darker, warmer colors (like red, orange, or brown).

Darker colors will work better for blackout. However, due to the thermal lining being so heavy in these curtains, even lighter colors are providing more than sufficient blackout for many who purchased them.

You can get thermal faux silk curtains in these darker colors: Chocolate Nib (Dark Brown), Rich Plum (Red)
Lighter colors available are: Fresh Ivory (Off White, Creamy, and Shiny), Brown Clay (Light Brown), Green Juniper (Shiny Light Green)

Color on the window side of the curtain is always white which improves thermal insulation.

Better Homes and Gardens Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains offer at truly unique beautiful and elegant silky-shine look.

Dimensions And Hanging Recommendations

Top Heat Blocking Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk Curtains - Fresh Ivory

Better Homes And Gardens Faux Silk Thermal Curtains In Fresh Ivory

These thermal curtains come in a single size 54″ (W) x 84″ (H) which should be sufficient to hang them to the floor. We recommend hanging them all the way to the floor to reduce cold from entering the room at the bottom of the curtain.

The width these curtains come in is 54 inches. This is quite generous for a regular size window. We recommend to hang them flat across the window, and keep the full look to the sides. This will reduce the heat escaping the room.

Keeping curtains stretched flat across the window is the exact opposite to what we recommended for maximum noise reduction. If noise reduction is your goal, you should keep the curtains hung with a full/pleated look across the window. For maximum heat control, keep all fullness of the curtain to the sides, and keep the curtains closed flat all across the window.

If you are after both more noise reduction and more thermal insulation, consider using a double rod and hang two sets of curtains one behind the other.

The shipping weight of a single panel is 1.52 lbs which puts the curtain weight somewhere between 1 lbs and 1.5 lbs

Most Important Features

  • rich heavy and shiny silk front fabric
  • excellent blackout, even in lighter colors (ivory!)
  • reported significant unwanted street noise blocking
  • white thick back lining providing best thermal insulation

Thermal Faux Silk Curtains Accessories

You will need a decorative rod of a diameter less or equal to 5/8 of an inch for rod pocket hang, An 1-2 inch diameter rod can be used for the back tab hang.


  • expensive, formal look
  • excellent blackout, even in light colors
  • available in three light colors for better thermal insulation
  • white thermal back lining for better heat control
  • noticeably reduce outside noise
  • hand washing option saves money on expensive dry cleaning
  • five colors to choose from
  • two hanging options
  • durable design


  • terse product description at
  • may need ironing on both sides upon arrival
  • colors of actual curtains may be slightly darker than images on the Walmart website

Buyer Ratings And Enthused Excerpts From Buyer Reviews

Buyer Rating: At the time of reviewing, the BH&G Faux-Silk Thermal Curtains had 92 reviews and the rating of 4.5 out of 5 on, which is excellent.

Excellent blackout: Buyer claims they tested them against more popular Eclipse Blackout curtains, and they found the Better Home and Gardens Faux-Silk Thermal Curtains to provide a better blackout.

Excerpts From Enthusiastic Buyer Reviews: Here are some of the representative quotes from buyer reviews. Most buyers appear honestly impressed with these thermal curtains:

“Keep temperature in the room regulated.”
“Noticeably reduced traffic noise.”
“These Thermal Faux Silk curtains look really expensive.”
“More attractive fabric than the Eclipse curtains.”
“Beautiful curtains add drama and a degree of sophistication to your home.”
“Heavier and more durable than the Eclipse.”
“They look so solid, almost stately.”
“Do not return them mom!”
“I bought the ivory for my Hollywood look in the bedroom. They look very luxe.”

Reasonable Price

At the time of writing, the price of BH&G Faux-Silk Curtain Panel was only a few dollars more than several competing Eclipse and other brands. Considering all the favorable direct comparisons of blackout and thermal insulation, made by buyers, we find Better Homes and Gardens Faux-Silk Curtain Panels a great value for the money.

When comparing to other online retailers such as Amazon, we found less expensive by 20% – 30% which is quite extreme! The savings add up especially since you will be buying several panels at the time.

Zero Risk Ordering And Fast Delivery

Better Homes And Gardens Faux Silk Thermal Curtains In Green Juniper

Better Homes And Gardens Faux Silk Thermal Curtains In Green Juniper

Keep in mind you will be ordering single panels of these heat blocking curtains. For normal size windows you will need to order two. For sliding patio doors we recommend total combined width of the panels you order to be just slightly more than the width of the patio doors. A more “fuller look” of the curtains will not increase thermal insulation at all.

Many buyers were impressed with the quick delivery of the curtains from Walmart. 3 days is typical. If you need to return the curtains, it is easy to ship them back for a refund. It is even easier to return them to the local Walmart if you need to.

Check full buyer reviews and order directly on the site.



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