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Sun Zero Blackout Curtains

Do Best Sun Zero Curtain Models Stand Up To Their Claims?

Sun Zero Curtain claim to fame is 99% sunlight blocking. They claim that the curtain is woven so tightly that the sun rays can not go through it. Therefore achieving light blackout.

But are Sun Zero Curtains really zero light curtains? The company specifically claims that their best curtains like Sun Zero Affinia filters 99 percent of light while enhancing privacy.

We have set out to check buyer reviews to verify whether the best Sun Zero Curtains according to buyers, Affinia, Caleb, and Emmett, stand up to their claims.

Best Sun Zero Curtain Models: Affinia, Emmet, Caleb

You are going to like the Sun Zero Curtains if you like inexpensive, yet good looking curtains with reasonable light and sound blocking features. Curtains that don’t just come in a solid color, but have a touch of pattern and style to them.

Sun Zero Curtain Affinia

Sun Zero Affinia Curtains

Sun Zero Affinia has a nice dark shiny vertical wave pattern to it.

Affinia comes in four colors, Ecru, Barley, Shiraz, and Frost.

Even the darkest color, Shiraz (which is dark burgundy red color) will not block the light completely, according to buyers.

Sun Zero Afiinia comes with large, modern looking grommets on top.

Sun Zero Curtain Emmett Red

Sun Zero Emmett Curtains Red


Sun Zero Emmett comes in Taupe and Brick (red) color.

Its printed pattern consists of randomly placed circles of different sizes.

It features a rod pocket on top.

Sun Zero Curtain Caleb -- Plum

Sun Zero Caleb Plum Curtains





Sun Zero Caleb comes in colors Plum, Silver, Chocolate and Linen.

It features a subtle geometrical pattern and large grommets on top.

Sun Zero Curtain Materials

Sun Zero Curtains are made of 100% Polyester which is tightly woven. This allows for good sun blocking and provides limited noise reduction.

Light Blackout Claims Overrated

When you see the term “Blackout” in the title of Sun Zero curtains, as well as the claim of 99% sun ray blocking, you need to take this with a grain of salt. It is unreasonable to expect of such thin curtains to provide nearly 100% light blocking.

Indeed, buyers of Sun Zero Affinia which is marketed as a “Blackout” curtain, complain about this not being so. The light is coming straight through the curtain they say!

However, other buyers contend the Sun Zero curtains “block most of the light”. That might be the most accurate description.

Fortunately, the Caleb and the Emmett do not carry the adjective “Blackout” in the title.

Convenience Of Install, Hanging And Washing

Sun Zero Curtains reviewed are easy to deal with. After you receive them in the mail, just pull them out of the bag, and place them in the dryer together with a damp kitchen cloth for 20 minutes. Then hang them immediately to remove the folds.

All three models are machine washable.

Large Grommets in Affinia and Caleb make opening and closing of the curtains easier than the rod pocket in Emmett.


The Affinia, Caleb, and Emmett come in lengths of 63 and 84 inches. The width of Emmett is 54 inches, Affinia 52 inches, and Caleb 40 inches.

Best Features Of Sun Zero Curtains

All three best Sun Zero models will block sunlight significantly, will somewhat reduce the noise and will reduce the summer heat caused by direct sunlight protruding into the room and heating up the carpets and walls. They will all also keep the room warmer in the winter as windows are the main cause of heat loss from the room.

Buyer Ratings

Buyers of top three Sun Zero curtains Caleb, Affinia, and Emmet are looking for stylish, good looking curtains that are easy to maintain and won’t break the bank.

Buyers feel that Affinia has “rich color and satiny finish” and is overall “rich looking”.¬† One buyer found the dark brown color of Caleb curtains “just perfect”. One reviewer said about the Sun Zero Emmett: “material is silky, yet sturdy, wrinkles come right out. I also love the colors and patterns.”

However, when you are looking for curtains with best blackout, noise reduction, and thermal insulation properties, we suggest to look instead into Absolute Zero Velvet type curtains which will provide better blackout and remove more of the unwanted noise according to buyer reviews.

If your budget is lower you could also look into Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains. These, according to buyer reviews, will block the light better than Sun Zero, and provide better noise reduction.


Top Sun Zero models reviewed, Affinia, Emmett and Caleb, are currently available exclusively at



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