Thermal Window Treatments To Keep The Heat In Your House

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Some people never thought of thermal window treatments for their home. But then unexpectedly a polar vortex blasted central, eastern, even southern USA with arctic air last year. The cold came as a shock to many. Were you one of them? Have you then wondered how to keep more heat in your house?

Why Use Thermal Window Treatments?

Windows are the biggest heat sinks in your house, whether it is a single family residence or an apartment. In this post we will review three major types of thermal window treatments. These three types of thermal window coverings consist of Thermal Insulated Curtains, Thermal Curtain Liners and Heat Reflecting Window Films.

Thermalogic Rod Pocket Curtain Liner

Thermalogic Curtain Liner

Any of these will reduce your heating costs and your monthly utility bill. It doesn’t even matter what type of curtains, thermal drapes or other type thermal window covers you might have right now.

By reading this post and following the links that you like, you can save more money and keep warm regardless of the window treatments you have installed now! The winter has not started in its full swing yet, there is still time to prepare!

Three Major Types Of Thermal Window Treatments

Ivory Velvet White Blackout Curtains Grommets Are Some Of The Best Thermal Window Treatments

Light colored velvet curtains are some of the best thermal curtains.

The three major types of thermal window coverings are, in the order of better known to lesser known:

Do you use all three? Some of these are so little known they could be considered secrets!

Let’s look into the details of each of these. As we list these various thermal window treatments, we will point out what to look for when you are purchasing them. We will provide links to reviews of best thermal window coverings we could find.

In the reviews you will not only find descriptions of items we recommend, but also underlying physics. The simple physics will help you make a better choice of color, size, and material to maximize heat blocking and maximize your savings.

What Are Thermal Curtains? Choices Of Thermal Insulated Curtains For Your Home

Simply stated, thermal curtains, or thermal insulated curtains are curtains that keep the heat out in the summer, and equally important, they keep the heat in come winter cold.

In the old days, people used very heavy drapes, often velvet drapes made of heavy cotton or silk. Only royalty could afford them.

Today, the invention of plastic materials with insulating properties is allowing a much less heavy yet still thermally insulating curtain construction. Many of these materials you can even find at Walmart at a really good price. You will find faux-suede thermal insulated curtains, faux-silk thermal insulated curtains, even beautiful white velvet curtains. Any of these will help you save on heating costs.

Here are four of our reviews of different types of thermal curtain panels:

Top Heat Blocking Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk Curtains - Fresh IvoryTop Heat Blocking Curtains – Thermal Faux Silk By Better Homes And Gardens. This is an exceptional curtain that combines an awesome, rich look of shiny silver, with top notch heat blocking quality. Due to the classical back tab hanging options, the curtain will have a more classical, stately look. In this review, we provide suggestions for the kind of color (light) that will provide better heat insulation. We also talk about choosing the best size thermal curtain panel to match your windows and to minimize heat loss.

Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain PanelCheap Insulated Curtains – Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy-Efficient Curtains. These come with a great price tag at They are very popular there. We picked Eclipse Nottingham Thermal curtains because of their wide selection of light colors. We showed that light colors are more effective for heat insulation. This holds true both in the winter as well as in the summer. Thanks to their grommet top design, these curtains look quite appealing and modern. Once you show them to your friends, they will think they cost a lot more than what you paid at!

And For The Kid’s Rooms

Thermal Window Coverings - Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain Plum Purple Thermal CurtainAwesome Kids Thermal Curtains – Eclipse Dayton Thermaback Energy-Efficient CurtainsThese excel with their thermal panels in vivid colors, and you will have multiple choices of light, playful colors to choose from. Regardless if your girl wants curtains in pink or purple, or if your boy would prefer blue or lime, these vivid curtains will encourage your kids to have fun in their rooms. Especially if you are decorating a room for a new baby, you will be reassured to know that your baby will not be interrupted. The street noise, hot sun rays, or wild temperature swings will affect the child less when you install these thermal insulated curtains.

Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, IKEA, Lowes And AmazonBest Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, IKEA, Lowes And Amazon. It is amazing how these top North American retailers offer such completely different choices of their top thermal insulated curtains. None of them suggests the same top thermal curtain choices. It is also true that their product descriptions are rather short and generic. There are no color considerations mentioned for best insulation, no size recommendations, and no material preferences mentioned.

This makes it difficult to pick the right heat blocking curtain for your home.

That is why we provide our own opinion on thermal window treatments based on simple physics. Our reviews which will hopefully give you an additional guidance of what to look for to get a perfect set of thermal curtains for your rooms.

Thermal Curtain Linings Boost The Insulating Power Of Your Curtains

What do you do in the winter when it becomes extra cold and you have to go out into the cold? You add an extra layer of clothes! Same thing with thermal curtain linings. You can add an extra layer of curtain thermal lining to every single curtain out there, even the one that is already labeled thermal or energy efficient. Since windows are the biggest heat sink in your house, every extra layer of thick curtain lining will directly influence the temperature in your room, and, at the end of the month, your utility bill will go down. We find that, thanks to the fiber technology, thermal insulating curtain lining does not have to be all that thick after all (think Thinsulate!).

Two most popular thermal linings, Thinsulate Curtain Liner and Thermalogic Curtain Liner

Thermal Window Coverings - 3M Thinsulate Insulating Curtain Liner PairThinsulate Thermal Curtain Linings For Winter And Summer: This is a lining that fits any curtain style at all and increases thermal blocking on every window in the house. Thinsulate fabric, as the name reveals, is a 3M product that was designed to take advantage of micro fibers.  Micro fibers are ten times thinner than usual. This then provides super small air pockets that provide excellent thermal insulation. You will frequently find Thinsulate in gloves, caps, and thermal insulated clothes. And now Thinsulate is used to make Thinsulate curtain thermal lining.  The lining thus becomes relatively thin, flexible, and easy to work with. Best, Thinsulate curtain linings can be attached to most curtains via the variety of hooks. They can even be hung in parallel using a double rod. Check out even more details about Thinsulate Curtain Lining here.

Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner - Thermal Window CoveringsThermalogic Ultimate Window Liner, A Detachable Thermal Curtain Lining: Thermalogic is the most popular thermal liner out there. It is the stuff you will find in top hotel chains nationwide. This window liner is the stuff that makes you sleep in till 11 AM when you stay in Motel 6. It not only will reduce temperature variations, save the air conditioner from running, but will also block the outside noises and blackout the room. Perfect if you want to sleep in. But also perfect if you want to equip the heat sinks of your home, the windows, with another layer of heat blockage. A layer that will double or triple your savings on your heating bill this winter, and any harsh winter to come. With Thermalogic Detachable Curtain Lining, you will be prepared.

Heat Reflecting And Heat Reducing Window Films

Thermal insulated curtains and thermal curtain linings is not all you can do to keep your biggest heat sink in the house, your windows, thermally insulated! Heat reflecting and heat reducing window films are a little known secret of further decreasing your heating costs in the winter, and AC costs in the summer. This technology was for the most part only used on windows of large corporate offices. However it is now available for house owners and apartment dwellers alike.

You will be surprised to find such a wide variety of window films that will all help you. Some create air pockets between the window and the film for insulation, others use the reflectivity of a metal (such as platinum or titanium) to reflect the heat and reduce heat losses that way. Heck, you could even use all three types of thermal window treatments below if you are a heat loss freak. Or you may just find that one of them will be quite enough. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

We review three ways you can use a heat reducing window film. These are: Indoor Gila Heat Control Platinum Window Film, Outdoor 3M Heat Reflective Window Film, and Duck Brand Heat Blocking Window Film. Check them out below.

Three Types Of Heat Reducing Window Film

Gila 70% Heat Control Window Film PlatinumGila Heat Control Window Film Platinum Review (Indoor installation). The newest Gila Platinum window film improves on Gila Titanium window film. It offers even higher heat reflectivity, which means added heat insulation for your windows. It provides more privacy. Gila film works like a half-mirror. You can use it together with the thermal insulating curtains for an insulation boost. Heat control film has one big advantage:  You achieve thermal insulation without losing the view to the outside.

3M Outdoor Window Insulator Kit 2 Windows3M Heat Reflective Window Film Review (Outdoor installation). 3M has outdone itself with this product. You will now be able to install this film simply on the outside of your patio door, or on the outside of a window. The installation will weather the elements such as rainwater, sun rays, and strong winds. That’s because the film installation uses the two-sided scotch tape, also produced by 3M!

Some of the advantages of the outdoor heat reflective window film is that it reduces the indoor water condensation, and it reduces the frost buildup on the outside of the window.

Duck Brand Shrink Film Indoor Window KitDuck Brand Heat Blocking Window Film Review. This “shrink wrap” window film will work great on windows and doors. It  creates an air pocket between the window an the film. The air pocket will then act as a thermal insulator. It is quite like adding an extra window pane but without the astronomical cost of the windows in your home.

A Beauty Of All Thermal Window Treatments: White Velvet Curtains

White Velvet CurtainsWhite Velvet Curtains Review. You want heat insulation and you are in love with the idea of white velvet curtains. Then yes, there is good news for you. The white or off-white velvet curtains are an excellent way to heat insulate your windows. First, because of the thickness and weight of the material. Second, because of the air pockets that appear in the pile in velvet curtains. Third, because of the white, or light, color of the curtains which reflects the infrared light that transfers heat. So check out the White Velvet Curtains Review.


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