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Moving Blankets – For Soundproofing?

So how did moving blankets become so popular by the musicians for soundproofing and sound absorption?

Will moving blankets work to reduce the noise my neighbors hear when my band rehearses in my garage? Should they improve the sound of my band INSIDE my garage? Will they improve the sound in my ad-hoc recording studio room?

Musicians Seeking Cheap, Flexible Soundproofing

Garage bands, drummers, recording musicians, and singers who have been rehearsing in dense urban areas have long sought inexpensive ways to insulate their sounds from the surroundings.

The reason why musicians searched for soundproofing solutions, for sure, were the stern looks on the faces of the neighbors of the musicians. Nothing will disturb the good neighborly relations as much as a band that keeps rehearsing in the nearby garage into the late hours of the night.

We read of guitar players who were trying to rehearse in their basement while their baby was sleeping upstairs!

Furthermore, there are unwanted reverberations, echoes in the spaces with bare walls. These reverbs and echoes caused musicians to not hear their own instruments and voices clearly.

Moving Blankets’ Original Use

Moving blankets’ original intent is to be wrapped around furniture during moving. That way the furniture is protected from damage when bumped into other furniture or into moving truck’s walls during the transportation. The really heavy and thick moving blankets are good to protect really expensive pieces of furniture (like expensive pianos). But will they work to soundproof your garage?

Musicians Stumbled On Moving Blankets

Swedish Rock Band Pound in a Garage

Swedish Alternative Rock Band Pound in a Garage

Cheap moving blankets was not the first invention out of necessity that musicians have come up with. Previously, musicians have invented all kinds of cheap soundproofing materials. They used anything from egg crates, to affixing carpets over the walls and floors.

Finally, the musicians realized that thick moving blankets would do a great job in absorbing sound. They realized that, if they bought thick and heavy moving blankets, they would be able to quickly and easily cover all the walls, even ceilings of the spaces they rehearsed in. They were able to significantly reduce the outgoing noise after just a few hours of work. Sound absorption with heavy and thick moving blankets was excellent.

Even better, because of the significant sound absorption of these relatively cheap moving blankets, musicians realized that the reduced noise to the neighbors was not the only benefit. Even the sound in the room itself would be improved. That was true both in garages, basements, or regular rooms with bare walls. Why?

Of course, the sound echoes from the walls, and various reverberation has been significantly reduced by hanging heavy blankets on the walls. Musicians were amazed by the change of sound! They would describe the new found sounds as “crisp”, “clear”, “more articulated”. Thanks to reduced interference of the sounds reflected from the walls and ceilings, they simply sounded much better, and with less distortion.

Heavy Super Supreme Moving Blankets For Sound Absorption

What kind of a moving blanket will be best for sound absorption? Even the lightest moving blankets (like the very light ones rumored to be supplied by Uhaul) will do a decent job in absorbing higher frequencies. Higher frequencies include a human voice, acoustic guitar, a flute, etc. But when you are dealing with the sound of lower frequencies, the blanket needs to absorb the lower frequencies well. A bass guitar or drums, or even a male voice in its lows falls into this category. The heavier the blanket, the better its absorption of the lower frequencies will be.

One really needs to be careful about this. Lighter moving blankets will still absorb some sound waves, but won’t absorb nearly as much as heaviest, and thickest moving blankets.

Bottom line, to be on the safe side regardless of the sound frequencies that you need to absorb, go with the heaviest moving blankets available. Super Supreme Moving Blankets are the heaviest available of all moving blankets.

What Does Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Rating Say About Sound Absorption

Noise Reduction Coefficient is a standard way of expressing the amount of noise or sound that a given flat material will absorb when the sound impinges on it. NRC has values between 0.0 (no absorption, for example a marble wall), and 1.0 (100% absorption).

According to vocalboothtogo, moving blankets have NRC between 0.3 and 0.5, where the highest, best NRC of 0.5 corresponds to the heavier moving blankets. The Super Supreme Moving Blankets are considered very heavy. The (very poor) NRC of 0.3 corresponds to lighter moving blankets such as the ones you can rent at Uhaul.

Which means about 1/2 of the sound/noise will be absorbed in the Super Supreme Moving Blankets. Not shabby!

Are Super Supreme Blankets Convenient?

Super Supreme Moving Blankets, 2 Blankets, At EcoSmartBoxes

Super Supreme Blankets, 2 Blankets.

Compared to other cheap soundproofing, Super Supreme moving blankets are extremely convenient. They can be easily hung on walls using clips or hooks.

Alternatively they can be folded on top to create a pocket in which a carrying rod is inserted.  Once you have decided on the installation method and installed the hooks properly, it is easy to take the blankets down and hung them back when needed.

Surely, professional sound absorption sheets are even more convenient. They have either rod pockets built in or they have grommets built in on top and bottom to hook them to the wall or ceiling hooks. They have even higher noise absorption coefficient. However, professional sound absorption sheets can be twice the price of the heaviest moving blankets or even more.

The Look Of Super Supreme Blankets Is To Die For? Not Really.

Don’t expect a beautiful variety of colors and styles! The Super Supreme Blankets are moving blankets after all, remember? The Super Supreme Blankets come in dark gray only. For sure, the garage band won’t mind having all walls decorated in moving curtain gray style! There is a good side about the darker gray color! Super Supreme Moving Blankets For Soundproofing won’t look dirty or dusty easily.

If you want really good looking blankets, for example, if you are looking for a semi-permanent vocal booth in your living room or if you are setting up a mini recording studio in your spare bedroom, look into better looking sound absorption sheets instead. These also come in more colors to match your decor. And they will absorb sound a bit better!

Dimensions Of Super Supreme Blankets For Soundproofing

  • The Super Supreme Blankets Weigh 7.92 lbs per blanket.
  • Their size is 72″ x 80″.
  • Weight per dozen is 95 lbs.


  • Super Strong Moving Blankets
  • Strong polyester-blend outer fabric and a sturdy fiber filling
  • Thickest and Heaviest Moving Blankets we could find
  • Highest sound absorption of low frequencies of all moving blankets


  • Heaviest of all moving blankets
  • Great for a quick sound treatment of spaces like garages or ad hoc music studios
  • Highly portable and easily hung and removed
  • Dark Gray on one side, Off White on the other, flexible for film studio needs
  • Multiple uses, you can use them as, well, moving blankets for your speakers, guitars, and other instruments and gear! When you are driving to your gigs!


Buyer Ratings

We did research all across the web and found that buyers consider Supreme Moving Blankets as great blankets for recording studios. Buyers are surprised how nice and heavy these blankets are, much heavier than they typically anticipate. They report using these blankets for portable guitar amp baffles, garage soundproofing, and other uses.

What To Watch For

We found the best prices for Super Supreme Moving Blankets at BoxEngine.

The great thing about BoxEngine is that they allow for returns within 14 days from your delivery date if you are not satisfied with the product. Check with their “hassle free returns” page, below.

However, you need to be sure to order the right package and the right number of packages because they only allow returns of complete packages, and there is a $5 restocking fee to be deducted from your refund.

Also, because these blankets are quite heavy, and because you are responsible for return shipping, your return shipping cost can be significant. So make sure you get the right number of moving blankets, based on the area you want to cover. BoxEngine makes that easy by offering several different packages of Super Supreme Blankets, see Price And Volume Discount, below.

Price And Volume Discount

BoxEngine offers several packages of Super Supreme Moving Blankets. You can get a 2-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack and 12-pack.

The bigger the package, the bigger the discount.

They offer free 1-3 day shipping via UPS within the US.

Find discounted Super Supreme Blankets, 12 Pack, at BoxEngine.


2 thoughts on “Super Supreme Moving Blankets For Soundproofing

  1. Peter Miller

    Hey Max–
    Nice guide! I’ve had an issue with a neighbor’s cabinet closing for a while now (their kitchen is on the other side of one of my walls.) I’ve had them install sound-dampening cabinet bumpers but it’s still loud and annoying. This could also be the microwave door closing, the dishwasher or oven closing – on top of cabinets. Is there something that I could hang or put on my wall to diminish these annoying sounds? I’d rather not have to move.


    P.S. I was thinking of moving maybe into a concrete-style loft. I was thinking concrete would block sound more than the wood/carpets of traditional apartment living. Thoughts?

    1. Max Leighton Post author

      Hi Peter. You are hearing the low-frequency “thump” noises when the neighbor is closing their cabinet walls. These are more difficult to dampen than the high frequency noises, which you may have reduced using cabinet bumpers. Yes, moving to a concrete-style loft will improve sound insulation. -Max


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