Long, Thick, Heavy Velvet Blackout Curtains

Velvet is a really special type of curtain sheet weaving technique.

Blue Velvet Blackout Curtains

Why buy thick, heavy velvet curtains? Velvet is a unique fabric that accomplishes complete blackout and significant unwanted noise blocking. We’ll will provide some valuable advice on buying velvet curtains to maximize blackout and noise reduction right below.

Do you just want to find the best choices of velvet curtains for media rooms, TV rooms, or home theaters? Do you just want to make your bedroom or living room an oasis of peace and quiet? Then just go to the bottom of this post for our recommendations. But before that, let’s talk about the properties of velvet weave.

A Special Way Of Weaving Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains can be made of wool, cotton, silk, and other natural materials. Today a lot of velvet is made out of synthetic materials, typically polyester.

Velvet’s special weaving technique was extremely difficult before the industrial revolution, making velvet the fabric of kings and upper class.

Velvet Warp

Velvet Warp (from Wikimedia.org)

This weave is depicted in the “Velvet Warp” image here. Velvet is a unique kind of weave where two sheets of fabric are woven in parallel at the same time. These two sheets are then cut away from each other after the weave, and before rolling them in separate rolls. Thick velvet curtains obtained that way will have the  mass and softness necessary for superb blackout, noise reduction, will feel extremely soft to the touch and look shiny.

Heavy Velvet Curtains For Room Blackout

Heavy velvet blackout curtains will do a superb job at darkening the room. This is why home entertainment enthusiasts are purchasing the heavy velvet curtains — to cover the windows in the their media room, or TV room. That way, they are able to watch movies at full contrast, in complete darkness, in the middle of the day.

Thick Velvet Curtains Reduce The Noise Coming from The Outside

It is easy to understand how heavy velvet curtains will reduce the noise from the outside, mostly coming in through the window areas when the media room has windows. What’s equally or more important, velvet curtains will act as the room’s sound treatment too. Let us explain.

Long Velvet Blackout Curtains Will Improve The Sound Of The Room

The professional home theater builders know what amateurs often forget – velvet curtains will improve the sound quality of the home theater.

The pros will pick longest velvet curtain height, as high as the room height allows. Ceiling to floor if possible. Heavy velvet absorbs sound very well. Velvet will absorb any sound wave impinging on the walls significantly. That way the sound reflected from walls covered with the curtains will be much less noticeable. It won’t interfere as much with the sound coming from the speakers directly.

For sure, it is always best for the listeners in the media room to get the sound as intended by the producers. The producers intended for the sound to come directly from the speakers to the listeners.

Don’t Forget The Back Wall And The Front Wall

Lining side walls will do wonders for sound reflection. But there will still be the back wall echo effect. In it, the sound from the speakers in front travels to the back of the room, reflects from there, and bounces off the front wall. This creates an unpleasant delayed sound. You will prevent this effect to the max when you line both the back wall and the front wall with thick velvet curtains as well.

What About The Curtain Width?

As we have previously discussed, curtains will significantly increase sound and outside noise absorption when they are not stretched, but rather full folded. Therefore, the total width of the curtains we recommend for media rooms, TV rooms and home theaters, is three times the total width of the walls that you wish to cover.

Nothing Comes Close To Heavy Velvet

In short, when it comes to noise reduction and improving sound quality of the room, as well as blackout, no other fabric will compare to heavy velvet, even in today’s post-modern era!

Where To Find The Best Velvet Curtains For Your Media Room?

Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains - Best Noise Reduction Curtains For Home

We have searched long and wide and find that Absolute Zero Velvet Curtains are very popular. Homeowners use them in home theaters and media rooms. Absolute Zero also work great for easy sound insulation in apartments and condos where a wall is shared with a neighbor.

Where To Find The Best Velvet Curtains For Your Bedroom And Living Room?

Are you are looking for even more elegance and style? A soft plush is velvet with an even longer pile than usual. A plush curtain will sport a natural luster and a deep color with a polished, incredibly rich and quite a formal look.


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