Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Curtains Review

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Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtain Golden SandJust how good are Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Curtains as noise reducing curtains?

Eclipse actually markets their Suede Curtains either as Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Curtains or as Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains. We have previously seen (here: How to Buy Noise Reduction Curtains For Home) that heavier Suede Curtains, Energy Efficient Curtains, and Blackout Curtains all can appreciably reduce unwanted noises as well.

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For this Eclipse curtains review we researched further to determine if placing Eclipse Suede on your doors and windows will indeed remove enough noise to be perceptible, and to actually give you a chance to sleep better, and enjoy your living spaces despite the outside noise.

Company Noise Reduction Claims, Are They Confirmed?

While never bragging much about the noise reduction properties of Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains, the company does claim that their suede energy efficient curtains do “reduce unwanted noise so you can sleep better”. The company further suggests to “experience the silence” with this [Eclipse Suede] line of energy-saving, noise-reducing, blackout panels.

In addition, the company presents a report of the noise reduction test for these curtains. An independent testing lab has confirmed that Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Thermaback Curtains reduce noise 40% better than regular, sailcloth curtains.

Super Convenient Installation

Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains come with a pocket that will accommodate an one-inch rod. The rod could be standard or decorative type, straight or wrap-around. The company suggests the curtains are machine washable and tumble dried, and can not be bleached.

To remove creases caused by folding, company suggests to place the curtains in a dryer with a damp clean kitchen cloth and dry on low for 20 minutes, and hang immediately. Sounds easy enough.

Enticing Colors And Superb Looks Of Eclipse Suede Thermaback

Eclipse Suede Curtains come in Stone Blue, Olive, Black, Chocolate and Golden Sand colors. That should be plenty to match any living room or bedroom decor. The reverse side of the curtains facing the window is white.

Buyers report that the curtains “surpassed their expectations for both appearance and insulation” and “have a beautiful suede fabric and come in a nice variety of colors”. Without a doubt, the suede material gives a rich appearance to these curtains.

Dimensions And Achieving Maximal Noise Absorption

Each panel of Eclipse Suede weighs about 1 lb. (Total shipping weight is 1.2 lbs).
The dimensions of Eclipse Suede are 40″ W x 84″ L x 0.25″ D.

Keep in mind that, as we discussed previously, to achieve maximal noise absorption, we recommend to purchase total combined width of the curtain panels of 2.5 times to 3 times the width of the window.

That means that, instead of the recommended two panels per window, you may want to purchase three panels or even four panels for best sound reduction.

Thermal And Blackout Features Of Eclipse Suede

As the name implies, the Thermaback layer in Eclipse Suede curtains is designed to block heat exchange. It also provides blackout. The buyer reviews, below, testify to a satisfying thermal insulation effectiveness and blackout.

Eclipse Suede Thermaback Quick Features

  • fashionable fabric
  • enticing colors and finish
  • double pass white foam Thermaback coating
  • reduces noise
  • blacks out up to 99% of light
  • saves energy

Recommended Accessories

Rods and rings for Eclipse Thermaback curtains can be purchased separately. The curtains accommodate up to 1 inch diameter rods. Look into straight regular rods, straight decorative rods, and wraparound rods.

If you decide to double up the number of panels for noise reduction, then pick double rods instead.


  • pleasant, beautiful look of suede
  • wide range of colors
  • easy to wash and maintain
  • good thermal insulation
  • good noise reduction
  • excellent blackout effectiveness
  • heavy weight relative to other Eclipse curtains
  • durable


  • must follow a very strict procedure to remove folding wrinkles or be disappointed
  • do not come in 120″ height at the moment
  • actual color sometimes does not match the images exactly
Check out the current price and color availability of Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains on the website.

Buyer Reviews

Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Blackout Curtains

Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Blackout Curtains

The Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains are one of the Eclipse bestsellers on The star rating is 4.5 Stars at Walmart, and there are 57 mostly highly positive reviews.

Many reviewers praise the noise reduction of these curtains. We can imagine these reviewers would feel even much better about reduced noise if the knew what you know now about maximizing sound absorption – something that you have read in the section Dimensions And Achieving Maximal Noise Absorption above!

One reviewer reports purchasing these curtains for her mother who started working on the 3rd shift and couldn’t fall asleep during the day both due to light and street noise. After Eclipse Suede curtains were installed, reportedly both the sunlight and the street noises were sufficiently reduced so that the room felt as it was night time.

Some reviewers praise elegant looks, and report the curtains to gracefully endure 2.5 years of service. Others enjoy their thermal blocking, noise reducing, and sun rays blocking properties.

It is unfortunate that some reviewers report difficulties in getting the creases and wrinkles out of the curtains after “specifically” not following the directions, and using an iron to try to remove the wrinkles.

Some buyers were extremely pleasantly surprised when their package arrived in the mail. They found the curtains to be extraordinarily thick and beautiful looking. A lot of buyers are planning to purchase more curtains for additional rooms in the house after seeing the curtains live.

Many buyers do praise the thermal insulating properties of these curtains in winter cold and summer heat. Some buyers have noticed reduction in their electricity bill due to lower use of air conditioning.

Overall, 86% of buyers would recommend Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains to their friends.


Based on our research presented above, we find that Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains indeed do what they say they do:

  • Turn a bright room into a dark space in the middle of the day,
  • Insulate the space from outside heat or cold, and, most importantly,
  • Noticeably reduce the levels of noise from the outside.


Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains

Eclipse Suede

While slightly more costly than other Eclipse curtains of the same size, the added weight, great looks, and noise reduction, thermal and light blackout properties seem to justify the slightly higher price point. At the time of writing, had the best online price on these curtains, as much as $10 per panel lower than their in-store price, and was $15 cheaper than Amazon.

Check out the current price and color availability of Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains on the website.

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