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Eclipse Casey White Blackout Curtain Energy Efficient Thermal Soundproof Curtain, Eclipse Blackout Curtains, White Eclipse Blackout CurtainsAre you looking for white blackout curtains that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Then Eclipse Casey white blackout grommet curtains may be your ticket.

Although finding white blackout curtains is not easy at all, we have found a way to maximize blackout even with light color curtains.

We will review Eclipse Casey white curtains in this post.

Finding Lightweight White Blackout Curtains Is Not Easy

Looking for white blackout curtains, especially of the lighter weight, can be quite frustrating, we know. As we have written in this white blackout curtains buying guide, googling for white Eclipse curtains, or for white blackout curtains in general is not a sure way to find curtains you can be happy with.

Why Are We So Discouraging?

First, when looking for in-depth information on Eclipse White Blackout curtains it is hard to find anything besides blatant sales pitches for Eclipse Blackout curtains, and only generic information about their qualities. Like thermal properties, sound blocking, and blackout. We could find nothing really specific to Eclipse curtains in white color. For that matter, we couldn’t find any details specifically about any white grommet blackout curtains, or any other white Eclipse blackout curtains.

Second, even if you are lucky to find a significant number of buyer reviews of Eclipse Casey, even these reviews can be very controversial. Many of them will claim that Eclipse Casey curtains aren’t blackout at all. Others will claim Eclipse Casey in white color aren’t white color at all.

Search for Eclipse blackout curtains in white can indeed be quite frustrating.

However, we have done extensive research to find out exactly what you can expect with Eclipse Casey, which is one of the Eclipse curtains with Thermaback technology, an Eclipse technology that provides blackout, thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Three Things To Be Realistic About When Looking At Eclipse Casey White Curtains

There are three things you need to know when you are purchasing Eclipse Casey in white color.

First, be realistic about your color expectations. When you look for white curtains, you always need to be extra realistic. There is, technically, no such thing as white curtains, because that would imply that all light is 100% reflected from the curtain in a diffuse way.

In reality, all white curtains absorb some of the light, even the whitest ones. That makes them really “off white”, “beige”, or “light gray”, or “ivory”. Numerous merchants designate white curtains that way, which makes a lot of sense. White color is just an ideal.

Second, on the bright side, there are simple ways to improve on the blackout, sound blocking, and also thermal insulation properties. Even though white Eclipse Casey curtains block significantly less light than the stated 99%, they still block a high percentage of outside light. This means that simply doubling the number of panels will significantly improve the effective blackout percentage.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains Blackout Much More Light Than Ordinary Curtains.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains Blackout Much More Light Than Ordinary Curtains.

Third, don’t expect perfect blackout with white colored Eclipse curtains. Despite the Thermaback technology, and Eclipse Casey being heavier and thicker than other Eclipse curtains, they are not super heavy and thick. Eclipse Thermaback curtains, even in white color, will still blackout more light than ordinary curtains, however.

Best Alternative White Blackout Curtains

We wrote about why white curtains will not blackout as much as black curtains in length here. White or light colored curtains that are not sufficiently thick, will not be perfectly blackout. Some buyers will even describe them as letting 40% of the light through. Others will report a light glow during the day, far from complete blackout. If you are planning to sleep during the day, don’t count on white or light color Eclipse Casey to provide pitch darkness. Instead, look into our reviews of white velvet curtains.

Doubling Up On The Number Of Panels Gets You The Best Of Both Worlds

By doubling the number of panels (from 2 to 4) of Eclipse Casey white, you could go from 80% light blocking to 96% (or from 90% blocking to 99%), a significant improvement. Of course, you will have to get a double rod as well when you double up on the number of panels.

Doubling the number of panels will therefore get you the best of both worlds – you get much improved blackout yet retain the beautiful and versatile white color of Eclipse Casey.

As a side note, by improving blackout you will also significantly increase noise blocking and thermal insulation. Noise blocking will improve by using a double rod and hang the curtain panels one in front of the other. Noise blocking will also increase when you use a single rod and hang, say, 4 panels instead of 2 on that single rod. In this last case, you will achieve a fuller look of the curtains when closed. This will result in a significant improvement in blocking of unwanted noise from the outside.

Similarly, doubling the number of panels and using a double curtain rod will improve thermal insulation, which is helpful in winters and summers.

We have previously explained thermal, blackout, and noise reduction benefits of doubling up on the number of curtain panels in length here based on data from here.

Quick Review Of Eclipse Casey Blackout Grommet Curtains


  • Thermaback construction
  • blocking over 99 percent of light (not in white, but yes, in darkest colors)
  • blocking significant percentage of outside noise
  • thermal insulation
  • foam back construction allows for luxurious style on the front side
  • chevron design style
  • 100 percent polyester
  • wash in cold water separately
  • line dry
  • cool iron if needed
  • available in 84″ and 95″ length
  • use standard or decorative rod up to 1.5″ in diameter


  • lighter curtain than velvet
  • stylish grommet style install
  • available in white (off white to be exact)
  • relatively inexpensive cost per panel
  • easy installation
  • quality grommets
  • great looks


  • white curtain will blackout significantly less than 99%
  • white color is often described as “off white”, even “blueish”
  • good color fit to most room decorations
  • getting rid of wrinkles may require tumble dry plus iron


  • double rod suggested when doubling the number of panels
  • any rod between 1 inch and 1.5 inches in diameter will be sufficient.

Buyer Reviews About Panel Doubling, Thermal Insulation, And Noise Blocking

Some of the buyers are beginning to realize how effective it can be to double up on the number of panels. Since panels are very inexpensive, doubling up is still cost effective. (We have previously explained thermal, blackout, and noise reduction benefits of doubling the number of panels from 2 to 4 in length here.)

Other buyers report significant temperature decrease under the hot Texas sun in the summer.

Still others report appreciable noise blocking (even with single layer) that enables them to sleep well during the day after working 3rd shift at night.

Some buyers complained about insufficient blackout (however, many do not specify what color they bought). Others reported that even beige color Casey curtains were not sufficiently blocking out light.

Finally, two comments on Eclipse Blackout Curtains’ “dramatic looks” and beauty. Buyers commented: “They look dramatic and are perfect for my household.” and “Eclipse Casey makes my room look really lovely.”


When you take all the limitations into consideration (in particular that

1) all white curtains are really off white to a degree and that ‘

2) thin white curtains can never completely block out light,

then you will find that Eclipse Casey white blackout curtains are really stylish, a good match to any room decoration. Follow  the suggestion described above and double up on the number of panels. That way you can achieve a solid level of blackout while keeping your favorite curtain color and good looks.

Price And Buying Advice

Eclipse Casey White Blackout Curtain Eneergy Efficient Thermal Soundproof CurtainThe Eclipse Casey blackout curtains are relatively inexpensive. We searched across the web and found that at the time of writing, the cost per panel was lowest at by $5 compared with other shops. If you are buying four panels as suggested for a normal size window, that is a savings of $20 or more.

There is another advantage of buying from In the unlikely case that you don’t like the curtains when you receive them, simply return them to the nearest Walmart store for a refund. You probably won’t be able to find Eclipse Casey white in your local Walmart, but you can certainly return them there.



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