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Duck Brand Shrink Film Indoor Window KitDuck Brand Heat Blocking Window Film claims to conserve energy and reduce heating costs by “shrink wrapping” the inside of the window.

Basically, the principle of operation is simple. By creating an air pocket between the window pane and the plastic wrap sheet, you create an air pocket. So it is like adding an extra window pane. Which reduces heat losses.

In addition, when you tape the shrink wrap all around the edge of the window, you will not allow any cold drafts to come in, so it acts like a temporary caulking. Again, this reduces heat losses. It lets you better ride the Polar Vortex blasts. Duck Brand is the window film to keep the heat in.

So this heat blocking window film should work well in theory. But what do buyers say?

Who Uses Duck Window Insulation?

Anyone who has experienced high heating cost or unpleasantly low room temperature in the winters will find use in Duck Brand Shrink Window Insulation. Anyone who lives in an old home with leaky windows who can feel cold draft coming in. So even folks in California coastal areas can take advantage, let alone people living in wintry Minnesota.

As you will see below, people have reported saving hundreds of dollars each year with a single pack of Duck Window Film. So check out our review further.

Materials Of The Window Film To Keep The Heat In

Buyers report that Duck Brand Window Film is stronger than competing brands, which may contribute somewhat to better heat insulation.

The Duck Brand Window Tape to hold the window film is included in the package.

Convenience Of Installation, Tips To Do It Right The First Time

We include here the simplest directions and tips we found in our research. This is an addition to the instructions that come with the product. Read the manufacturers directions first before checking back here.

  1. When you cut the wrap to size (see below), preferably use a large table for convenience.
  2. You need to make sure the surfaces you stick the tape to on the windows and doors are clean. Wipe the surfaces with the included wipes. While you are at it, clean the window surface too as it won’t be accessible until springtime.
  3. Apply the tape to the frame not to the window pane itself. Frame shrinks and expands less in size than the window as the temperature fluctuates.
  4. Be careful when you wrap the larger windows. It will be better if you have a helper so you can keep the wrap stretched across the window as you are bringing it up closer to the tape.
  5. Cut the wrap to larger size by 2-3 inches on each side first and trim the edges after you have already applied the heat and the wrap is in place. That way you will leave room for error. But be careful when trimming to size so you don’t poke a hole into the wrap.
  6. After you attach the shrink wrap to the tape, put hairdryer oh high heat and go over the tape first. Then heat up the middle area to get the remaining kinks out.
  7. Do not overheat the wrap as it may pull on the tape and detach it.

The wrap is quite easy to remove at the end of winter. According to users, it does not make sense to reuse it next year, you should just buy a new package.

Does It Change The Color And The Looks Of The Window?

The shrink wrap looks like glass when you shrink and tighten it properly. It is highly transparent, and you will be able to see outside just fine.

Generous Dimensions Of The Wrap

The total surface included in the package is 62 inch x 420 inch. Most people find this plenty. It will be sufficient for ten 3 foot by 5 foot windows.


  • clear window film
  • window kit tape


  • favorite product to weatherize older houses in winter
  • reduces cold draft through cracks especially in older single pane windows
  • much cheaper than new windows
  • film is really clear, can see through windows still
  • works great for unusual shape windows
  • works great for old style wooden frame windows
  • reported savings are as much as $100 – $220 over the course of the year
  • reportedly lasts over 2 winters if you don’t take it off


  • must have a hair dryer or a heat gun ready
  • must be prepared to cut to size following directions, please be handy with scissors
  • if you are doing it for the first time, it could take a few hours to apply it to all of the home windows
  • even after years of practice, it still takes a lot of work
  • the tape on the bottom may come off because of the condensation moisture on the window (you can reduce the condensation by applying the outside film on top of this inside film, as described here)

Additional Buyer Ratings And Comments

At, buyers left 47 reviews and their average star rating is 4.4 out of 5. 90% of buyers would recommend the purchase to a friend.

Buyers compared it with competing brands and found higher quality, thicker wrap in Duck Brand.

A buyer jokingly noticed that it would take 300 years before he would pay as much for the Duck Brand heat blocking window film as he would pay for the new windows that got quoted to him at $15,000.


The price is essentially the same across all online vendors. But the price of under $12 is really cheap regardless.


Heat Blocking Window Film - Duck Brand Shrink Film Indoor Window Kit SideWhen you read hundreds of buyer reviews you will realize that many return and purchase this product year after year. This is a more reliable testimony to the value of this inexpensive product that anyone can give in words.

Check out the current price of Duck Brand Window Insulation at



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