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Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Linings For Winter And Summer

Note to readers: 3M Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Liner is unavailable from any of our sources presently. We recommend Eclipse Blackout Thermaliner Curtain Panels, Set of 2, as a replacement. Click here to see their high ratings on

Curtains With Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Liner

What Is Thinsulate Lining And What Does It Claim To Accomplish?

Season Smart 3M Thinsulate Curtain Lining (sometimes erroneously called “Thinsulate Curtains”) is a thermal curtain liner, pictured on the left, behind the blue curtains. Thinsulate is one of the premiere detachable thermal curtain liners. You simply attach it to the regular curtains and, voila, you have created curtains with thermal lining.

Its primary function is, as an add-on to regular curtains, to provide additional thermal insulation in winter. Company claims the heating loss will be reduced by as much as 89% with Thinsulate compared to just using ordinary curtains.

Season Smart also claims this thermal curtain liner will reduce cooling cost in the summer also, and help reduce temperature swings in the house.

We will investigate these claims below by studying buyer reports in detail. Keep reading!

Who Is Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Liner Intended For?

People all across the nation have been caught in harsh winters (Arctic Vortex, of late!), with heating oil prices sky high. Some of them only have single pane windows providing little insulation and a huge heat leak.

For these people, and, really, anyone who wants to save money, curtain thermal lining is the most inexpensive and easy way to keep warm through the winter. It should prevent your utility bill to go into stratosphere.

As an example (see more below) a person in MidWest keeps saving $20 every month for each window they use Thinsulate Thermal Liner on.

People who love their existing curtains (either for their patterns and colors, or for their sentimental value) and doesn’t want to replace them but wants to just add additional insulation will find Thinsulate curtains liner really appealing.

Season Smart 3M Thinsulate Materials

Top Thermal Curtain Linings: 3M Thinsulate Insulating Curtain Liner PairThinsulate Curtains Thermal Liner is, as the name implies, using 3M Thinsulate material as its thermal layer. And as the name Thinsulate implies further, thanks to this 3M invention, one does not need thick insulation material to achieve significant heat insulation.

The original 3M secret to avoid thickness yet provide good thermal insulation is in the size of the fiber. The fiber is extremely small, as much as ten times smaller than previous synthetic fiber insulation materials.

Used in winter gloves, caps, parkas before, 3M Thinsulate is now available in Thinsulate curtain lining. Thick curtain lining is no longer needed. Check out the original Thinsulate page at 3M here.

Extreme Ratings

The company contends that the heat loss through the Thinsulate equipped curtain will be reduced as much as ten fold, versus heat loss through the regular curtain alone. Of course this claim on its face depends what a “regular curtain” means. Regardless, buyer reviews (below) seem to indicate significant heat transfer reductions and significant energy savings.

Versatility And Convenience Of Thinsulate Liner

It is easy to place Thinsulate Curtain liner on the existing curtain. Thinsulate lining includes 16 drapery hooks, and tie backs to easily attach the liner to just about any type of curtain or any type of curtain rod (you could even treat it as a Thinsulate Curtain and hang it on a separate rod if you have a double rod. The hook and loop closures are included to seal the liner shut, creating yet another thermal insulating pocket of air between the curtain and the curtain lining.

Season Smart 3M Thinsulate Curtain Lining is conveniently machine washable.

Color And Looks Of Thinsulate

Thinsulate Curtain Lining is white on both sides, which is the best color to reduce radiative heat losses. With its diamond quilting construction, this lining looks good if a bit bulky compared to a curtain. However, in most situations, the liner will only be visible to the outside.

Choices Of Sizes

Thinsulate Curtain Lining comes in two sizes, 78 in by 52 in and 58 in by 52 in. We recommend to get the size that covers most of the back of your curtain, and it should definitely cover the entire surface of the window for best thermal insulation.

The lining comes in a package that includes two panels. The total shipping weight is just 1.75 lbs for the smaller size which puts single panel weight under 1 lbs.

Top Features

  • provides significant thermal insulation both in winter and in summer
  • reportedly achieves good blackout
  • provides additional street noise blocking


  • hook and loop closures included
  • 16 drapery hooks included
  • tie backs included
  • curtain rod (if desired) sold separately

If hanging the curtain lining onto the existing curtains does not work for you for any reason, we can recommend purchasing a double curtain rod (sold separately) and hang them on the inside, 2nd, rod.


  • claimed up to 90% reduction of heat loss in lab tests
  • easily attached and detached
  • machine wash separately regardless of curtain maintenance


  • won’t block much light in and of itself
  • can look a bit bulky compared to curtains

Buyer Ratings And What Thinsulate Curtain Lining Actually Does For Users

This is a relatively new product and the few buyer reviews available are generally quite positive:

Some buyers report feeling less cold in their room after installation. They also feel less draft from the window after they managed to install the curtain lining flush to the window.

Others report the curtain lining being light enough to be able to hang it on a tension rod (inside the window).


At the time of the review, Season Smart 3M Thinsulate was under Rollback on and could be had for under $30 which was $10 – $16 lower than any other offer anywhere else on the internet. The price advantage was bigger on larger size panels.


Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Liner With HooksBased on buyer reviews we can conclude that, when you make sure that your Thinsulate Curtain Lining covers the entire window, it will keep saving you significant heating money day after day throughout the winter.

Check out the current price directly at



Heat Reflective Window Film: 3M Outside Window Kit

Enjoy Free Shipping on 3M Outside Window Insulating Kit Here

3M Outdoor Window Insulator Kit For 2 Windows - Heat Reflective Window Film
We decided to write this 3M Window film review because an Outside 3M Window Film Insulation is such a low cost and  wonderful complement to inside thermal window treatments like thermal curtains and thermal curtain liners like Thinsulate and Thermalogic. 3M Outside Window Insulating Kit comes in 2 sizes, Patio Door size, and 2 Window size.

Benefits Of 3M Window Insulation Film

3M claims that their 3M Outside Window Insulating Kit will keep the heat in the house and cold drafts away. That it provides additional thermal insulation in the winter months. They claim the heat reducing window film will achieve up to 70% drop in heat loss through a single pane window.

Considering a large fraction of heat in a single family home or in apartments is lost through the windows, this can mean significant savings every month.

The secondary way this heat reducing window film will reduce heat loss, 3M claim, is through fighting the cold air influx through the cracks either in the window, but most likely at the edges of the window.

3M also claim that this Outside Window Kit reduces condensation. This can be understood because, since the heat reflecting window kit is installed outside, the temperature on the inside of the window will be higher than usual, which means less condensation on the window pane inside the room. Less condensation could extend the lifetime of your windows.

3M also talk about reduction of frost buildup. Again, we can understand that by realizing that the warmer temperature from the room is extended further out through the window pane. A warmer window pane will resist frost buildup on the outside of the window better.

Who Is 3M Outside Window Insulator Suitable For?

This video features Greg Biffle, the 3M race driver, and his wife. They show how they are using 3M residential window film in their home. The heat reflective window film enables them great view outside while at the same time not darkening the room and saving money on HVAC (heating and air conditioning) costs. The 3M film they had installed allows them to have their curtains open to bring in light. Yet they still enjoy added insulation and warmth, protect floor, furniture, paintings, carpet and curtains from fading through the UV light exposure.

Anyone who wants additional thermal insulation without sacrificing view through the window will enjoy this 3M product. This includes homeowners who have already installed heat reflecting window kit on the inside, realized fantastic savings, and want to save even more. Or perhaps you have already installed thermal insulating curtains or thermal curtain liners. You can still benefit from additional thermal insulation and save even more.

With constant threats of the arctic cold in the US pushing in from the north, anyone from the Rockies through Midwest, South, to the Eastern Seaboard states will find use for the kit to save energy in the winter.

Materials Used

3M is proud to tell that their 3M Window Insulator is the clearest heat reflective window film available on the market. They probably won’t give out the exact details of the materials.

However, they are quick to say that powerful, two-sided 3M scotch tape is included which keeps the insulating window film firmly in place all year long.

Effectiveness Ratings Of Heat Reflective Window Film Are Impressive

3M claims up to 70% reduction of heat loss through the window. They claim 99% UV light blocking.

Versatility And Convenience Of The 3M Window Insulation Film

If you are using the 3M window insulation film for smaller windows, you will have to cut the film into matching pieces. This will require a large flat surface, like a dinner table, and some patience in following directions.

On the other side of the coin, the film is easy to remove from the window when so desired.

Translucent Color And Inconspicuous Looks

Again, 3M claims that 3M window insulation film is the clearest. They say it is “clear as glass”. When you install it right (follow directions by 3M and check out directions for a competing product here) it will shrink tight and you won’t see any bubbles forming either. There will be little internal reflection, so overall, the window will look natural after installation.


3M Outdoor Window Film For Patio Door will cover a surface sized 84 inch (7 feet) x 112 inch (9.33 feet). It comes in the package sized 1.6 inch x 9.75 inch x 8.75 inch. It weighs only 0.5 lbs.

3M Outdoor Window Film For 2 Windows covers a surface sized 5.16 feet x 7 feet, Its package is sized 1.5 inch x 8.75 inch x 9.75  inch. It weighs only 0.35 lbs.


  • thermal insulation
  • UV blocking
  • outside frost buildup prevention
  • inside condensation prevention
  • clearest thermal insulated window film

Additional Accessories

If you live in an area with extremely powerful winds, you may want to consider securing the outside window film with extra weatherproof tape around the edges. Consider Scotch Outdoor Window Film Mounting Tape.


  • up to 70% heat loss reduction
  • nearly 100% UV light blocking
  • highly translucent
  • does not form bubbles
  • powerful double sided scotch tape included
  • easy installation
  • protects windows on the outside


  • exposure to elements may cause the outside film to not last as long as the similar inside film
  • must be prepared to cut to size following directions

Buyer Ratings From 3M Window Film Reviews

Buyers are generally happy with the performance of the 3M window insulation film. They praise how the 3M scotch tape holds the film up despite adverse weather conditions. Something the competitor window films couldn’t handle.

Others appreciate the true transparency of the film and its ability to stick to the window throughout the winter thanks to the strong and persistent two sided scotch tape.

Yet other buyers pointed out that installing of the 3M film was easier than installing other products because no hairdryer was needed.

Getting The Best Price On 3M Window Film

Where To Buy 3M Window Film? Walmart had at the time of review free shipping on this product which made it $8 cheaper per package compared with other retailers like Sears. When you order more, the price difference really adds up fast.


Heat Reflective Window Film - 3M Outdoor Window Insulator Kit Patio Door

3M Outdoor Window Insulator Kit For Patio Door

Given all the advantages of the outside heat reducing window film, this 3M product is worth its weight in gold especially in cold winters like this year’s.

Check out the current price for patio door kit and 2 window kit at
Look for “Rollback” or “Clearance” tag for reduced price.



Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart – Reviews

Top Heat Blocking Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk, Best Insulated Curtains

Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk Thermal Insulated Curtains

We wanted to bring together best thermal curtains reviews of everything that is available at top US retailers. Why?

The cool Arctic Vortex is descending over most of the US again, and prices of heating are not getting any lower.

We feel it is important for all homeowners and renters in the US to be aware of all the passive thermal insulation options for all windows in their homes.

That way they will be able to save unexpected amounts of money each year.

Below, there are some of the best thermal curtains on sale at top US retailers such as Target, Walmart, Ikea, Lowes, and Amazon.

Our Methodology

We simply visited the retailer’s site and searched for thermal curtains. We present top three thermal curtains from the results with our comments below. When we feel the top curtains at a particular retailer are not the best choice, we suggest our reviews of better alternatives.

Best Insulated Curtains At Target seems to favor Threshold brand, and Eclipse. Here are top three thermal insulated curtains Target offers:

  • Threshold™ Embroidered Vine Light Blocking Curtain Panel
  • Eclipse™ Light Blocking Braxton Thermaback Curtain Panel
  • Threshold™ Uptown Stripe Light Blocking Curtain

We have not reviewed any Threshold light blocking curtains as of yet so we cannot comment. We reviewed numerous Eclipse Light Blocking Thermaback Curtain Panels, such as Eclipse Suede, Eclipse Dayton, Eclipse Kendall and can vouch for the thermal insulation provided by the Eclipse Thermaback technology. In addition, two of the Eclipse Braxton Curtain face colors are light: Tan and Khaki. We can recommend these light colors because lighter colors will increase thermal insulation. All Eclipse Thermaback insulated drapes at Target are white on the window side, which further increases thermal insulation as we discussed here and here.

Best Thermal Curtains At Walmart

Eclipse, Best Thermal Curtains At Target - Eclipse Kids Dayton Curtains Plum Purple, Best Insulated Curtains

Eclipse Kids Dayton Thermal Insulated Curtains seems to favor Eclipse brand. This makes sense as Eclipse has mostly positive reviews and offers a lot of quality for the money. These are the top 3 thermal curtains Walmart suggests:

  • Eclipse Samara Blackout Energy-Efficient Curtain, Set of 4 Bundle
  • Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel, Set of 4 Bundle
  • Better Homes and Gardens Thermal Faux-Silk Back-Tab Window Curtain Panel

We have reviewed Eclipse Nottingham here, and BH&G Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains here. We feel that Eclipse Notthingham is superior to Eclipse Samara for thermal insulation because of the greater choice of light colors. In fact, the lightest colors of Eclipse Samara 4 curtain bundle available are Stone Blue and Toffee which are rather dark. Thus, they are not optimal for thermal insulation as we discussed here.

Best Insulated Curtains At Ikea US

Ikea offers their own brand curtains, here are the top 3:

  • VILBORG Curtains
  • MARJUN Block-out Curtains
  • WERNA Block-out Curtains

Vilborg Curtains are densely woven and come in beige front side color and with a white back liner. They are also quite heavy, at over 2 lbs each panel. Both the weight and the color will make it suitable as a thermal insulating curtain.
Marjun Curtains come in gray color only. Although they are also quite heavy, we do not recommend medium-to-dark color for thermal insulating curtains.
Werna Block-out Curtains come in dark-lilac color and are quite light, at only 1 lbs each.

If you are shopping at Ikea, look into Vilborg Curtains for your best thermal insulation curtain choice.

Top 3 Insulated Curtains At Lowes

Lowes favors allen + roth and Style Selections. Here are the top 3 thermal curtains Lowes returns:

  • Style Selections Quinn 84-in L Geometric Red/Ivory Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel
  • allen + roth 84-in L Room Darkening Solid Ivory Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel
  • Style Selections Quinn 84-in L Geometric Chocolate/Blue Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel

The red/ivory color as well as the chocolate/blue color of Style Selections Quinn #1 and #3, respectively, is certainly not optimal for thermal insulation because it absorbs too much infrared from the room, and heat gets lost.
If you are shopping at Lowes, look into allen + roth Solid Ivory Thermal Grommet Curtains instead.

Best Insulated Curtains At Amazon

Sun Zero Emmett Curtains Red. Best Thermal Curtains. Best Insulated Curtains.

Sun Zero Emmett Curtains Red

Top two choices at Amazon are products by Best Home Fashion. The third one is Sun Zero. Here is the list of top 3 thermal curtains at Amazon:

  • Solid Thermal Insulated Back Tap Blackout Curtain, Beige
  • Best Home Fashion Beige Wide Width Grommet Top Thermal Blackout Curtain
  • Sun Zero Alec Thermal Lined Microfiber Curtain Panel, 42 by 84-Inch, Mineral

Two of the top choices for thermal insulated curtains at Amazon come from Best Home Fashion. We are planning to review Best Home Fashion curtains here in the future.
We reviewed Sun Zero Curtains here. Feel free to take a look at our review.

Conclusion: Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, Ikea, Lowe’s

Looking at the top selection of curtains at some of the top US retailers gives a mixed picture. Different retailers favor different brands curtains. There is no apparent consensus at all. Which could be good for the consumer as the selection is bigger. But it also keeps the consumer confused about a difficult subject of picking the best thermal curtains for their home.

We have also noticed that some of the best insulated curtains offered at US retailers are curtains that do not maximize thermal insulation and, consequently, will not help your winter utility bill as much as they should. That is why we have reviews on our site that point out what qualities to look for in thermal insulated curtains, such as this review of Top Heat Blocking Curtains, Cheap Insulated Curtains and this Awesome Kids Thermal Curtains review. We also reviewed these luxurious Off White Velvet Curtains and found them to have great thermal insulating properties. If you are in the market for thermal insulated curtains, you will benefit from our reviews. Check them out!


Duck Brand Heat Blocking Window Film Review

Duck Brand Shrink Film Indoor Window KitDuck Brand Heat Blocking Window Film claims to conserve energy and reduce heating costs by “shrink wrapping” the inside of the window.

Basically, the principle of operation is simple. By creating an air pocket between the window pane and the plastic wrap sheet, you create an air pocket. So it is like adding an extra window pane. Which reduces heat losses.

In addition, when you tape the shrink wrap all around the edge of the window, you will not allow any cold drafts to come in, so it acts like a temporary caulking. Again, this reduces heat losses. It lets you better ride the Polar Vortex blasts. Duck Brand is the window film to keep the heat in.

So this heat blocking window film should work well in theory. But what do buyers say?

Who Uses Duck Window Insulation?

Anyone who has experienced high heating cost or unpleasantly low room temperature in the winters will find use in Duck Brand Shrink Window Insulation. Anyone who lives in an old home with leaky windows who can feel cold draft coming in. So even folks in California coastal areas can take advantage, let alone people living in wintry Minnesota.

As you will see below, people have reported saving hundreds of dollars each year with a single pack of Duck Window Film. So check out our review further.

Materials Of The Window Film To Keep The Heat In

Buyers report that Duck Brand Window Film is stronger than competing brands, which may contribute somewhat to better heat insulation.

The Duck Brand Window Tape to hold the window film is included in the package.

Convenience Of Installation, Tips To Do It Right The First Time

We include here the simplest directions and tips we found in our research. This is an addition to the instructions that come with the product. Read the manufacturers directions first before checking back here.

  1. When you cut the wrap to size (see below), preferably use a large table for convenience.
  2. You need to make sure the surfaces you stick the tape to on the windows and doors are clean. Wipe the surfaces with the included wipes. While you are at it, clean the window surface too as it won’t be accessible until springtime.
  3. Apply the tape to the frame not to the window pane itself. Frame shrinks and expands less in size than the window as the temperature fluctuates.
  4. Be careful when you wrap the larger windows. It will be better if you have a helper so you can keep the wrap stretched across the window as you are bringing it up closer to the tape.
  5. Cut the wrap to larger size by 2-3 inches on each side first and trim the edges after you have already applied the heat and the wrap is in place. That way you will leave room for error. But be careful when trimming to size so you don’t poke a hole into the wrap.
  6. After you attach the shrink wrap to the tape, put hairdryer oh high heat and go over the tape first. Then heat up the middle area to get the remaining kinks out.
  7. Do not overheat the wrap as it may pull on the tape and detach it.

The wrap is quite easy to remove at the end of winter. According to users, it does not make sense to reuse it next year, you should just buy a new package.

Does It Change The Color And The Looks Of The Window?

The shrink wrap looks like glass when you shrink and tighten it properly. It is highly transparent, and you will be able to see outside just fine.

Generous Dimensions Of The Wrap

The total surface included in the package is 62 inch x 420 inch. Most people find this plenty. It will be sufficient for ten 3 foot by 5 foot windows.


  • clear window film
  • window kit tape


  • favorite product to weatherize older houses in winter
  • reduces cold draft through cracks especially in older single pane windows
  • much cheaper than new windows
  • film is really clear, can see through windows still
  • works great for unusual shape windows
  • works great for old style wooden frame windows
  • reported savings are as much as $100 – $220 over the course of the year
  • reportedly lasts over 2 winters if you don’t take it off


  • must have a hair dryer or a heat gun ready
  • must be prepared to cut to size following directions, please be handy with scissors
  • if you are doing it for the first time, it could take a few hours to apply it to all of the home windows
  • even after years of practice, it still takes a lot of work
  • the tape on the bottom may come off because of the condensation moisture on the window (you can reduce the condensation by applying the outside film on top of this inside film, as described here)

Additional Buyer Ratings And Comments

At, buyers left 47 reviews and their average star rating is 4.4 out of 5. 90% of buyers would recommend the purchase to a friend.

Buyers compared it with competing brands and found higher quality, thicker wrap in Duck Brand.

A buyer jokingly noticed that it would take 300 years before he would pay as much for the Duck Brand heat blocking window film as he would pay for the new windows that got quoted to him at $15,000.


The price is essentially the same across all online vendors. But the price of under $12 is really cheap regardless.


Heat Blocking Window Film - Duck Brand Shrink Film Indoor Window Kit SideWhen you read hundreds of buyer reviews you will realize that many return and purchase this product year after year. This is a more reliable testimony to the value of this inexpensive product that anyone can give in words.

Check out the current price of Duck Brand Window Insulation at



Thermal Window Treatments To Keep The Heat In Your House

polar vortex 2014

Polar Vortex 2014 (image credit

Some people never thought of thermal window treatments for their home. But then unexpectedly a polar vortex blasted central, eastern, even southern USA with arctic air last year. The cold came as a shock to many. Were you one of them? Have you then wondered how to keep more heat in your house?

Why Use Thermal Window Treatments?

Windows are the biggest heat sinks in your house, whether it is a single family residence or an apartment. In this post we will review three major types of thermal window treatments. These three types of thermal window coverings consist of Thermal Insulated Curtains, Thermal Curtain Liners and Heat Reflecting Window Films.

Thermalogic Rod Pocket Curtain Liner

Thermalogic Curtain Liner

Any of these will reduce your heating costs and your monthly utility bill. It doesn’t even matter what type of curtains, thermal drapes or other type thermal window covers you might have right now.

By reading this post and following the links that you like, you can save more money and keep warm regardless of the window treatments you have installed now! The winter has not started in its full swing yet, there is still time to prepare!

Three Major Types Of Thermal Window Treatments

Ivory Velvet White Blackout Curtains Grommets Are Some Of The Best Thermal Window Treatments

Light colored velvet curtains are some of the best thermal curtains.

The three major types of thermal window coverings are, in the order of better known to lesser known:

Do you use all three? Some of these are so little known they could be considered secrets!

Let’s look into the details of each of these. As we list these various thermal window treatments, we will point out what to look for when you are purchasing them. We will provide links to reviews of best thermal window coverings we could find.

In the reviews you will not only find descriptions of items we recommend, but also underlying physics. The simple physics will help you make a better choice of color, size, and material to maximize heat blocking and maximize your savings.

What Are Thermal Curtains? Choices Of Thermal Insulated Curtains For Your Home

Simply stated, thermal curtains, or thermal insulated curtains are curtains that keep the heat out in the summer, and equally important, they keep the heat in come winter cold.

In the old days, people used very heavy drapes, often velvet drapes made of heavy cotton or silk. Only royalty could afford them.

Today, the invention of plastic materials with insulating properties is allowing a much less heavy yet still thermally insulating curtain construction. Many of these materials you can even find at Walmart at a really good price. You will find faux-suede thermal insulated curtains, faux-silk thermal insulated curtains, even beautiful white velvet curtains. Any of these will help you save on heating costs.

Here are four of our reviews of different types of thermal curtain panels:

Top Heat Blocking Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk Curtains - Fresh IvoryTop Heat Blocking Curtains – Thermal Faux Silk By Better Homes And Gardens. This is an exceptional curtain that combines an awesome, rich look of shiny silver, with top notch heat blocking quality. Due to the classical back tab hanging options, the curtain will have a more classical, stately look. In this review, we provide suggestions for the kind of color (light) that will provide better heat insulation. We also talk about choosing the best size thermal curtain panel to match your windows and to minimize heat loss.

Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain PanelCheap Insulated Curtains – Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy-Efficient Curtains. These come with a great price tag at They are very popular there. We picked Eclipse Nottingham Thermal curtains because of their wide selection of light colors. We showed that light colors are more effective for heat insulation. This holds true both in the winter as well as in the summer. Thanks to their grommet top design, these curtains look quite appealing and modern. Once you show them to your friends, they will think they cost a lot more than what you paid at!

And For The Kid’s Rooms

Thermal Window Coverings - Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain Plum Purple Thermal CurtainAwesome Kids Thermal Curtains – Eclipse Dayton Thermaback Energy-Efficient CurtainsThese excel with their thermal panels in vivid colors, and you will have multiple choices of light, playful colors to choose from. Regardless if your girl wants curtains in pink or purple, or if your boy would prefer blue or lime, these vivid curtains will encourage your kids to have fun in their rooms. Especially if you are decorating a room for a new baby, you will be reassured to know that your baby will not be interrupted. The street noise, hot sun rays, or wild temperature swings will affect the child less when you install these thermal insulated curtains.

Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, IKEA, Lowes And AmazonBest Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, IKEA, Lowes And Amazon. It is amazing how these top North American retailers offer such completely different choices of their top thermal insulated curtains. None of them suggests the same top thermal curtain choices. It is also true that their product descriptions are rather short and generic. There are no color considerations mentioned for best insulation, no size recommendations, and no material preferences mentioned.

This makes it difficult to pick the right heat blocking curtain for your home.

That is why we provide our own opinion on thermal window treatments based on simple physics. Our reviews which will hopefully give you an additional guidance of what to look for to get a perfect set of thermal curtains for your rooms.

Thermal Curtain Linings Boost The Insulating Power Of Your Curtains

What do you do in the winter when it becomes extra cold and you have to go out into the cold? You add an extra layer of clothes! Same thing with thermal curtain linings. You can add an extra layer of curtain thermal lining to every single curtain out there, even the one that is already labeled thermal or energy efficient. Since windows are the biggest heat sink in your house, every extra layer of thick curtain lining will directly influence the temperature in your room, and, at the end of the month, your utility bill will go down. We find that, thanks to the fiber technology, thermal insulating curtain lining does not have to be all that thick after all (think Thinsulate!).

Two most popular thermal linings, Thinsulate Curtain Liner and Thermalogic Curtain Liner

Thermal Window Coverings - 3M Thinsulate Insulating Curtain Liner PairThinsulate Thermal Curtain Linings For Winter And Summer: This is a lining that fits any curtain style at all and increases thermal blocking on every window in the house. Thinsulate fabric, as the name reveals, is a 3M product that was designed to take advantage of micro fibers.  Micro fibers are ten times thinner than usual. This then provides super small air pockets that provide excellent thermal insulation. You will frequently find Thinsulate in gloves, caps, and thermal insulated clothes. And now Thinsulate is used to make Thinsulate curtain thermal lining.  The lining thus becomes relatively thin, flexible, and easy to work with. Best, Thinsulate curtain linings can be attached to most curtains via the variety of hooks. They can even be hung in parallel using a double rod. Check out even more details about Thinsulate Curtain Lining here.

Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner - Thermal Window CoveringsThermalogic Ultimate Window Liner, A Detachable Thermal Curtain Lining: Thermalogic is the most popular thermal liner out there. It is the stuff you will find in top hotel chains nationwide. This window liner is the stuff that makes you sleep in till 11 AM when you stay in Motel 6. It not only will reduce temperature variations, save the air conditioner from running, but will also block the outside noises and blackout the room. Perfect if you want to sleep in. But also perfect if you want to equip the heat sinks of your home, the windows, with another layer of heat blockage. A layer that will double or triple your savings on your heating bill this winter, and any harsh winter to come. With Thermalogic Detachable Curtain Lining, you will be prepared.

Heat Reflecting And Heat Reducing Window Films

Thermal insulated curtains and thermal curtain linings is not all you can do to keep your biggest heat sink in the house, your windows, thermally insulated! Heat reflecting and heat reducing window films are a little known secret of further decreasing your heating costs in the winter, and AC costs in the summer. This technology was for the most part only used on windows of large corporate offices. However it is now available for house owners and apartment dwellers alike.

You will be surprised to find such a wide variety of window films that will all help you. Some create air pockets between the window and the film for insulation, others use the reflectivity of a metal (such as platinum or titanium) to reflect the heat and reduce heat losses that way. Heck, you could even use all three types of thermal window treatments below if you are a heat loss freak. Or you may just find that one of them will be quite enough. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

We review three ways you can use a heat reducing window film. These are: Indoor Gila Heat Control Platinum Window Film, Outdoor 3M Heat Reflective Window Film, and Duck Brand Heat Blocking Window Film. Check them out below.

Three Types Of Heat Reducing Window Film

Gila 70% Heat Control Window Film PlatinumGila Heat Control Window Film Platinum Review (Indoor installation). The newest Gila Platinum window film improves on Gila Titanium window film. It offers even higher heat reflectivity, which means added heat insulation for your windows. It provides more privacy. Gila film works like a half-mirror. You can use it together with the thermal insulating curtains for an insulation boost. Heat control film has one big advantage:  You achieve thermal insulation without losing the view to the outside.

3M Outdoor Window Insulator Kit 2 Windows3M Heat Reflective Window Film Review (Outdoor installation). 3M has outdone itself with this product. You will now be able to install this film simply on the outside of your patio door, or on the outside of a window. The installation will weather the elements such as rainwater, sun rays, and strong winds. That’s because the film installation uses the two-sided scotch tape, also produced by 3M!

Some of the advantages of the outdoor heat reflective window film is that it reduces the indoor water condensation, and it reduces the frost buildup on the outside of the window.

Duck Brand Shrink Film Indoor Window KitDuck Brand Heat Blocking Window Film Review. This “shrink wrap” window film will work great on windows and doors. It  creates an air pocket between the window an the film. The air pocket will then act as a thermal insulator. It is quite like adding an extra window pane but without the astronomical cost of the windows in your home.

A Beauty Of All Thermal Window Treatments: White Velvet Curtains

White Velvet CurtainsWhite Velvet Curtains Review. You want heat insulation and you are in love with the idea of white velvet curtains. Then yes, there is good news for you. The white or off-white velvet curtains are an excellent way to heat insulate your windows. First, because of the thickness and weight of the material. Second, because of the air pockets that appear in the pile in velvet curtains. Third, because of the white, or light, color of the curtains which reflects the infrared light that transfers heat. So check out the White Velvet Curtains Review.


Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner: Easily Detachable Curtain Linings

See Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner at

Thermalogic Ultimate Window LinerThermalogic Ultimate Curtain Liner is the most popular curtain liner out there.

Curtain Liners are some of the best and most versatile among ways to keep the heat in your house.

If you have ever stayed in a high end hotel, or even at Motel 6, you may have noticed how easy it was to sleep till 11 am!

It was thanks to excellent thermal insulation and noise blocking provided by a Thermalogic Ultimate Thermal Blackout Liner.

What Does Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner Claim To Do?

But what about your home? Detachable curtain linings by Thermalogic promise additional thermal insulation in winter, and ease of installation. We have set out to look into all available buyer reviews online to see whether these claims are valid. We found the answers and a whole lot more! Keep reading about our findings below.

Who Uses Thermalogic Curtain Liner?

Thermal Insulation In The Winter: We found that anyone living in places where it gets cold in the winter, especially Midwest could use some extra window insulation. A person from Midwest actually reported $50 savings every single month compared to the previous year. Especially these days, with Polar Vortex winter chills coming down on a regular basis, more people would need to find out about this best kept secret.

Heat Blocking In The Summer: We found that people living in Southwest, especially Arizona and Nevada, also found much use for this liner in the hot and sunny summer months. These people were even more impressed with the blackout that the Thermalogic liner provided. Even in coastal California people found use for the extra insulation.

Improve Blackout And Keep Curtains You Love: In a lot of cases, people fell in love with their curtains they bought, and didn’t want to take them back to the store. Often, these curtains would be labelled “Blackout” but were nothing like it. So instead of returning the curtains they liked back to the store they added Thermalogic detachable curtain lining. They kept the curtains they loved and made them blackout with the liner. As an added bonus, thermal insulation improved too.

Noise Blocking: Many buyers were surprised how good the Thermalogic Liner was in blocking the road noise coming through the window.

What Is Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner Made Of

Thermalogic Ultimate Blackout Insulated Curtain LinerThe white face of the liner (facing the window) is made of 80% polyester, 20% cotton and the back (facing the room) is 100% acrylic suede. According to buyers, it does not have the plastic feel that some other liners have.

We like the acrylic suede for two reasons. First, its extra fibers give the liner a less plastic feel, and second, the extra fiber will further reduce the unwanted noises, as we have seen in this suede energy efficient curtain review.

Note: You may find customer reviews reporting receiving a panel that emits foul odor. Which is a shame because these reports have dissuaded many prospective buyers from purchasing. The odor was probably a fire retardant and formaldehyde which may have been added to comply with an US law.

On a small chance that you sense that foul odor, soak the curtains in vinegar, baking soda, or a great smelling Fels Naphtha Soap and the foul odor should go away. That is a tip from a Thermalogic Liner user.

[Update since 2014] There were no foul odor reports since the end of 2013 and none in 2014. The company may have read the damaging reviews and changed the manufacturing process. At most you will smell some glue like smell or some normal new plastic smell which will go away in a week or two.

Thermalogic Liner Is Flexible And Install Is Convenient

Several types of hooks and attachments come included in the Thermalogic Liner package. Indeed, you can conveniently attach this detachable liner to all styles of curtains. You will find the details explained in the included instruction sheet that is included.

You will find included 4 rings, 4 hooks, ties and pins to attach them to grommet curtains, back tab curtains, pinch pleat, or rod pocket curtains.

So no matter how your existing curtains are hung, you can always attach Thermalogic liner to the back of the curtain. You will pin the included hooks into the curtain just like a safety pin.

If you have grommet style curtains, you can use included rings to hang the Thermalogic liner directly on the decorative rod. You can hide the Thermalogic rings behind the curtain. Iff you are installing the curtain rod, make sure you affix the rod at least a couple inches above the window. That way you will allow for the liner to hang from below the top of the curtain yet still cover the entire window.

Buyers took anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes total to install Thermalogic Liner. Compared to installing thermal window films, installing Thermalogic is easy.

One woman was even as brave as to cut the liner down to size which she found super easy to do.

If you are considering installing the thermal liner on a double rod, this will slightly reduce the thermal blocking but it will give you the flexibility to close the liner independently from the curtain. For instance, you could be using Thermalogic in winter and summer months only to block the heat and sun rays.

Color And Looks

Although the image above shows the light blue/gray color side of the liner, the Thermalogic Ultimate Blackout Thermal Liner is actually white on one side and light blue/gray on the inner side only. The white side must be facing the window for better thermal insulation.

Some HOA actually require the outside facing curtains should be white, so you will be able to even use Thermalogic liner to comply with your HOA.

As for the looks, buyers report that the liners aren’t obtrusive or obvious as they hang behind their other curtains.


Width And Length: The package contains a single panel. The width of the panel is 45 inches. There are four convenient lengths available, 101 inch, 88 inch, 77 inch and 56 inch.

We recommend to choose the width of the liner to fit the full length of the curtain rod. You will get better thermal insulation if you straighten out the liner. Be sure the liner covers the whole window and at least a few inches out on all sides of the window. Do not go by the curtain width. Thermalogic liner is quite stiff and does not flow as a wave unlike the curtains.

If you are buying curtains at the same time, and there are no obstructions close to the window, we recommend to extend curtains and the liner all the way to the floor and all the way up to the ceiling. Doing so will assure better thermal insulation. Convective heat loss will be reduced. Convective heat loss is due to cold air falling down from the cold window and circulating into the room.

Weight: Single Thermalogic panel weighs between 1.25 lbs and 1.8 lbs depending on the length, see above. This is quite heavy but nothing out of the ordinary. Some buyers found them “thick and heavy.” If you are buying curtain rods at the same time, consider double rods or large diameter (over 1 inch), sturdier rods.

Rod pocket: If you are hanging Thermalogic on a sepaate rod, Thermalogic liner will fit onto any rod less than 1 inch in diameter.

Best Features Of Thermalogic Panels

  • create significant improvement in room temperature
  • reduce heating bills
  • eliminate window draft
  • block out street lights
  • block heat and bright sun light
  • damp out the street noise


Included accessories: curtain rings, tabs, tie-ins, metal pins. They provide a great variety of options to attach them to existing curtains.

You could add flexibility by purchasing a double rod and hang the liner separately. Then pull the liner out for instance when watching TV on sunny days for blackout, or to lower the temperature in the summer, or to increase the temperature when it is extra cold in winter.

Pros Reported By Buyers

  • $50/month savings on the heating bill
  • insulated a drafty window well
  • blocked some noise as well
  • achieved complete blackout with the liner only

Cons Reported By Buyers

  • odor reported on some panels [this seems to be completely gone since 2014]
  • only one panel included in a package
  • available in only one width

Buyer Ratings And What Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner Actually Does For Users

One buyer from Midwest who went and compared the utility bills reported an amazing $50 reduction in monthly bill.

Another buyer found the Thermalogic blocked the heat so well in the summer that he just left the curtains closed all days and turned on lights.

Yet another buyer loved the newly found comfort in her home. She realized how the Thermalogic Lininig prevented the furniture and the curtains from being bleached. She also reduced her air conditioning bills.

A family that installed Thermalogic liners on all bedroom windows reports that everyone sleeps better.

Several buyers report reduced noise from the outside, and deadened sounds of the highway.

One buyer even realized that he saw the same blackout liners at Hyatt House and other high end hotels.


Note: The pack only contains one Thermalogic liner panel, 45″ wide. We found selection of lengths be better at than anywhere else, and prices lower at by as much as $7 per panel compared with other shops such as The price difference does add up when you are buying 2 or more liners.


Thermalogic Rod Pocket Curtain LinerThermalogic Ultimate Window Liner is the best kept secret of thermal insulation. It is amazing how few people know about this miracle passive heating tool in Midwest, East, And South. Their winters could be so much warmer. They would spend much less money on heating. Some people have lived in Southwest deserts for years without anyone letting them know about Thermalogic Liner. If they knew about it, their summers could have been much more pleasant and cool.

Check Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner out at



Cheap Insulated Curtains – Eclipse Nottingham Thermal

Find the current discounted price of Eclipse Nottingham at

Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel - Cheap Insulated CurtainsEclipse Nottingham Thermal Insulated Curtains can be considered cheap insulated curtains. They are among the more popular thermal insulated curtains Walmart and Amazon have to offer. One of their advantages is that they come in several lighter colors which is important for better thermal insulation. We have written in what way lighter colored curtains will increase heat control here and here (this holds true for both front side and back side light color).

If you are short on cash and you prefer a more modern look of insulated grommet curtains, then Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Curtains might be a good choice for you. Walmart often deeply discounts them. If you don’t mind rich, silky look and a more classical look of the back tab hang, we prefer Better Homes and Gardens’ Thermal Faux-Silk Curtain Panel for its better thermal insulation and more durable design. To look into even more expensive and Luxe looking drapes check out our review of Off White Signature Velvet Curtains.

Thermaback Material And Design Of Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Curtains

Eclipse Nottingham are made of 100% polyester employing the very commercially successful Eclipse Thermaback technology. The Thermaback liner is attached to the entire back of the curtain providing its thermal insulation, noise blocking, and blackout.

Installation Is Convenient, Maintenance Easy

Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel River BlueEclipse simply recommends unwrapping the curtain panel and placing it, together with a damp cloth, into a tumble dryer for 20 minutes to remove creases caused by packaging. Then hang immediately. Quite a straightforward procedure. (Note however that some customers had to use steam iron before wrinkles were all out).

Eclipse suggests machine washing these curtains.

Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Curtains Looks And Colors

We like the modern looks of the top grommets on Eclipse Nottingham. The grommets are quite large and will accommodate a decorative rod up to 2.5 inches in diameter. We also like the light shimmer on the front side of the panel.

Eclipse Nottingham comes in these light colors:

  • Silver Sage
  • Mushroom
  • Smoke
  • River Blue

and in these darker colors:

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Spice
  • Plum

A great majority of buyers don’t know this, but if you are buying Eclipse Nottingham for its thermal insulation properties, you will save more money every winter when you buy one of the light colored curtains above. This is because lighter colors absorb less infrared light, and so act as thermal insulator rather than thermal conductor. We wrote more about this in this post and in this children’s thermal curtains review.

Darker colors will have better blackout, though. We wrote about this in this post about white blackout curtains.

Choosing Curtain Dimensions For Better Thermal Insulation

Eclipse Nottingham comes in lengths of 63 inch, 84 inch, and 95 inch. The 84 and 95 inch lengths will both allow the curtain to reach the floor which is what we recommend to prevent convective heat leaks (that is, to prevent the heavy cold air from the cold window falling down and entering the room at the bottom of the curtain).

The standard width of all Eclipse Nottingham panels is 40 inches. You will normally be fine for regular size windows with purchasing 2 panels. If you wish, you can think about purchasing a double rod, and buy 4 panels for more thermal insulation, bigger heating bill savings, and more noise reduction and blackout. Even better, use a double rod and place thermal lining on the inner rod. Check out these two excellent thermal linings: Thermalogic Ultimate Window Lining and Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Lining.

How many panels to buy if you want a decent fullness? Homeowners were happy with the pleat and fullness when they bought 4 panels for a 70″ wide window. A rough estimate for the total combined panel width is twice the width of the window.

Eclipse Nottingham weigh just under 1 lbs per panel, which is heavier than most curtains but nothing out of the ordinary.

Best Features Of These Cheap Insulated Curtains

  • Thermaback technology
  • 100% polyester materials
  • grommet top
  • blocks heat transfer
  • reduces unwanted outside noise
  • significant blackout
  • three sizes 40″W x 63″/84″/95″L

Accessories That Enhance Heat Control

A 2.5 inch decorative rod is recommended by the manufacturer. However, anything smaller down to 1 inch will be fine. Note that the smaller the rod diameter, the more you can extend the curtain top, which will help save energy.

To further enhance heat control and save even more energy, you can try a so called “wraparound rod” which lets curtains touch the wall on the sides. Or you can pair these curtains with sheers, or, even better, with a thermal insulating curtain liner such as Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner or Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Liner and use a double rod for that purpose.


  • easy open and close
  • easy installation and maintenance (machine wash)
  • great for room darkening while watching daytime TV
  • look of expensive curtains, price low


  • wrinkly out of the bag
  • big difference in heat control between the dark and the light colors

Buyer Ratings And What Eclipse Nottingham Actually Does For Users

At the time of this review, there were 92 reviews for these curtains with an average star rating of 4.3 out of 5. 89% of responders would recommend these curtains to a friend.

“They look great! They keep the heat and the light out.”

“…economical way to cover the many windows we have…”

“I ordered an other set of 4 for a the sliding glass door.”

“…they don’t look like inexpensive drapes.”

“…curtains keep the house cooler and the electric bill lower!”

“When I received these I was amazed at how expensive they look.”

“Dog proof!”

Read full buyer reviews at


These cheap insulated curtains not only look expensive but are among the best thermal curtains in the price range that Walmart offers. As for the price, among the large online and offline retailers, Walmart has the best offer.

Price And Checkout Questions

Cheap Insulated Curtains Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel Silver SageWhen we reviewed the Eclipse Nottingham thermal curtains, they came out to be nearly 20% (twenty percent!) cheaper at than on

When purchasing please keep in mind that Walmart packages contain 1 panel each.

Checkout the current price and discounts on Eclipse Nottingham at Look for extra Clearance and Shipping discounts.



Awesome Kids Thermal Curtains Eclipse Dayton Thermaback

Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain Plum Purple Thermal CurtainIf you’re looking to get the best kids thermal insulating curtains, we will provide here buying advice based on basic physics. You will save money on your heating and AC costs, too. So keep reading.

Eclipse Dayton Thermaback in all colors are exclusively available at Walmart.


Thermal insulating curtains are some of the best options to keep your house windows well insulated and saving you money in the winter and in the summer.

So what makes Eclipse Dayton Thermaback awesome kids thermal curtains?

Requirements For Awesome Kids Thermal Curtains

Childrens thermal curtains have extra requirements put on them. Besides looking good in the kids room, matching the wall color, matching the furniture, they also must make sure that childrens room is well insulated thermally. Kids thermal curtains must make your child comfortable to play, learn, and sleep well. Plus, as a bonus, they should save parents some money every winter on heating costs, and in the summer, on air conditioning costs.

But that is not all. If you have girls, you will want purple or pink thermal curtains (or whatever color your girl is demanding) and if you have boys, they will be better off with shades of blue or even red. In any case, you need to match the curtains to kids’ personality.

There are even more considerations such as blocking out sunlight in the summer and reducing external or street noise and that is why buying curtains is never easy. That is why we will talk here about multiple aspects of what makes kids thermal curtains awesome, and what to pay attention to. Then we will see where our choice of childrens termal curtains, Eclipse Dayton Thermaback Energy Efficient Curtains, meets these requirements, or where it doesn’t meet them.

So think about what are most important qualities of thermal curtains for the kids and let’s review how Eclipse Kids Dayton Thermaback Curtains will fit.

Eclipse Kids Dayton Thermaback Energy Efficient Curtains Review

As the name implies, the Thermaback liner in Eclipse Dayton will reduce the heat outflow from the room, and measurements show that a single layer of curtains will reduce the heat outflow through the window by as much as 40%.

This is huge! Why? Because, windows are the biggest heat leak in most houses and apartments in the US.

Now let’s look at the colors to make sure the curtains match kids room walls and furniture and then let’s look at the fit and the functionality.

Practical Materials And Vivid Colors That Hold In More Heat

The Eclipse Kids Dayton are made of 100% woven polyester fabric. That holds both for the fabric facing the front as well as the white Thermaback liner facing the window.

What makes Eclipse Dayton curtains different are the vivid colors they come in. You won’t find plum purple thermal curtains anywhere else!

The lighter colors include:

  • Turquoise (light blue),
  • Raspberry (pink),
  • Lime (yellow green), and
  • Plum (light purple),

and the darker colors include:

  • Chili (dark red),
  • Blue, and
  • Black.

Why do we make the disctinction? Given that the materials that the curtains are made of are identical, their heat conductivity, or heat blocking will be the same. However, the heat radiation/absorption (or infrared radiation/absorption) will be more in dark curtains than in lighter colored curtains. Radiation and absorption means heat and energy loss (or transfer in general). Therefore, overall, lighter curtains will save you more energy and will lower your electric bill more in the winter.

Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain Raspberry Pink Thermal CurtainAll Eclipse Dayton curtains come with the white colored Thermaback lining on the back, which is the best. We’re talking about your choice of colors of the curtains on the side that is facing the room.

Bottom line, for maximum heat blocking, and maximum energy savings, choose one of the lighter colors. They look more vivid, anyways!

Eclipse Dayton Convenient Install And Easy Cleaning

As all Eclipse Thermaback curtains, the Dayton Kids Curtains will be quite easy to handle. After you open the package and take the curtains out, you will need to make sure to tumble dry the panels with a damp piece of clothing or a damp cloth for 20 minutes on low heat. Then hang them immediately and the creases should go away shortly.

Another convenient feature of Eclipse Dayton is that you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning them. Just follow the manufacturer’s advice and machine wash them when needed.

Curtain Dimensions To Minimize The Heat Loss

Eclipse Dayton come in two sizes, 42 inch by 63 inch and 42 inch by 84 inch. Consider getting the longer, 84 inch curtains and hanging them precisely so their bottom hem touches the floor. That way, you will minimize cold draft down from the window bottom that will end up cooling the room in the winter. Similarly, see if you can extend curtains all the way to the ceiling, for essentially the same reason. This public service announcement on the ElementsOfStyleBlog agrees with us (and they are quite graphic about it). The 84 inch curtains are sometimes the same price as the 63 inch, so getting taller curtains is a no-brainer, price wise.

The curtains are hung using top grommets. While the pleated, wavy look is perhaps better looking, it offers more surface through which the heat can escape. So, in winter, consider stretching the curtains to be nearly flat, and simply keep the excess curtain width to the sides of the window. That way, you will minimize the cold draft coming from the sides of the window and minimize the heat transfer through the curtain at the same time.

To accomplish maximum heat blocking, purchasing 2 panels for the standard size window will normally be sufficient. If you follow the standard recommendation to purchase the total width of the curtain panels to be double the window width, that could be a bit too much. For best thermal insulation, you should be hitting the sweet spot by purchasing the total width of the panels to be somewhere between 1.5 times to 2 times the window width.

If you are feeling extra frugal and enterprising, we suggest to double the heat blocking by purchasing a double rod, and doubling up on the number of curtain panels, and then hanging the panels one in front of the other. Or, even better, place a thermal liner on the inner rod. You can see reviews of these two excellent thermal linings,  Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner and Thinsulate Thermal Curtain Liner. You will double your dollars saved every winter month and double your AC savings in the summer.

Bonus Features Of Eclipse Dayton Kids Curtains

In addition to great thermal savings, Eclipse Dayton are also blackout curtains, again thanks to their relatively thick Thermaback lining. The rub is that lighter color curtains (see above) will not block out light as much as the darker colored ones. But the darker Eclipse Kids Dayton curtains will be good at blackout. You just can’t have the cake and eat it too. Know your priorities.

The Eclipse Kids Dayton curtains will also be blocking a noticeable amount of noise coming from the outside. If you have any street noise, or loud neighbors, you will notice the difference in peace and quiet in the room.

Choice Of Accessories To Help Increase Thermal Blockage

Any decorative rod that is less than 1.5 inches in diameter will fit the curtain grommets. If you want to combine these curtains with sheers or if you want to double up on the number of panels as discussed above when you use an extra thermal liner, you can purchase a double rod.

Pros Of Eclipse Kids Dayton

  • plenty of vivid colors to choose from
  • Thermaback back lining provides thermal blocking, noise reduction, and blackout
  • modern looking brushed nickel grommet top
  • easy care


  • darker colors will keep less heat in the winter

Buyer Ratings And Excerpts From Best Buyer Reviews

On, Kids Dayton Curtains currently have an excellent star rating of 4.3 out of 5. They have a total of 155 reviews, most of which gave a star rating of 5. 90% of buyers would recommend these curtains to a friend.

Here are some quotes from buyers:

“It’s cold between the window and curtain, but I don’t feel it from the inside of the room.”
“They have kept the room cool when it was hot.”

Price And Shipping

The Eclipse Dayton Kids curtains come in packages containing a single curtain panel. All of the color choices are currently only available on although some other online retailers have limited colors at ridiculously higher prices. Walmart online shoppers are reporting fast delivery times as quick as few days from the order. Often, delivery will be ahead of schedule.

Verdict of Eclipse Dayton

Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain Lime Thermal CurtainEclipse Kids Dayton curtains are simple, colorful, and high value yet low price choice for kids rooms and nurseries. Choose among many vivid light colors like the Lime pictured to the right. You will maximize thermal insulation and the savings on your utility bill in winter months.



Top Heat Blocking Curtains – Thermal Faux Silk By BH&G

\ Top Heat Blocking Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux SilkBetter Homes and Gardens (BH&G) claims that their Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains  provide thermal insulation for your windows in the winter, ease of installation (simply slide on a rod), and provide blackout.

With this modest description of these thermal insulated curtains, we were surprised to find over 90 mostly five star reviews on So we took it on ourselves to investigate what makes these heat blocking curtains so popular and well received. Is it the shiny faux silk thermal fabric for curtains or is it something else?

Checkout Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk Curtains directly at


Why We Pick This Diamond In The Rough As Our Top Heat Blocking Curtains?

Lacking much information about these curtains in product descriptions, we undertook extensive research especially using buyer’s feedback at Walmart. Walmart appears to have sold the most of these curtains in part because of extra low prices, see below).

We compared BH&G Faux-Silk Thermal Curtains with Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, IKEA, Lowes And Amazon, and found numerous significant advantages.

We found that these curtains were the only off white or light colored insulated curtains (other than the very luxurious off-white double width Signature velvet curtains) with good blackout, as reported in several buyer reviews!

What BH&G Thermal Faux Silk Curtains Are Made Of, Their Look And Feel

These insulated tab curtains are made of 100% polyester. But don’t fret, their look is nowhere like the plastic shower curtains, they have a nice, rich and shiny, woven look to them. They also have a quite heavy feel to them, they hang like a thinner kind of velvet curtains.

The back lining is also made of 100% polyester and appears solid and durable.

When using their back tab design option for hanging, they will have a more classical look to them.

Convenience Of Installation And Maintenance

The rod pocket will only accept up to a 5/8 inch rod. As long as you remember that, you should have no troubles installing.

The Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains are really quite easy to install. Buyers report being able to hang them on a rod in five minutes. Just slide them on a decorative rod and you are all done. It is equally easy to take them off for cleaning.

Yes, they are washable (hand wash only)! No need to spend $40 per panel for dry cleaning!

Chances are you will see creases caused by packing and shipping in a tight bag when you receive these curtains in the mail. Be prepared to use a steamer iron and smooth them out. People have had success by tumbling them in a dryer on low heat for up to 15 minutes together with a damp cloth. And others just used the regular warm (not hot) iron to remove any wrinkles.

Color And Looks

As we explained elsewhere, we recommended light colored curtains (such as white insulated curtains) because light colors will block heat better providing better thermal insulation. Light gray thermal curtains, off white, beige, ivory, and similar lighter color curtains like will lower your heating bill more.

Matching the curtain color to the wall color and bedding color is important. For instance, light ivory curtains will go well with the walls that are painted in darker, warmer colors (like red, orange, or brown).

Darker colors will work better for blackout. However, due to the thermal lining being so heavy in these curtains, even lighter colors are providing more than sufficient blackout for many who purchased them.

You can get thermal faux silk curtains in these darker colors: Chocolate Nib (Dark Brown), Rich Plum (Red)
Lighter colors available are: Fresh Ivory (Off White, Creamy, and Shiny), Brown Clay (Light Brown), Green Juniper (Shiny Light Green)

Color on the window side of the curtain is always white which improves thermal insulation.

Better Homes and Gardens Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains offer at truly unique beautiful and elegant silky-shine look.

Dimensions And Hanging Recommendations

Top Heat Blocking Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk Curtains - Fresh Ivory

Better Homes And Gardens Faux Silk Thermal Curtains In Fresh Ivory

These thermal curtains come in a single size 54″ (W) x 84″ (H) which should be sufficient to hang them to the floor. We recommend hanging them all the way to the floor to reduce cold from entering the room at the bottom of the curtain.

The width these curtains come in is 54 inches. This is quite generous for a regular size window. We recommend to hang them flat across the window, and keep the full look to the sides. This will reduce the heat escaping the room.

Keeping curtains stretched flat across the window is the exact opposite to what we recommended for maximum noise reduction. If noise reduction is your goal, you should keep the curtains hung with a full/pleated look across the window. For maximum heat control, keep all fullness of the curtain to the sides, and keep the curtains closed flat all across the window.

If you are after both more noise reduction and more thermal insulation, consider using a double rod and hang two sets of curtains one behind the other.

The shipping weight of a single panel is 1.52 lbs which puts the curtain weight somewhere between 1 lbs and 1.5 lbs

Most Important Features

  • rich heavy and shiny silk front fabric
  • excellent blackout, even in lighter colors (ivory!)
  • reported significant unwanted street noise blocking
  • white thick back lining providing best thermal insulation

Thermal Faux Silk Curtains Accessories

You will need a decorative rod of a diameter less or equal to 5/8 of an inch for rod pocket hang, An 1-2 inch diameter rod can be used for the back tab hang.


  • expensive, formal look
  • excellent blackout, even in light colors
  • available in three light colors for better thermal insulation
  • white thermal back lining for better heat control
  • noticeably reduce outside noise
  • hand washing option saves money on expensive dry cleaning
  • five colors to choose from
  • two hanging options
  • durable design


  • terse product description at
  • may need ironing on both sides upon arrival
  • colors of actual curtains may be slightly darker than images on the Walmart website

Buyer Ratings And Enthused Excerpts From Buyer Reviews

Buyer Rating: At the time of reviewing, the BH&G Faux-Silk Thermal Curtains had 92 reviews and the rating of 4.5 out of 5 on, which is excellent.

Excellent blackout: Buyer claims they tested them against more popular Eclipse Blackout curtains, and they found the Better Home and Gardens Faux-Silk Thermal Curtains to provide a better blackout.

Excerpts From Enthusiastic Buyer Reviews: Here are some of the representative quotes from buyer reviews. Most buyers appear honestly impressed with these thermal curtains:

“Keep temperature in the room regulated.”
“Noticeably reduced traffic noise.”
“These Thermal Faux Silk curtains look really expensive.”
“More attractive fabric than the Eclipse curtains.”
“Beautiful curtains add drama and a degree of sophistication to your home.”
“Heavier and more durable than the Eclipse.”
“They look so solid, almost stately.”
“Do not return them mom!”
“I bought the ivory for my Hollywood look in the bedroom. They look very luxe.”

Reasonable Price

At the time of writing, the price of BH&G Faux-Silk Curtain Panel was only a few dollars more than several competing Eclipse and other brands. Considering all the favorable direct comparisons of blackout and thermal insulation, made by buyers, we find Better Homes and Gardens Faux-Silk Curtain Panels a great value for the money.

When comparing to other online retailers such as Amazon, we found less expensive by 20% – 30% which is quite extreme! The savings add up especially since you will be buying several panels at the time.

Zero Risk Ordering And Fast Delivery

Better Homes And Gardens Faux Silk Thermal Curtains In Green Juniper

Better Homes And Gardens Faux Silk Thermal Curtains In Green Juniper

Keep in mind you will be ordering single panels of these heat blocking curtains. For normal size windows you will need to order two. For sliding patio doors we recommend total combined width of the panels you order to be just slightly more than the width of the patio doors. A more “fuller look” of the curtains will not increase thermal insulation at all.

Many buyers were impressed with the quick delivery of the curtains from Walmart. 3 days is typical. If you need to return the curtains, it is easy to ship them back for a refund. It is even easier to return them to the local Walmart if you need to.

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