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Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart – Reviews

Top Heat Blocking Curtains - Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk, Best Insulated Curtains

Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk Thermal Insulated Curtains

We wanted to bring together best thermal curtains reviews of everything that is available at top US retailers. Why?

The cool Arctic Vortex is descending over most of the US again, and prices of heating are not getting any lower.

We feel it is important for all homeowners and renters in the US to be aware of all the passive thermal insulation options for all windows in their homes.

That way they will be able to save unexpected amounts of money each year.

Below, there are some of the best thermal curtains on sale at top US retailers such as Target, Walmart, Ikea, Lowes, and Amazon.

Our Methodology

We simply visited the retailer’s site and searched for thermal curtains. We present top three thermal curtains from the results with our comments below. When we feel the top curtains at a particular retailer are not the best choice, we suggest our reviews of better alternatives.

Best Insulated Curtains At Target seems to favor Threshold brand, and Eclipse. Here are top three thermal insulated curtains Target offers:

  • Threshold™ Embroidered Vine Light Blocking Curtain Panel
  • Eclipse™ Light Blocking Braxton Thermaback Curtain Panel
  • Threshold™ Uptown Stripe Light Blocking Curtain

We have not reviewed any Threshold light blocking curtains as of yet so we cannot comment. We reviewed numerous Eclipse Light Blocking Thermaback Curtain Panels, such as Eclipse Suede, Eclipse Dayton, Eclipse Kendall and can vouch for the thermal insulation provided by the Eclipse Thermaback technology. In addition, two of the Eclipse Braxton Curtain face colors are light: Tan and Khaki. We can recommend these light colors because lighter colors will increase thermal insulation. All Eclipse Thermaback insulated drapes at Target are white on the window side, which further increases thermal insulation as we discussed here and here.

Best Thermal Curtains At Walmart

Eclipse, Best Thermal Curtains At Target - Eclipse Kids Dayton Curtains Plum Purple, Best Insulated Curtains

Eclipse Kids Dayton Thermal Insulated Curtains seems to favor Eclipse brand. This makes sense as Eclipse has mostly positive reviews and offers a lot of quality for the money. These are the top 3 thermal curtains Walmart suggests:

  • Eclipse Samara Blackout Energy-Efficient Curtain, Set of 4 Bundle
  • Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel, Set of 4 Bundle
  • Better Homes and Gardens Thermal Faux-Silk Back-Tab Window Curtain Panel

We have reviewed Eclipse Nottingham here, and BH&G Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains here. We feel that Eclipse Notthingham is superior to Eclipse Samara for thermal insulation because of the greater choice of light colors. In fact, the lightest colors of Eclipse Samara 4 curtain bundle available are Stone Blue and Toffee which are rather dark. Thus, they are not optimal for thermal insulation as we discussed here.

Best Insulated Curtains At Ikea US

Ikea offers their own brand curtains, here are the top 3:

  • VILBORG Curtains
  • MARJUN Block-out Curtains
  • WERNA Block-out Curtains

Vilborg Curtains are densely woven and come in beige front side color and with a white back liner. They are also quite heavy, at over 2 lbs each panel. Both the weight and the color will make it suitable as a thermal insulating curtain.
Marjun Curtains come in gray color only. Although they are also quite heavy, we do not recommend medium-to-dark color for thermal insulating curtains.
Werna Block-out Curtains come in dark-lilac color and are quite light, at only 1 lbs each.

If you are shopping at Ikea, look into Vilborg Curtains for your best thermal insulation curtain choice.

Top 3 Insulated Curtains At Lowes

Lowes favors allen + roth and Style Selections. Here are the top 3 thermal curtains Lowes returns:

  • Style Selections Quinn 84-in L Geometric Red/Ivory Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel
  • allen + roth 84-in L Room Darkening Solid Ivory Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel
  • Style Selections Quinn 84-in L Geometric Chocolate/Blue Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel

The red/ivory color as well as the chocolate/blue color of Style Selections Quinn #1 and #3, respectively, is certainly not optimal for thermal insulation because it absorbs too much infrared from the room, and heat gets lost.
If you are shopping at Lowes, look into allen + roth Solid Ivory Thermal Grommet Curtains instead.

Best Insulated Curtains At Amazon

Sun Zero Emmett Curtains Red. Best Thermal Curtains. Best Insulated Curtains.

Sun Zero Emmett Curtains Red

Top two choices at Amazon are products by Best Home Fashion. The third one is Sun Zero. Here is the list of top 3 thermal curtains at Amazon:

  • Solid Thermal Insulated Back Tap Blackout Curtain, Beige
  • Best Home Fashion Beige Wide Width Grommet Top Thermal Blackout Curtain
  • Sun Zero Alec Thermal Lined Microfiber Curtain Panel, 42 by 84-Inch, Mineral

Two of the top choices for thermal insulated curtains at Amazon come from Best Home Fashion. We are planning to review Best Home Fashion curtains here in the future.
We reviewed Sun Zero Curtains here. Feel free to take a look at our review.

Conclusion: Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, Ikea, Lowe’s

Looking at the top selection of curtains at some of the top US retailers gives a mixed picture. Different retailers favor different brands curtains. There is no apparent consensus at all. Which could be good for the consumer as the selection is bigger. But it also keeps the consumer confused about a difficult subject of picking the best thermal curtains for their home.

We have also noticed that some of the best insulated curtains offered at US retailers are curtains that do not maximize thermal insulation and, consequently, will not help your winter utility bill as much as they should. That is why we have reviews on our site that point out what qualities to look for in thermal insulated curtains, such as this review of Top Heat Blocking Curtains, Cheap Insulated Curtains and this Awesome Kids Thermal Curtains review. We also reviewed these luxurious Off White Velvet Curtains and found them to have great thermal insulating properties. If you are in the market for thermal insulated curtains, you will benefit from our reviews. Check them out!


Super Supreme Moving Blankets For Soundproofing

Pick up discounted Super Supreme Blankets at the official store BoxEngine.

Super Supreme Moving Blankets For Soundproofing At EcoSmartBoxesGet Super Supreme Blankets, 12 Pack, at the official store

Moving Blankets – For Soundproofing?

So how did moving blankets become so popular by the musicians for soundproofing and sound absorption?

Will moving blankets work to reduce the noise my neighbors hear when my band rehearses in my garage? Should they improve the sound of my band INSIDE my garage? Will they improve the sound in my ad-hoc recording studio room?

Musicians Seeking Cheap, Flexible Soundproofing

Garage bands, drummers, recording musicians, and singers who have been rehearsing in dense urban areas have long sought inexpensive ways to insulate their sounds from the surroundings.

The reason why musicians searched for soundproofing solutions, for sure, were the stern looks on the faces of the neighbors of the musicians. Nothing will disturb the good neighborly relations as much as a band that keeps rehearsing in the nearby garage into the late hours of the night.

We read of guitar players who were trying to rehearse in their basement while their baby was sleeping upstairs!

Furthermore, there are unwanted reverberations, echoes in the spaces with bare walls. These reverbs and echoes caused musicians to not hear their own instruments and voices clearly.

Moving Blankets’ Original Use

Moving blankets’ original intent is to be wrapped around furniture during moving. That way the furniture is protected from damage when bumped into other furniture or into moving truck’s walls during the transportation. The really heavy and thick moving blankets are good to protect really expensive pieces of furniture (like expensive pianos). But will they work to soundproof your garage?

Musicians Stumbled On Moving Blankets

Swedish Rock Band Pound in a Garage

Swedish Alternative Rock Band Pound in a Garage

Cheap moving blankets was not the first invention out of necessity that musicians have come up with. Previously, musicians have invented all kinds of cheap soundproofing materials. They used anything from egg crates, to affixing carpets over the walls and floors.

Finally, the musicians realized that thick moving blankets would do a great job in absorbing sound. They realized that, if they bought thick and heavy moving blankets, they would be able to quickly and easily cover all the walls, even ceilings of the spaces they rehearsed in. They were able to significantly reduce the outgoing noise after just a few hours of work. Sound absorption with heavy and thick moving blankets was excellent.

Even better, because of the significant sound absorption of these relatively cheap moving blankets, musicians realized that the reduced noise to the neighbors was not the only benefit. Even the sound in the room itself would be improved. That was true both in garages, basements, or regular rooms with bare walls. Why?

Of course, the sound echoes from the walls, and various reverberation has been significantly reduced by hanging heavy blankets on the walls. Musicians were amazed by the change of sound! They would describe the new found sounds as “crisp”, “clear”, “more articulated”. Thanks to reduced interference of the sounds reflected from the walls and ceilings, they simply sounded much better, and with less distortion.

Heavy Super Supreme Moving Blankets For Sound Absorption

What kind of a moving blanket will be best for sound absorption? Even the lightest moving blankets (like the very light ones rumored to be supplied by Uhaul) will do a decent job in absorbing higher frequencies. Higher frequencies include a human voice, acoustic guitar, a flute, etc. But when you are dealing with the sound of lower frequencies, the blanket needs to absorb the lower frequencies well. A bass guitar or drums, or even a male voice in its lows falls into this category. The heavier the blanket, the better its absorption of the lower frequencies will be.

One really needs to be careful about this. Lighter moving blankets will still absorb some sound waves, but won’t absorb nearly as much as heaviest, and thickest moving blankets.

Bottom line, to be on the safe side regardless of the sound frequencies that you need to absorb, go with the heaviest moving blankets available. Super Supreme Moving Blankets are the heaviest available of all moving blankets.

What Does Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Rating Say About Sound Absorption

Noise Reduction Coefficient is a standard way of expressing the amount of noise or sound that a given flat material will absorb when the sound impinges on it. NRC has values between 0.0 (no absorption, for example a marble wall), and 1.0 (100% absorption).

According to vocalboothtogo, moving blankets have NRC between 0.3 and 0.5, where the highest, best NRC of 0.5 corresponds to the heavier moving blankets. The Super Supreme Moving Blankets are considered very heavy. The (very poor) NRC of 0.3 corresponds to lighter moving blankets such as the ones you can rent at Uhaul.

Which means about 1/2 of the sound/noise will be absorbed in the Super Supreme Moving Blankets. Not shabby!

Are Super Supreme Blankets Convenient?

Super Supreme Moving Blankets, 2 Blankets, At EcoSmartBoxes

Super Supreme Blankets, 2 Blankets.

Compared to other cheap soundproofing, Super Supreme moving blankets are extremely convenient. They can be easily hung on walls using clips or hooks.

Alternatively they can be folded on top to create a pocket in which a carrying rod is inserted.  Once you have decided on the installation method and installed the hooks properly, it is easy to take the blankets down and hung them back when needed.

Surely, professional sound absorption sheets are even more convenient. They have either rod pockets built in or they have grommets built in on top and bottom to hook them to the wall or ceiling hooks. They have even higher noise absorption coefficient. However, professional sound absorption sheets can be twice the price of the heaviest moving blankets or even more.

The Look Of Super Supreme Blankets Is To Die For? Not Really.

Don’t expect a beautiful variety of colors and styles! The Super Supreme Blankets are moving blankets after all, remember? The Super Supreme Blankets come in dark gray only. For sure, the garage band won’t mind having all walls decorated in moving curtain gray style! There is a good side about the darker gray color! Super Supreme Moving Blankets For Soundproofing won’t look dirty or dusty easily.

If you want really good looking blankets, for example, if you are looking for a semi-permanent vocal booth in your living room or if you are setting up a mini recording studio in your spare bedroom, look into better looking sound absorption sheets instead. These also come in more colors to match your decor. And they will absorb sound a bit better!

Dimensions Of Super Supreme Blankets For Soundproofing

  • The Super Supreme Blankets Weigh 7.92 lbs per blanket.
  • Their size is 72″ x 80″.
  • Weight per dozen is 95 lbs.


  • Super Strong Moving Blankets
  • Strong polyester-blend outer fabric and a sturdy fiber filling
  • Thickest and Heaviest Moving Blankets we could find
  • Highest sound absorption of low frequencies of all moving blankets


  • Heaviest of all moving blankets
  • Great for a quick sound treatment of spaces like garages or ad hoc music studios
  • Highly portable and easily hung and removed
  • Dark Gray on one side, Off White on the other, flexible for film studio needs
  • Multiple uses, you can use them as, well, moving blankets for your speakers, guitars, and other instruments and gear! When you are driving to your gigs!


Buyer Ratings

We did research all across the web and found that buyers consider Supreme Moving Blankets as great blankets for recording studios. Buyers are surprised how nice and heavy these blankets are, much heavier than they typically anticipate. They report using these blankets for portable guitar amp baffles, garage soundproofing, and other uses.

What To Watch For

We found the best prices for Super Supreme Moving Blankets at BoxEngine.

The great thing about BoxEngine is that they allow for returns within 14 days from your delivery date if you are not satisfied with the product. Check with their “hassle free returns” page, below.

However, you need to be sure to order the right package and the right number of packages because they only allow returns of complete packages, and there is a $5 restocking fee to be deducted from your refund.

Also, because these blankets are quite heavy, and because you are responsible for return shipping, your return shipping cost can be significant. So make sure you get the right number of moving blankets, based on the area you want to cover. BoxEngine makes that easy by offering several different packages of Super Supreme Blankets, see Price And Volume Discount, below.

Price And Volume Discount

BoxEngine offers several packages of Super Supreme Moving Blankets. You can get a 2-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack and 12-pack.

The bigger the package, the bigger the discount.

They offer free 1-3 day shipping via UPS within the US.

Find discounted Super Supreme Blankets, 12 Pack, at BoxEngine.


Audimute Absorption Sheets Review

Audimute Absorption Sheets Official Site:
Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet Capture

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets

According to Audimute, their Absorption Sheets, also known as Audimute Blankets, are a dedicated sound deadening, room deadening, sound quality improving product.

Audimute Sheets are flexible, portable and easy to set up, and pleasant looking when hung on walls or ceilings. But do they really do the job for a rock band who is rehearsing in their garages? Do they work for singers who want to setup a vocal booth inside their rooms? Do they work for recording artists who would like to create a recording studio on a limited budget, perhaps even inside a rented apartment?

According to the company, Audimute Sheets are effective for general sound absorption and noise reduction in mid to high frequency ranges.

Let’s investigate whether Audimute absorption sheets really live up to their claims  and reputation for sound treatment of rooms. We’ll look at it from the perspective of noise reduction, sound improvement, and convenience. But let’s start at the beginning.

Brief History

Audimute has been in the business since the early 2000s. The company was founded by Mitch Zlotnik who was a drummer in a band. He was frustrated with the limited homemade soundproofing concoctions. These included ugly egg crates, wall carpets, or moving blankets to reduce the unwanted noise. He wanted simple, effective sound absorption solution that was portable and affordable to musicians with garage bands, music studios, drummers, vocalists.

In 2003, out of necessity, and after a lot of experimenting, Mitch came up with the original Audimute Sound Absorbing Blankets and the rest is history.

The Many Uses Of Audimute Absorption Sheets

Now called Audimute Absorption Sheets, these sound absorbing blankets have been, according to the company, put to use in the following applications:

  • absorption of typical office noise and conversation
  • enhancement of the acoustics of a vocal booth, musical room, or a home music recording studio
  • deadening of sounds in the garage and other rehearsal spaces
  • home theater echo reduction and general sound improvement

Why Are Audimute Absorption Sheets So Popular?

Considering that Audimute Blankets are not all that different from Moving Blankets, and were historically derived from moving blankets, what makes them so popular? Why would people choose them over cheaper moving blankets?

We see 5 reasons why choose Absorption Sheets, and why the price difference might be justified.

  • Noise reduction coefficient is 0.65, higher than any, even the thickest moving blanket.
  • Consistent production process, and acoustic quality control.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Aesthetic look suitable for room interiors, and a decent choice of colors.
  • Ease of use, standardized dimensions, and portability, no need to glue them into place.

Each of these factors may be small but together, they might make a significant difference. Let’s look at these individual qualities in more detail.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of Acoustic Sheets

Noise Reduction Coefficient is a single-digit representation of the sound absorption. NRC of 0.0 means that none of the noise is absorbed and NRC of 1.0 represents 100% absorption of the noise.

Audimute Absorption Sheets NRC has been measured in an acoustic lab and is stated to be 0.65 which means that, within the range of the human hearing, 65% of the sound that impinges on the absorption sheet, will be absorbed. That also means that some of the remaining 35% of the sound will reflect back into the room, and a fraction of the 35% of the sound will be penetrate through the absorption sheet.

The sound lab report details that at higher frequencies (above 600 Hertz) the absorption will actually be better than 65% and at lower frequencies (below 600 Hertz) the sound absorption will be less than 65%.

As the company itself emphasizes, Audimute Blankets are not sound blocking product, but a sound absorption product. So you can expect a noticeable improvement in the sound quality of the room due to reduced sound echoes and reduced reverberation. You should expect that some of the sound will still leak out of the room and become noise to the neighbors.

To increase absorption of lower frequencies, such as the sound of the bass guitar, drums, you may want to supplement acoustic blankets with other products such as bass traps.

Fire Rating

Fire Rating: Audimute Absorption Sheets are made of the materials that are not Class-A fire rated. If you would like to increase the fire safety of the sheets, you can spray them with readily available fire retardant sprays such as FireBlock and No-Burn. The application of these will generally not affect the looks or the acoustic and sound absorption properties of the absorption sheets.

Audimute Soundproofing Materials Are Natural


Audimute takes pride in the fact that their soundproofing blankets are made of eco-friendly materials such as recycled cotton, wool and polyester blends. The recycling reduces landfill waste.

Being natural, Audimute soundproofing materials are superior to industrial soundproofing blankets that typically contain fiberglass. Fiberglass is notorious for causing skin, eye, nose, throat and lung irritations. Fiberglass causes coughing when swallowed. It appears on the list of likely carcinogen substances at the National Institutes of Health. People have called fiberglass “the next asbestos!” There is no fiberglass in Audimute Absorption Sheets.

Convenience Of Install and Removal

No other sound absorption product beats the convenience and speed of installing/hanging as well as removing the Absorption Sheets from the walls.

After a recent update of the Audimute Absorption Sheet product line, all Audimute Sheets have three convenient grommets (eyes) on the shorter (4.5′), top and bottom side of the sheet for quick and easy hanging and removing. You can even attach the Audimute Sheets to the ceiling using the grommets.

Audimute Blankets Improved Colors And Looks

The newest product line of Audimute Blankets features a much nicer aesthetics overall. The look of these blankets compares favorably with anything else on the market. The colors you can choose from are steel (one side gray other side black) and bone (one side light brown other side dark brown).

Standardized Dimensions

Audimute Sheets have been standardized to the size of 4.5′ x 8′ or 54″ x 95″. Thickness is 0.5″. Each sheet weighs about 9 lbs. You will find three grommets equally spaced along the 4.5′ sides.

Features Of Audimute Absorption Sheets

Most important features are:

  • Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.65
  • Best absorption of frequencies above 400 Hz
  • Standardized size of 4.5′ x 8′ x 0.5″ and weight of 9 lbs
  • Pleasant looks
  • Eco-friendly materials with no health warnings
  • Choice of silver/black and light/dark brown color combinations
  • 3 Grommets with standardized distances on short sides
  • Convenient and highly portable


  • Excellent sound absorption above 600 Hz
  • Portable and easy to work with, great for rented spaces such as apartments
  • Best looking among sound blankets
  • Twice the sound absorption of cheap sound blankets
  • Convenient and standard grommets positions
  • Eco-friendly (because made of the materials that would otherwise end up in landfills)


  • Subpar sound absorption below 600 Hz
  • Less aesthetic looks compared to solid sound panels
  • Need extra treatment to become fire retardant

Useful Accessories

The two of the convenient if not essential accessories are MegaClip, a wall hanging clip and Knob & Screw for easy wall mounting.

Buyer Ratings

Here are the excerpts from buyer reviews after they installed Audimute Absorption Sheets:

“…You can pick out every instrument…”
“…they also improved the sound quality inside the rehearsal room…”
“…band is very happy with the results…”
“…drum sound was deep, full, wet, and you could hear every little sound articulation…”
“…When my sun conure (a loud bird) starts screaming, all I need to do is turn the cage around to create a confined space surrounded by the Audimute material, and I instantly got all the noise control I could wish for!

Source: Manufacturer’s Site. As you can see from the above diverse buyer reports, Audimute Sheets can significantly improve the sound in the music recording studio, rehearsal room, or a garage. You can use them in living rooms where good looks matter. This is not something we could say for moving blankets.


Audimute Absorption Sheets/Sound Blankets

Audimute Absorption Sheets/Sound Blankets

Thanks to Audimute Sheets achieving double or triple sound absorption compared with cheaper sound absorbing blankets, Audimute Absorption Sheets/Sound Blankets are a solid value for the money. They are completely portable, easy to work with, and they look good. They are much cheaper and equally effective as the foam solutions and solid sound panel solutions.

Prices at the time of writing start at $169 for a 3-pack with 102 sq. ft. coverage. Audimute will ship to 200 countries around the world.


Best Sound Proof Blankets – Audimute Or Cheap Sound Absorbing Blankets?

Do sound absorption blankets work well? That is a question our visitors and sound blanket buyers ask quite a lot. The answer? It depends! It depends on what you are using your soundproofing blankets for. It also depends on what type of sound proof blankets or acoustical blankets you purchase.

Audimute Sound Absorbing Blankets, sound proof blankets

Audimute Sound Absorbing Blankets, Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.65

So what type of sound blankets do you need?

In this article we break down the possible uses of sound absorption blankets into two types, cheap but thick moving blankets and acoustic quality blankets such as Audimute. Your selection will depend on whether you need high level of sound attenuation (sound absorption). Especially adequate absorption of the lower (bass) frequencies of the sound is in question here. If you do not need super high absorption of lower (bass) frequencies, you can possibly get away with cheaper sound absorbing moving blankets. Just below we will give suggestions for both inexpensive sound absorbing moving blankets and proper, acoustic quality sound blankets.

At the end we will also give tips on how to increase the convenience of hanging the acoustic blankets and a powerful tip to increase the effectiveness of any sound blanket. Read all the way down!

Cheap Sound Absorbing Blankets

Super Supreme Blankets, Sound Proof Blankets

Super Supreme Blankets – Heavy Duty

If you are not really concerned with removal of the lower sound frequency spectrum, then you will find that even sound absorbing heavy duty moving blankets will be quite adequate for your sound absorption needs. In other words,

1. Even if sound absorbing moving blankets do not absorb the lower frequencies well, if your sound source (such as typical human voice, guitars, violins, or smaller house appliances) does not generate low frequencies, such cheap sound absorbing blankets will be adequate
2. Even if the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of the cheap sound absorbing blankets is relatively low (below 0.5 on a scale from 0.0 to 1.0), this could be due to no absorption of low frequencies. The high frequencies can still be very well absorbed.
3. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the blanket is the more of the lower frequencies it will absorb.
4.  These blankets, especially moving blankets, are designed for transportation, so do not expect them to look very attractive (which really doesn’t matter if you are a garage band, or if you are looking to sound proof an air conditioner in the backyard).

Examples Of Uses Of Cheap Sound Blankets Or Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are used for noise reduction for

  • Sound blankets for dishwashers.
  • Sound attenuation blankets for doors and windows.
  • Acoustical blankets for a garage band, no drum or bass (vocals, guitars, etc. only).
  • Sound blankets for a small air conditioner or heat pump.

The best thing about moving blankets is their low price, and, depending on their thickness (the thicker the better), they have noise reduction coefficient (NRC) coefficients between 0.3 and 0.5. Such relatively high NRC for a product not intended for sound absorption means that moving blankets can absorb up to half of the sound energy that hits them. The noise absorption of moving blankets is indeed much higher than the noise absorption of typical home curtains, or carpets.

Where To Buy Moving Blankets

We found a great selection of moving blankets that you can use for soundproofing purposes, and wrote a review about them here.

Proper Sound Attenuation Blankets, Acoustical Blankets

Audimute Sound Blankets, Sound Absorbing Blankets

Audimute Sound Absorbing Blankets

If you require high sound absorption, and good looks, then true acoustic quality blankets will be your best choice. You will accomplish several things with these:

1. Due to high absorption (NRC typically higher than 0.5), you will have much less sound reflected back. (again, here NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient and is a number between 0.0 and 1.0. The higher the NRC, the more noise is reduced, or absorbed)
2. Again due to high absorption of the noise, there will be much less sound transmitted through, and the outside sound will be drastically reduced.
3. Due to high NRC, the lower frequency sounds (bass, drum, etc.) will be reduced significantly. In many situations, transmission of low frequencies can be quite annoying to the neighbors.
4. Acoustical blankets are designed for studios, in promptu home theaters, and they look good and give a pleasant feel to the room, both visually and acoustically.

Examples Of Uses Of Proper Soundproof Blankets

  • Acoustical blankets for a garage band, band includes drum and bass
  • Acoustical blankets for a sound booth or any portable sound studio
  • Sound blankets to reduce echoes in large halls, such as in-promptu sports halls turned music halls
  • Exterior sound absorbing blankets for large AC compressors
  • Large air conditioner or heat pump sound blankets
  • Reducing average noise in an office setting

Which Acoustical Blankets To Buy

Audimute Acoustic Sheets, Sound Proof Blankets

Audimute Absorption Sheets

When you know you need acoustic quality sound blankets, with NRC over 0.5 and good attenuation of low frequencies, then you should check Audimute Absorption Sheets. Their NRC is quite impressive 0.65. Audimute Absorption Sheets have been successfully used by garage bands, for sound booths, for rehearsal spaces and studios. A great thing about Audimute Absorption Sheets is that they come with grommets on both top and bottom end (see Convenience tip below). You can even purchase the matching knob and screw as an accessory to the blankets.

Convenience Of Grommets And Hooks

When you can find sound blankets with grommets, you are going to have the easiest time hanging these on the walls. Simply hang them on the hooks which you have screwed into the wall. Some sound blankets also come with a rod pocket so you can hang them using a rod and then hang the rod itself on the wall. Audimute Absorption Sheets come with grommets and optional matching knob and screw for complete convenience of hook installation into the wall and subsequent hanging of the blankets on the hooks.

Tip To Maximize Sound Absorption With Soundproof Blankets

Lets say you want to maximize sound absorption, either with thick moving blankets, or with acoustic quality absorption sheets.

Experiments have shown that hanging the soundproof blanket as much as 3 inches away from the wall will reduce the sound absorption the most. Hanging the soundproof blanket 2-3 inches from the wall will absorb some 50% more sound than hanging the blanket on the wall directly. Using a 3 inch spacing will result in the best, most crisp and clear sound inside the room (garage, etc). The sound echoes and reverberation will be minimized. At the same time, when you use 2-3 inch spacing, this will minimize the noise outside. It is a win win situation for everyone.


How To Soundproof A Garage For A Garage Band

Why Soundproof A Garage?

Audimute Sound Absorbing BlanketsIf you are starting a garage band then to soundproof a garage using something like Audimute absorption sheets or thick sound absorbing moving blankets will be the first order of business. In addition to putting a band together, getting the musical instruments and the amps, mikes, monitors, and the rest of the gear of course.

If you don’t treat the acoustics of the garage properly, your neighbors will be sick of you because of the excessive noise. Plus, the band members will hate each other because of the unwanted echoes, excessive reverberations and sound distortions inside the garage.

You should soundproof the garage! However, the soundproofing does not have to be perfect! Have no fear of starting very simple!

The Amazing Story Of U2

U2 at Gelsenkirchen, Source Wikipedia

U2 in concert at Gelsenkirchen, source Wikipedia

Did you know that the famous Belfast Band U2 started as the band before they even knew how to play their instruments? It’s true! Their first name was actually Feedback because of the terrible noise they made during rehearsals. Ha! They had to write their own songs because the songs others wrote were too much for their skill level!

I can only imagine that to soundproof their garage must have been the first thing on their mind. Without soundproofing, their neighbors would shut them down for sure and there may not be U2 today!

To Soundproof A Garage Is Easier Than You Think

So how do you go about soundproofing a garage? And of course you want to do it quick and easy, with little money, so you can get moving, working on your wicked chops?

Couple things. First and foremost, don’t even begin to listen to soundproof forums, filled with builder experts who will tell you to build a room-inside-the-room with some monster insulation. You’d spend all your money on soundproofing and a lot of your time too! Or you would call in an “acoustic specialist”! Bring money!

It is easier than you think to get you started with a quality sound treatment. You just need to figure out the noise insulation for walls, how to soundproof the garage door, soundproof the windows and,  optionally, soundproof the ceiling.

You will find our quick and easy recommendations for soundproofing below. Plus, we’ll give you a cool psychological trick to make sure your neighbor will not object to your playing, even if they still hear some noises. Keep reading.

Acoustic Blankets – The Easy Way To Soundproof Garage Walls

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets To Soundproof A Garage

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets, an easy way to soundproof the garage walls

This is the most important first step. Instead of building a drywall within your garage, we will simply take acoustic blankets, and hang them on a rod or by the hooks from the top of the garage walls.

This will accomplish two things:

First, acoustic blankets will absorb significant amount of sound, as much as 80% which will appease the neighbors.

Second, acoustic blankets are soft. As opposed to the hard cement (or even wooden) walls of the garage. Thus, the sound inside the garage will have less echo and will be easier on the ears. There will be less distortions of the sound overall.

If you happen to have windows in the garage, you can simply cover them with the acoustic blankets as well.

You can find more information on acoustic blankets or Sound Absorption Sheets here: Audimute Absorption Sheets.

The Cheaper Alternative To Acoustic Blankets

Soundproofing a garage with Super Supreme Moving Blankets

Super Supreme Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets!

Be warned though. Moving blankets are not designed for sound absorption. They do come in wildly varying thicknesses. The skinnier ones (like the ones Uhaul carries) aren’t even all that safe for your furniture when moving it, let alone to absorb the sound in your garage well!

If you decide to go with moving blankets, pick the thickest you can find. The sheer blanket weight counts for a lot when it comes to sound absorption. Higher weight blankets will be particularly effective in absorbing the most annoying low end frequencies.

Soundproofing The Garage Ceiling

As the quickest and easiest solution we also recommend Acoustic Blankets for the ceiling. Acoustic blankets have grommets on both opposing sides, so it is possible to attach them to the ceiling using hooks built into the ceiling. Just make sure that the hooks are screwed in tight because the side pull on them will be strong. Put them a bit closer together to reduce the side pull and allow Acoustic Blankets to form a nice down arch.

Soundproofing the ceiling won’t be that important for the garage band. First off, the loudspeakers will not point up, and second, the sound going up and out the garage ceiling is less likely to disturb the neighbors because most of it will still be directed upwards, not directly into the neighbor’s house.

But if you are going to soundproof the ceiling anyways, take a look at Sound Absorption Sheets by Audimute.

Soundproofing The Garage Floor

Why soundproof the garage floor you ask? The worms underneath won’t complain, they’ll just leave. Well two things, much of the sound will bounce off the floor and then hit the walls and the ceiling. So if you treat the floor acoustically, you will reduce those sound reflections and reduce the outside noise. At the same time, reducing echoes from the floor will improve the overall acoustics and allow you to play longer without fatigue.

Yeah, nothing big is needed to sound treat the floor, any old carpet will lower the reflections and absorb the sound some. The thicker the better.

Soundproofing The Garage Door

Garage door, depending on the type you have, can be a bit more tricky. They are the only moving part in the garage besides the windows. You can use Acoustic Blankets or Acoustic Sheets but you would probably have to cut them to size. You would also have to make sure they don’t get in the way as the door opens. Using thick moving blankets as described above will work fine as a less expensive alternative. Plus you won’t mind cutting them to size that much!

Grommets on both sides will come in handy as well. Just make sure that the hooks are very sturdy.

Psycho Trick To Appease Your Neighbors

If your neighbors give you a “stink eye”, because of any residual noise that is still coming out of your garage while you rehearse, do this:

First, think of U2 and Bono, how terrible they must have played in the beginning. So make sure nothing the neighbor says or does will affect your determination to play. Nothing should prevent your band from rehearsing!

Second, just take your neighbor to your garage and SHOW them all the soundproofing you have put in. The neighbor will be impressed with your effort to soundproof a garage after she sees all the sound absorption sheets or even just thick moving blankets. She will realize you are doing your best to take care of her senses as well! She may become your fan and a groupie!