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Our Best Blackout Curtains - Eclipse Fairfax Light Blocking Blackout Thermaweave Curtains

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Buying blackout curtains can be very tiring. To ease your search, we compare best blackout curtains at Target, blackout curtains at Walmart, and curtains claiming to be blackout at other top 10 US online retailers.

We will provide links to our own detailed reviews of blackout and noise-reducing curtains, where available.

Light blocking or “blackout” curtains are curtains that you would typically use to block out light in the morning on the east side of the house. They need to allow you to sleep well when you would normally wake up with the sun rays in your eyes. People who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day will buy them to enjoy darkness throughout the day time.

We compare these curtains’ blackout properties as well as their noise reduction effectiveness. The noise reduction is much harder to achieve. Both are important to allow for an uninterrupted sleep. We scoured all the buyer reviews for blackout curtains at Target , Walmart, and other top 10 US retailer sites.

Below, we state clearly what curtains truly deserve the “blackout” label, and what curtains are completely off the mark.

How we decided on top 10? We checked top 10 Google results for search “buy blackout curtains”. That way we got the pages with recommended blackout curtains for some of the top retailers. For largest retailers not listed in the top 10 on Google we used their internal search for blackout curtains to find out what curtains they recommend.

Here is the list of top 10 US retailers and their blackout curtain offers:

Blackout Curtains at Target

Blackout Curtains at Target

Top three Target blackout curtains were:

  • Sun Zero Declan Chenille Geometric Blackout Window Panel
  • Eclipse Fairfax Thermaweave Window Panel
  • Eclipse My Scene Kendall Window Panel

We have previously reviewed both Sun Zero blackout curtains as well as Eclipse Kendall blackout curtains. Eclipse Kendall has no current reviews on

Based on buyer reviews that we found elsewhere, we found that Sun Zero curtains, while stylish and elegant, are no match when it comes to blackout effectiveness and noise reduction to Eclipse curtains with Thermaback technology.

There are 50 reviews currently on for Eclipse Fairfax Light Blocking Thermaweave Curtains. We found that the buyer verdict is highly divided. Some buyers are happy with the blackout, and equally many are not. Some even went as far as taking a photo clearly showing the light coming through. Based on this feedback, we prefer Eclipse Thermaback technology over Eclipse Thermaweave.

Eclipse Thermaback curtains include Eclipse Kendall curtains, and our favorite, Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Blackout curtains.

Note: One wonderful thing about shopping for curtains at is that often, you will find a bigger selection of fabric, color, and styles online. In case you find that the style you purchased online on does not suit you for some reason, you can still return your curtain either via mail, or simply bring it with you to the nearest Target store.

Best Blackout Curtains At Walmart

Blackout Curtains at Walmart Top blackout drapes at Walmart were:

  • Eclipse Samara Blackout Energy-Efficient Curtain
  • Mainstays Solid Room Darkening Curtain Panel
  • Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain

We reviewed Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains and found that a good number of buyers holds them in higher esteem than the (more popular) Eclipse Samara blackout curtains when it comes to blackout and noise reducing effectiveness.

We also reviewed Eclipse Kids Dayton here and found them quite adequate when it comes to thermal insulation, blackout effectiveness, and noise reduction.

Blackout Drapes At Bed Bath And Beyond

Bed Bath And Beyond Blackout CurtainsTop blackout curtain offers at BB&B are:

  • Insola Patio Door Thermal Blackout Curtain Panel
  • Sound Asleep Blackout Window Curtain Liner

Patio door blackout curtain panels like the Insola are much wider than the usual window curtain panels. Curtain liners are not curtains per se but are an add-on to curtains that make any curtain block out light as you attach the liner to the back side of the curtain. Neither of these offers are directly comparable to normal blackout curtains.

Best Blackout Curtains At Sears

Sears Blackout CurtainsTop blackout curtains at Sears are:

  • Sun Zero Hanson Crushed Room Darkening Grommet Panel
  • Colormate Summit Window Panel
  • Eclipse Curtains Birgit Blackout Window Panel

We have reviewed Sun Zero here, and found them inferior to Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient curtains as far as blackout and noise reduction. Eclipse Birgit window panels feature the same Thermaback lining as Eclipse Suede. That lining is to a large degree responsible for good blackout and noise reduction effectiveness.

Top Blackout Curtains At JCPenney

JCPenney Blackout CurtainsJCPenney correctly recommends two velvet curtains as their top blackout offers. Velvet curtains are higher priced however they will be better at blocking out sunlight and unwanted noises. The third place is taken by Eclipse Nolita with the proven Thermalayer technology:

  • Royal Velvet Rod-Pocket Encore Window Treatments
  • Royal Velvet Grommet-Top Plaza Lined Blackout Curtain Panel
  • Eclipse Nolita Grommet-Top Blackout Curtain Panel with Thermalayer

However, checking out the JCPenney’s own buyer reviews, we found that Royal Velvet Encore curtains in the color white would not blackout sufficiently. That is similar to what we found for other light colored modern curtains. They simply allow too much light to come through to be really called blackout. Light sleepers beware of buying blackout curtains in light colors, even the light colored velvet blackout curtains.

Best Blackout Curtains At Blackout CurtainsThese are the top blackout curtains at

  • Thermavoile Lined Grommet Curtain Panel by Thermalogic
  • Eclipse Curtains Microfiber Grommet Window Curtain Panel

How the Thermavoile curtain panel passes for a blackout panel is beyond us. It can be quite plainly seen in the product image that the white curtain will not be blackout at all. In fact, the verified buyers remark that they “love the way the sun goes through these curtains while the heat doesn’t”. Other complain that “They are NOT black out curtains as they are advertised” and “in fact, they are completely sheer.” Again, buyer beware of the light colored “blackout” curtains. Even more so, you can not expect much of a noise blocking from these either.

Eclipse Microfiber curtains on the other hand are to be had in dark colors and feature thermaback technology. We have seen that Thermaback lining will make for a great blackout. In addition, a good portion of unwanted outside noises will be absorbed.

Top Blackout Curtains At

Home Depot Blackout CurtainsThese are the top four blackout curtains at

  • Eclipse Cassidy Blackout White Grommet Curtain Panel
  • Curtainworks Saville Chocolate Thermal Room Darkening Curtain
  • Absolute Zero Total Blackout Stone Blue Faux Velvet Curtain Panel

Again, we find that Eclipse Cassidy White do not meet the standard for blackout curtains, based on buyer reviews. Beware buying white, off white, beige, or other relatively light colored, light weight curtains that claim they will black out the room.

Interestingly, even though the Curtainworks Saville curtains are in Chocolate color, and are not even labeled as “blackout”, but rather “room darkening”, about 40% of buyers still complain about how they do not block the light sufficiently.

While Home Depot has no buyer reviews at this time for Absolute Zero Total Blackout Velvet Curtains, we have reviewed them and found that they have terrific blackout and noise reducing qualities. Check out our review here.

Best Blackout Curtains At Ikea

Ikea Blackout CurtainsIkea offers a single blackout (or block-out) curtain in their stores and online:

  • WERNA Block-out curtains

As there are no online reviews at Ikea, we can not comment on the blackout quality and noise absorption of these curtains.

Best Blackout Curtains At Amazon

Amazon Blackout CurtainsAmazon comes up with a single blackout curtain in the search results:

  • Best Home Fashion Solid Thermal Insulated Back Tap Blackout Curtain

The solid thermal insulated blackout curtain has over a thousand reviews. Most reviewers are quite happy with the light blocking quality. Again, for lighter colors, such as sky blue, buyers are warning others that these curtains do not block sunlight completely.

Overstock Blackout Curtains

Overstock Blackout CurtainsOverstock is showing these two top blackout curtains:

  • Solid Insulated Thermal Blackout Panel
  • Tuscan Thermal Backed Blackout Curtain Panel

The Solid Insulated Thermal Blackout panel is showing predominantly positive reviews as far as blackout. A customer even claims the light pink panels were helpful in blocking out light in her daughter’s room.

The Tuscan Thermal Backed Blackout panel curtain, on the other hand, is not blackout at all, according to their own buyers at Overstock. Some buyers even estimate that light blockage is only 60% and not 99% as stated.

This confirms our finding that light colored curtains (light brown in this case) that are not extremely heavy will not block out light sufficiently for many people. Especially those who must sleep during the day, or those who are woken up by morning sun shining on their beds, will be advised to stick with heavy, dark colored velvet or suede curtains.

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