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Better Homes And Gardens Thermal Faux Silk Thermal Insulated Curtains

We wanted to bring together best thermal curtains reviews of everything that is available at top US retailers. Why?

The cool Arctic Vortex is descending over most of the US again, and prices of heating are not getting any lower.

We feel it is important for all homeowners and renters in the US to be aware of all the passive thermal insulation options for all windows in their homes.

That way they will be able to save unexpected amounts of money each year.

Below, there are some of the best thermal curtains on sale at top US retailers such as Target, Walmart, Ikea, Lowes, and Amazon.

Our Methodology

We simply visited the retailer’s site and searched for thermal curtains. We present top three thermal curtains from the results with our comments below. When we feel the top curtains at a particular retailer are not the best choice, we suggest our reviews of better alternatives.

Best Insulated Curtains At Target seems to favor Threshold brand, and Eclipse. Here are top three thermal insulated curtains Target offers:

  • Threshold™ Embroidered Vine Light Blocking Curtain Panel
  • Eclipse™ Light Blocking Braxton Thermaback Curtain Panel
  • Threshold™ Uptown Stripe Light Blocking Curtain

We have not reviewed any Threshold light blocking curtains as of yet so we cannot comment. We reviewed numerous Eclipse Light Blocking Thermaback Curtain Panels, such as Eclipse Suede, Eclipse Dayton, Eclipse Kendall and can vouch for the thermal insulation provided by the Eclipse Thermaback technology. In addition, two of the Eclipse Braxton Curtain face colors are light: Tan and Khaki. We can recommend these light colors because lighter colors will increase thermal insulation. All Eclipse Thermaback insulated drapes at Target are white on the window side, which further increases thermal insulation as we discussed here and here.

Best Thermal Curtains At Walmart

Eclipse, Best Thermal Curtains At Target - Eclipse Kids Dayton Curtains Plum Purple, Best Insulated Curtains

Eclipse Kids Dayton Thermal Insulated Curtains seems to favor Eclipse brand. This makes sense as Eclipse has mostly positive reviews and offers a lot of quality for the money. These are the top 3 thermal curtains Walmart suggests:

  • Eclipse Samara Blackout Energy-Efficient Curtain, Set of 4 Bundle
  • Eclipse Nottingham Thermal Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel, Set of 4 Bundle
  • Better Homes and Gardens Thermal Faux-Silk Back-Tab Window Curtain Panel

We have reviewed Eclipse Nottingham here, and BH&G Thermal Faux-Silk Curtains here. We feel that Eclipse Notthingham is superior to Eclipse Samara for thermal insulation because of the greater choice of light colors. In fact, the lightest colors of Eclipse Samara 4 curtain bundle available are Stone Blue and Toffee which are rather dark. Thus, they are not optimal for thermal insulation as we discussed here.

Best Insulated Curtains At Ikea US

Ikea offers their own brand curtains, here are the top 3:

  • VILBORG Curtains
  • MARJUN Block-out Curtains
  • WERNA Block-out Curtains

Vilborg Curtains are densely woven and come in beige front side color and with a white back liner. They are also quite heavy, at over 2 lbs each panel. Both the weight and the color will make it suitable as a thermal insulating curtain.
Marjun Curtains come in gray color only. Although they are also quite heavy, we do not recommend medium-to-dark color for thermal insulating curtains.
Werna Block-out Curtains come in dark-lilac color and are quite light, at only 1 lbs each.

If you are shopping at Ikea, look into Vilborg Curtains for your best thermal insulation curtain choice.

Top 3 Insulated Curtains At Lowes

Lowes favors allen + roth and Style Selections. Here are the top 3 thermal curtains Lowes returns:

  • Style Selections Quinn 84-in L Geometric Red/Ivory Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel
  • allen + roth 84-in L Room Darkening Solid Ivory Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel
  • Style Selections Quinn 84-in L Geometric Chocolate/Blue Thermal Grommet Window Curtain Panel

The red/ivory color as well as the chocolate/blue color of Style Selections Quinn #1 and #3, respectively, is certainly not optimal for thermal insulation because it absorbs too much infrared from the room, and heat gets lost.
If you are shopping at Lowes, look into allen + roth Solid Ivory Thermal Grommet Curtains instead.

Best Insulated Curtains At Amazon

Sun Zero Emmett Curtains Red. Best Thermal Curtains. Best Insulated Curtains.

Sun Zero Emmett Curtains Red

Top two choices at Amazon are products by Best Home Fashion. The third one is Sun Zero. Here is the list of top 3 thermal curtains at Amazon:

  • Solid Thermal Insulated Back Tap Blackout Curtain, Beige
  • Best Home Fashion Beige Wide Width Grommet Top Thermal Blackout Curtain
  • Sun Zero Alec Thermal Lined Microfiber Curtain Panel, 42 by 84-Inch, Mineral

Two of the top choices for thermal insulated curtains at Amazon come from Best Home Fashion. We are planning to review Best Home Fashion curtains here in the future.
We reviewed Sun Zero Curtains here. Feel free to take a look at our review.

Conclusion: Best Thermal Curtains At Target, Walmart, Ikea, Lowe’s

Looking at the top selection of curtains at some of the top US retailers gives a mixed picture. Different retailers favor different brands curtains. There is no apparent consensus at all. Which could be good for the consumer as the selection is bigger. But it also keeps the consumer confused about a difficult subject of picking the best thermal curtains for their home.

We have also noticed that some of the best insulated curtains offered at US retailers are curtains that do not maximize thermal insulation and, consequently, will not help your winter utility bill as much as they should. That is why we have reviews on our site that point out what qualities to look for in thermal insulated curtains, such as this review of Top Heat Blocking Curtains, Cheap Insulated Curtains and this Awesome Kids Thermal Curtains review. We also reviewed these luxurious Off White Velvet Curtains and found them to have great thermal insulating properties. If you are in the market for thermal insulated curtains, you will benefit from our reviews. Check them out!


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