Best Eclipse Kids Curtains For Home And Nursery

Eclipse Kids Curtains Dayton Energy Efficient Blackout CurtainsWhat Is With All The Fuss About Eclipse Kids Curtains?

Eclipse kids curtains are extremely popular. They come in a number of models. Eclipse kids curtains are often sold as single panel. On this page you will find the information you need to purchase the right model. Your kids will thank you by being well rested, more peaceful and happier.

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As a concerned parent or guardian, you are 100% decided to maximize the child’s comfort and ability to sleep and relax peacefully. When you increase blackout, noise reduction, and thermal insulation, you will help your child sleep well.

We will give you the pros and cons of three models of the very best Eclipse children’s curtains. When you read through, you will know:

Eclipse Kids Curtains Dayton Energy Efficient Blackout RedFirst, what qualities of an Eclipse curtain to look for (such as blackout, insulating, or sound reduction).
Second, what different models to pick, and their pros and cons, and.
Third, the right length and quantity of curtain panels to get.
Fourth, where you can get the very best price for your Eclipse curtains for kids.

This useful information will apply just as well whether you are looking for Eclipse nursery curtains, for Eclipse kids room blackout curtains, or maybe even for Eclipse baby curtains. The only difference might be in the color you choose. Keep reading.

What To Look For In Eclipse Kids Curtains

To give the best chance to your kids to sleep peacefully and be comfortable during the night, you need to provide curtains that will do several things well:

Block Out Direct Sunlight

As you have learned, kids need to sleep a lot more than the adults. Below the age of 5 kids need over 12 hours of sleep per day. Blocking out direct sunlight is important especially if your child’s room is facing east. The early morning sun could easily be waking up your kid and make them groggy due to lack of sleep.

In a nursery, kids usually go for an afternoon nap. You want to block the sun rays as much as possible during that time of the day.

To block out sunlight just look for Eclipse Blackout Curtains for kids (below). Also look for thermaback lining. When picking the matching rod, make it extend 10-20 inches beyond the window on both sides, left and right.

Consider getting a “wrap around” rod. This rod closes the gap between the wall and the curtain on the sides. And make sure the curtains cover the wall at least 10-20 inches above and below the window edges.

Provide Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is important. Thermal insulation prevents large temperature swings. It is okay for the temperature to drop somewhat during sleep from the evening towards the morning.

It is not okay for the temperature to abruptly increase in the morning while the kid is still sleeping. The kid will feel uncomfortable when the temperature rises too fast and by too much. The kid will wake up too soon and be dizzy and unhappy. And he won’t know why and neither will you.

With thermal insulated curtains, however, the temperature won’t rise as fast, providing more time for the kids to wake up on their own, at the best time for them or on your regular schedule.

To get good thermal insulation look for Eclipse kids curtains with thermaback lining (below).

Maximize Noise Reduction

Especially if you live by a high-traffic street or have noisy neighbors, you will want to maximize the noise reduction. This is often looked as not very important, but some kids are really sensitive to noise.

To get the best noise reduction in Eclipse curtains, look for Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient curtains (below). These reduce the noise the most because of the additional sound reduction property of the suede material. Also very important, get properly sized curtains. As a rule of thumb, make sure that curtains extend at least 10-20 inches above, below, to the left and to the right of the window.

Regardless of what curtains you purchase, you will achieve double or even triple the noise reduction when you make sure that the total combined width of all panels is 2.5 times to 3 times the width of the window. Your curtains should look full when closed. That is exactly what you want to double the outside noise reduction. So, stated simply, purchase 4 panels for a window instead of 2 panels and you will achieve fullness when the curtains are closed. That’s how you will reduce the noise even further.

Bonus: Purchase Matching Curtain Rod

We suggest either a regular or decorative rod that extends 10-20 inches beyond the window width on both sides. Another excellent choice to maximize the noise reduction is a “wraparound rod”. That type will allow you to close the gap between the curtain and the wall, reducing noise escaping into the room even more.

Pros And Cons Of The Three Very Best Eclipse Curtains For Kids

Here are the best Eclipse children’s curtains and their pros and cons. We pay close attention to light blackout, thermal insulation, and noise reduction.

Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Curtains

Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains

Eclipse Suede Blackout

Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Curtains are our top choice because of the fine look and feel of suede.

They feature unsurpassed noise reduction and noise blocking among the Eclipse curtains for children.

Both are due to added fibers that give suede its characteristic feel.

  • Excellent Blackout.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation.
  • Best Noise Reduction.
  • Lack of Vivid Colors, but stone blue and golden sand colors could work well


Eclipse Kids Kendall Blackout Window Curtain Panel

Eclipse Kids Curtains Kendall Blackout

Eclipse Kids Curtains Kendall

With their excellent blackout and thermal insulation properties, and beautiful choices of charming lively colors, the Eclipse Kids Kendall curtains are our favorite. That is especially true if noise reduction is not a big concern.

Kids will really love any of the vivid colors Eclipse Kendal comes in.

  • Excellent Blackout.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation.
  • Good Noise Reduction.
  • Wide Choice Of Colors: Denim, Purple, Raspberry, Ruby.
  • Noise Reduction Not As Good As Eclipse Suede.


Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy-Efficient Curtain

Eclipse Kids Curtains Dayton - Lime

Eclipse Kids Curtains Dayton – Lime

These come in a large variety of really bright and vivid colors. They could be excellent as curtains for babies and toddlers. There are also a few of the darker colors to choose from.

When sound reduction is not a big concern, Eclipse Kids Dayton curtains will work fine for blackout and thermal insulation. Keep in mind that the darker colors will still block out direct sunlight better than lighter colors. Also, longer curtains will block the light and the sound better as well.

We also love the grommet top on these curtains which gives them quite a modern look overall.

  • Excellent Blackout.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation.
  • Acceptable Noise Reduction with longer length models.
  • Awesome Choice of Colors: Black, Blue, Chili, Lime, Plum, Raspberry.
  • Grommet Top for those who prefer that “clean” style.
  • Noise Reduction not up to par, especially with shorter length models.



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