Best Childrens Blackout Curtains To Stop The Noise

Best Childrens Blackout Curtains To Stop The Noise

Visit this link to see reviews of Eclipse childrens curtains, one of our favorite childrens blackout curtains.

While every child is different, children tend to sleep a lot, even during the day. According to WebMD, newborns sleep 15-16 hours a day. The older the children grow the less sleep they need. However, 7-12 years old still need 10-11 hours of sleep every day. Some of that sleepy time will by necessity be daytime.

Making Sure Kids Sleep Well With Childrens Blackout Curtains

Smart parents want their babies and children to sleep regular hours and sleep well. They will assure that direct sunlight will not disturb the kids. Smart parents will try to prevent extreme temperature fluctuations in the kids room, and excessive outside noises. In what ways can childrens blackout curtains help?

Low Light. When parents are searching for girls or boys blackout curtains, or even for blackout curtains for the baby room, their main concern is to prevent direct sun rays or bright sunshine to disturb their children’s sleep. Especially direct sunlight will quickly wake up the child and make them get up groggy.

Low Noise. An equally important concern is to make sure that daytime noises will not disturb the child’s sleep. When the child’s room is facing a busy street, the vehicle noises during the morning rush hour can easily wake the child up, and not allow them to sleep as much as they should.

Minimal Temperature Variation. Small natural temperature drop is okay during the night. Both children and adults will be okay if the bedroom temperature drops by up to five degrees Fahrenheit toward the end of the night. However, again, if the temperature rises suddenly after, say, 7 hours, the child will feel discomfort during the final phases of the sleep. While he may continue to sleep through the discomfort, the sleep just won’t be as pleasant anymore. The child will likely wake up too early and will be dizzy or groggy because of the temperature hike.

Picking The Right Colors For Girls And Boys Blackout Curtains

Often the color is the most important factor in parents’ decision on which blackout childrens curtains to purchase. It is a cliche that girls prefer pinks or purple colors and boys love lighter shades of blue. However, choosing a vivid color curtains is important for the child’s well being during his/her playtime and schoolwork.

What To Look For In Blackout Childrens Curtains?

Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains. Clearly, looking for blackout curtains is the step in the right direction. The simplest solution is to find childrens curtains with blackout lining.

Thermal Or Insulated Curtains. When a curtain is named thermal or insulated, this is a good sign. Such curtain will, when closed, help minimize the temperature variation in the child’s room due to morning or afternoon sun rays impinging on the window. Thermal or insulated curtains will be heavier than usual, which will help with environment sound reduction as well.

Sound Reduction. When a curtain is named both blackout and thermal, then, quite often, it will also help reduce the street noise coming into the room. However, the noise reduction still depends on the exact type of materials that the curtain is made of. Curtains made with suede or faux suede, or velvet curtains will reduce the noises more than curtains made of regular fabric.

If you are concerned with noise reduction, you can double (or triple) the noise reduction by increasing the total width of the curtains, as explained here: Best Curtains For Soundproofing Home. Buying the combined width of the panels to be 2.5 times to 3 times as much as the window width will allow for a fuller look of the curtains when closed and will additionally reduce the noise.

What Brand Of Kids Blackout Curtains Is Best?

Eclipse Kids Kendall Blackout Curtains

Eclipse Kids Kendall Blackout Curtains

We have researched the online marketplace for childrens blackout curtains. We found quite a  selection of childrens blackout curtains that are also insulated and noise reducing. At the same time they offer a good choice of vivid colors that kids love.

We have compared multiple online stores, read through buyer reviews of the most popular kids curtains. We were looking for confirmation of the manufacturer’s claims about blackout, thermal insulating, and sound reduction properties. And we were on the lookout for claims to the contrary as well.

We found that Eclipse Childrens Blackout Curtains were extremely popular. They are inexpensive, and have been reported by the buyers to reduce noise and keep room temperature steady as well. Many parents reported their kids to sleep longer hours and feel better during the day also.

You can check out and compare the choices of Eclipse Kids Curtains through this link.

We really like Eclipse Suede Thermaback Energy Efficient Curtains because of the heavier suede material that stops more noise.


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