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Signature Double Wide Off White Velvet Curtains by HalfPriceDrapes White velvet curtains add immense beauty and elegance to your room. They magically shine and play with light reflections. They ooze softness and comfort. If you’ve been searching incessantly to find the best white velvet curtains to decorate your rooms with, you finally got to the right place. If you are tired of getting just generic information and sales pitches, we understand! There is a lot more to light color velvet curtains than meets the eye!

We will give you an idea of how well your light colored off white or ivory velvet curtains work. We will look into noise blocking, thermal insulation, and blackout. Finally, we will base our conclusions on our research and simple high school physics. Read on!

Beautiful Signature Double Wide Off White And Ivory Velvet Curtains

We have scoured the web for the best places where you can find white, off white, and ivory velvet curtains. Finally we found places with great velvet fabrics, perfect panel sizes, and wide selection of white, ivory, or beige velvet draperies.


You are likely buying white velvet curtains simply because they add immense beauty and elegance to your room. Their shine, play of sun light reflections and inside light reflections off of the smooth pile. The velvet promise of the softness and comfort is to die for.

A Gorgeous Signature White Velvet Curtain Can Be So Much More!

You can do so much more with white velvet curtains than beautify your living room or bedroom. Thanks to the curtain’s noise absorbing properties, light blocking and thermal properties, you can turn your space into an oasis of peace, quietude, and comfort!

Plenty of music schools know that very well. Their large or small rehearsal rooms are lined with velvet curtains. Music schools know how to make sure how to keep the sound of the musical instruments on the low down for the neighbors. But the same technology works for keeping the noise levels down inside your bedroom so you can sleep better.

We will help you find the very best way to turn your bedroom or living room into a quiet place, insulated from the external noises, temperature swings, and bright lights.

We will also provide you with an idea how to properly size your signature white velvet curtain for each window and door to achieve the optimal level of light and noise blocking.

Superb Noise Blocking With Velvet Curtains

Velvet is one of the best fabrics for noise reduction and noise blocking in your home. If you have even a slightest echo of the outside noise coming through the windows or doors, open or closed, then velvet curtains, when sized right and completely closed, will provide an effective sound and noise barrierNRC Ratings Site http://www.nrcratings.com/nrc.html reported that Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) can be as much as 0.6 for such heavy velvet drapes. This means that as much as 60% (or more at higher frequencies) of noise will simply be absorbed in the curtain and will never reach your ear. Not a complete soundproofing, but what a relief to your ears this could be. Especially when you are ready to lay down and relax after a tiresome day.

Proper Dimensions Of Curtains For Maximum Sound Blocking And Light Blocking

We have shown elsewhere that high unwanted noise reduction can only happen when curtains are full, or pleated when closed. Then the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) can really be so high.

When you want to further increase fullness of the curtains when closed, and at the same time increase the noise reduction, then we certainly recommend purchasing the total width of the curtain panels to be two and a half to three times the width of the window or door. This is more than the usual recommendation of curtain panel to be two times the width of the window.

Likewise, to absorb the most unwanted noise possible, we highly recommend to purchase curtains to extend all the way to the floor (or even longer, for a dropped look) and to extend at least 10-20 inches above the window or door.

The Signature White Velvet curtains come in panel width of 100 inches and it comes in four length100W x 84L

  • 100W x 96L
  • 100W x 108L
  • 100W x 120L

Light Blocking With White Velvet Curtains

Thick velvet curtains in general will block light well. Dark red or brown curtains are often used in media rooms. Darker colors block the light from the outside. Dark colors also prevent light reflections inside the room and enable maximum contrast on the projection screen or large TV.

White velvet curtains, or even light beige velvet curtains, will certainly not block light as well as darker colored curtains. If you are using light colored velvet curtains for sun blocking purposes then you should follow advice in the above section. Look for section titled Proper Dimension Of Curtains. Similar reasoning applies:

When curtains are hung to be full when closed, they will block significantly more sunlight from the outside. It becomes important for light blocking to get the total width of the curtains be three times the width of the window for maximum fullness. This will also significantly enhance light blocking.

As a side benefit to installing curtains wider, you will make your window look bigger (both when drapes are open and closed). By picking taller curtains (see above), you will also make your room appear to have a higher ceiling.

Excellent Thermal Insulation Of Signature White Velvet Curtains

Thanks to velvet’s dense pile, thick velvet is a wonderful thermal insulator. When you close such thick velvet curtains, you will notice that the temperature in the room will stay warmer in the winter and colder in the summer. The thermal fluctuations will be less. Your AC bill will go down in the summer. Your heating bill will be less in the winter.

The white or off-white color of these curtains makes them even better, more insulating thermal curtains than the same velvet curtains in darker colors. The reason? Their light curtain surface reflects more visible light (that is why curtains appear lighter color!) and also reflects more infrared light. Regular visible light and infrared light transfer a lot of heat to and through the curtain. These type of light, however, will not transfer heat if it reflects off the curtain.

General Buying Information For Velvet Drapes

Velvet curtain production lots can vary slightly in color (which depends on the batch of dye used), and length. Therefore it is imperative to check that all curtain panels are exactly the same length (to the inch), and clearly visibly the same shade. Make sure of that before you hang the drapes for the first time.

Our Top Pick For Off White Velvet Curtains

You will find the best velvet curtains and largest selection in specialized curtain shops online. Here we present our top place to find luxurious and elegant off white velvet curtains,  HalfPriceDrapes. At HalfPriceDrapes, you can find the following light colored Signature Double Wide Velvet Curtains: Off White, Ivory and Silver Grey. If you are more interested in blackout than thermal insulation, HalfPriceDrapes also carries Signature Double Wide Velvet Curtains in these dark colors: Black, Java, Midnight Blue, Eggplant, Amber Gold, and Burgundy.

Signature Off White Double Wide Velvet Blackout Curtain at HalfPriceDrapes

Signature Double Wide Off White Velvet Curtains By Half Price Drapes These Off White Velvet Blackout Curtains are an epitome of elegance, style and wealth. Just look at them how they drop to the floor and create an island of elegance.

Their Thermaback lining in addition to poly velvet front side, and light color, are all responsible for superb thermal, blackout, and noise reduction quality. The Off White Velvet Blackout Curtains are already sized properly in double wide (100 inch per panel). They will maximize noise reduction, and maximize daylight blocking.

At the same time, double wide velvet curtains will accentuate the rich, full, and comfortable feel that only light colored velvet can offer.

Buyer reviews are very positive. Buyers love the luxe appearance, soft touch and cottony feel and they love the blackout with such light colored curtains,

Check out detailed buyers reviews of these Off White Velvet Blackout Curtains directly at HalfPriceDrapes website.


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