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Absolute Zero Curtains, Heavy Velvet Blackout CurtainsAbsolute Zero Curtains are a modern example of good form and function. Made of 100% Polyester, they imitate rich natural velvet (Absolute Zero are actually faux velvet) in function, touch and feel, but weigh much less. Absolute Zero Blackout Curtains are about twice as heavy as the Eclipse Suede Thermaback curtains.


Who Are Absolute Zero Blackout Curtains For?

Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains are marketed as luxurious home theater curtains. Indeed, they work well in home theaters, media rooms, or TV rooms, to darken the room and improve video projector movie viewing or large screen TV viewing during the daytime. When placed over windows they also reduce outside noises significantly.

The other important effect these curtains have is to sound treat the room, which means that they will reduce sound reflections from the wall. This will allow for a better definition of the loudspeaker sounds. This means less echoes, fewer distortions and less interference, and, as the end effect, the sound in the room will be easier on the ears, and offer more enjoyment of the soundscape of the movies, video and audio.

What About Their Use In Regular Living Rooms And Bedrooms?

Noise Blocking

When you are serious about blocking noise from the outside, Absolute Zero Velvet Curtains will work better than the lighter, Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains. They are both made of the same material, 100% Polyester, and both have extra fibers giving them the characteristics textures. However, they differ in weight and the amount of extra fiber. The Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains are nearly twice as heavy as Eclipse Suede Curtains for the same size.

There is something called “mass effect” in acoustics. For noise absorbing curtains it simply means that, the heavier the curtains, the lower frequency of sound they will absorb. So they will absorb more unwanted noises overall. Which includes street traffic noises, noisy neighbors outside, loud machinery, etc.

Another important reason why Absolute Zero Velvet curtains are superb in absorbing noise is the special velvet weave itself. The dense velvet pile of fibers acts as a strong noise absorber.

Light And Heat Blocking

When used in bedrooms and living rooms, the excellent light and heat blocking of Absolute Zero curtains is equally important as sound blocking. When closed, these curtains will prevent any heat shocks and any intrusive lights that would interfere with your sleep.

Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains will work wonders in living rooms and bedrooms to imbue your space with a peaceful, relaxed, low-noise feel.

Softness Of The Natural Velvet Feel But Not The Velvet Weight

The rich velvet feel in old fashioned velvet curtains that are made of natural materials such as silk, linen, mohair, wool, or cotton, is matched with the modern polyester material feel.

However, the curtains do not feel heavy and they can be conveniently hung on standard diameter rods (one inch diameter recommended).

It is slightly inconvenient that the curtains will have to be placed in a dryer together with a damp cloth. After 20 minutes of tumble drying they should be immediately hung so to take out the folds and any wrinkles. The curtains will then straighten out further while being hung.

Color And Velvet Looks

Stone Blue Absolute Zero Curtains - Best Noise Reduction Curtains For Home

Absolute Zero Heavy Velvet Curtains in Stone Blue, Noise Reduction Curtains For Home

Absolute Zero Velvet Curtains come in several colors: The Standard Velvet Red, Black, Stone Blue (a washed-out light blue), Chocolate (darker brown) and Cafe (lighter brown). Important tip: While the first order of business when picking color should be to match curtain color to the rest of the decor in the room, it is also important to realize that, lighter colors will black out slightly less light than the darker colors.

A buyer of the (light brown) cafe color indeed reports that these blocked at most 80% of the sunlight. However, you can increase this to 90% and more if you follow our advice below for doubling the number of panels. Which will also improve noise reduction.

Regardless of the color, curtain buyers report that the curtains have very nice soft feel to them.

Sizing Absolute Zero Curtains

Absolute Zero Blackout Curtains come in three heights, 63″, 84″ and 95″. All panels are extra wide 50″ width. The shipping weight for one panel will be between 2.2 lbs and 3.2 lbs depending on the height.

Absolute Zero Curtains Width

Are you serious about maximizing the sound absorption to achieve superb outside noise reduction such as traffic or machinery noise that can seep even through the closed windows? By picking up Absolute Zero Velvet curtains, you are already half way there! But to maximize the noise absorption, and improve blackout as well, we recommend to purchase 2.5x to 3x the width of the window you are covering.

Why? By doing so, your velvet curtains will be full even when closed. We have shown elsewhere that full folding of curtains can increase noise reduction by as much as 3x.

This only pertains to sizing the curtains that cover a window. Window is the biggest source of noise from the outside, even when closed. When you are purchasing these Velvet Curtains for a media room to cover the wall, you can go with the standard advice to purchase the total curtain width to be just 2x the width of the wall.

Individual Absolute Zero curtain panels are all extra wide at 50 inch width.

Absolute Zero Curtains Length

What about the right curtain length? First off, be sure not to purchase curtains taller than your ceiling. If you are purchasing these for your media room, consider the tallest height that will still fit. This will acoustically treat your room, reduce echoes and interferences.

Absolute Zero velvet curtains come in three lengths: 63 inch, 84 inch and 95 inch.

If you are purchasing Absolute Zero Curtains for a living room or bedroom, at least make sure that curtains go 10-20 inches above and below the window, to maximize the noise reduction.


You will want to make sure that you get the thickest rods that you can get. For most purposes, 1 inch diameter rods will be perfect. You will be able to hang them either using the backtabs or the rod pocket. If you decide to follow our advice and go for the 3x the width of the window, consider purchasing a double rod and use both rods for additional noise reduction and blackout.

Quick Pros

  • Velvety Feel
  • Adequate sound treatment for a media room and impressive noise reduction
  • Blackout is optimal even during daytime with darker colors
  • Thermal insulation prevents fast heating of the room and saves on cooling and heating costs
  • Machine washing is okay

Quick Cons

  • Need initial dryer treatment (follow directions, please) to remove wrinkles and folds
  • Relative heavy weight and possible wide width requires the highest diameter rods, 1 inch diameter minimum suggested, curtain tabs and rod pockets will accommodate up to 2 inch diameter rods
  • Lighter colors like cafe or stone blue do not adequately block sunlight for daytime sleepers or highly sensitive sleepers

Buyer Ratings

Buyers give 4.5 to 5 star average reports, which is excellent. Buyers appreciate the Absolute Zero Velvet Curtains for their blackout, noise reduction, heat insulation, and sound treatment properties in TV rooms and media rooms, or living rooms. Darker colored curtains also live up to 99% daytime light blockage according to buyers. Which is great for the bedrooms of light-sensitive sleepers or daytime sleepers.

Real Life Reports

Some buyers report having best sleep in years after installing Absolute Zero curtains which is something to celebrate for sure!

Others reported that sun would still shine through at the edges in the morning when the sun is low. These folks apparently did not come across our recommendations under the subsection “Dimensions”. If you want really good blackout, make sure to get darker colors. Then make sure you buy extra panels, and also optionally get double rods. Don’t be the person who has to resort to taping the curtains to the wall!

Quite a few buyers expressed their relief finally stumbling across the Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Home Theater Curtain. They had bought models other than Absolute Zero previously. Then they found these other curtains not to be blackout curtains at all.

Energy savvy buyers are expecting to lower their energy usage this winter by buying extra curtain panels and making sure that they cover their windows thoroughly.


Absolute Zero Blackout Curtains

Absolute Zero Velvet Curtains, Dark Brown

Absolute Zero velvet curtains will typically cost double to triple the cost of other blackout curtains. Comparison shopping definitely pays. We found best prices at the time at Walmart.com. If you are serious about noise reduction and blackout, and are buying several panels at the time, the Walmart.com price advantage adds up.

Buyer reviews reflect that Absolute Zero Velvet Curtains are an excellent value for the money. Check out current discounts at Walmart.com.



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