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The team of researchers and reviewers at SoundBlackout.com is working diligently to provide you, our visitor, with accurate information about home improvement products and services. Ours is home for the reviews of soundproof panels, soundproof curtains, blackout drapes, and other noise reducing products. We inform you about the best reviewed products and services that you can use in your home to make it more pleasant to live in. We do the research so you don’t have to. That way you don’t have to browse endless product pages and customer reviews about products and services that you are interested in.

Maintaining Peace And Quiet In Your Home

is becoming more and more important in this world. As the population exceeds 8 billion people, we find ourselves living closer and closer to each other. Be it in apartments, or single family homes, there is always something near us that can disturb us and prevent us from enjoying the rest that we want.

And the peaceful rest we need so bad. We come home from stressful jobs, from the lengthy and sometimes unpleasant commutes. So we need, more than ever, a sanctuary of peace and quiet to unwind and relax.

If that describes you, you will want to figure out which products can best help keep your home peaceful and quiet. That is where the product reviews and tips on how to buy these products become useful to you.

Reducing Noise With Soundproof Panels, Curtains

Acousticolor Eco-c Tex Soundproof Panels By Audimute SoundproofingWhen you can reduce noise from the street significantly by buying a certain type of drape, that is the information that you can use right away and create a peaceful place in your home.  Blackout curtains, sound absorbing blankets, soundproof panels and similar products fall into that category.

We will often recommend products that we believe are the best for the stated purposes. Usually, we thoroughly review the products that we recommend. We always stay objective about the products that we recommend.

Thanks to our research, you will always know why we recommend certain products. You will also hear from us when we don’t like a certain product, and we will do our best to suggest better alternatives. We plan to publish detailed side-by-side reviews of blackout products, sound-reducing products and more.

Sometimes We Become Technical And Long-Winded…

We will also provide technical and laboratory information. We research thoroughly available technical information about the products we recommend. That way, we feel, you will be better able to understand why some products perform better than the others, and why we recommend them. Bear with us when we get a bit technical from time to time.

In addition to product reviews, buyers guides, and technical research, we will also provide useful tips for maintaining the products that you see on our site. We want to become the go-to site for everything that helps make your home an oasis of peace and relaxation. Feel free to bookmark our site and return to it for more tips and reviews in the future.

A Word About Our Advertisers

You may see advertising through Media.net, Walmart.com, Brookstone, and other reputable programs on our site, and you should always assume that any link to those sites are affiliate links. We will sometimes be compensated when you purchase a product through one of these links.

Thank You And Ask Away!

Thank you for visiting our site today. If you have feedback, tell us about it by sending us an email or filling out the form below. Tell us if you have questions about products that are not reviewed on our site. Ask us about our opinion on products that you would like to buy. We will do our best to look into these and review them in the future if there is sufficient demand.

Best wishes in making your home a nicer, more peaceful and liveable place!

The SoundBlackout.com Researchers And Reviewers

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20 thoughts on “About Us / Contact Us

  1. Mark

    What would be the most effective sound insulation material for a bathroom? There’s a mysterious, continuous kind of annoying sound that seems loudest in between my downstairs bathroom and the bathroom on the other side of the wall in the adjoining unit but the couple living there have no idea what the source is and thought the noise was coming from my side. So maybe something within the wall? Well, my manager and I are at a loss to know the source so what to do? The sound BTW radiates through the wall to upstairs where it’s not as intense yet still audible enough that I could hear even wearing an ear plug while sleeping in the upstairs bedroom!

    1. Max Leighton Post author

      Hi Mark, thanks for your questions, and your info. There is way too little information to answer. However, think in terms of energy. If the sound is continuous, it must have a continuous source of energy. I can only think of 2: Water and electricity. Have you tried turning off either the water supply or the electricity? Then find out if the sound goes away. This will get you a bit closer to your answer. HTH!

  2. Greg

    I have an issue with the way sound transmits through my condo door to the hallway…sound coming in is a lesser problem but privacy for us is a concern. I’m a musician but our voices carry into the hall as well. Would a curtain work for this better than a door blanket? The curtain would likely be easier to use when desired…Would the curtain need to be hung tight to the wall? The doorway is about 34″ x 78.5″ with the door and frame (metal) being about 38″ x 82″ (desired minimum blockage area).

  3. diane

    Please contact me. I tried to reach out through email.
    Thank you so much for your web site! I am desperatly in need of noise and light reduction. We replaced our old jalousie windows with new, and it has made a huge difference, however, I still hear the cars go past. I am hoping drapes will help. My problem is that my windows are 25″ h x 63″ l and I only have 17 inches between the top to the ceiling and the bottom to the floor and only 7 inches on one side to the wall. According to your site, I need much more space than that to achieve adequate noise and light reduction. Do you have any recommendations for me? I would appreciate any advise you can give greatly!

    Thank you,
    Diane Colbert

    1. Max Leighton Post author

      Diane, In your situation, my suggestions do not apply. Just make sure your drapes are wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor and you will be okay! Max

  4. Annette Crittell

    I live in Spain and have a animal sanctuary.
    I am a registered charity here in Spain, and rescue abandoned and maltreate=
    d Dogs, I have 20 at present,=C2=A0 I then find homes for them.
    Ok my reason for contacting you. At night my beloved Dogs do bark at cats, =
    foxes and other night sounds. I live in the country but have 1 neighbor, he=
    is English like me, but unlike me, is a winger lolI cover the kennels at t=
    he front each night with sheeting to help with sound, and them seeing thing=
    s that are around.=20

    Would your product, if I used it as the front cover to the kennels help wit=
    h sound proofing?=20
    Is it OK if it gets wet with rain?How strong is it?
    I look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards Annette Crittell in Spain

    1. Max Leighton Post author

      Hi Annette, As you will concur, the problem with outdoor equipment is not just rain but rather a combo of rain, dust, heavy sunshine, and perhaps other elements, especially with the kennels! So if you would have to choose between moving blankets for soundproofing and sound absorption sheets, I would go with the cheaper moving blankets. Max

  5. Cynthia Smith

    I am confused as to why the Absolute Zero Curtains are your #1 rated soundproofing curtains when the Off White Velvet Curtains have a better star rating on your site. Can you please clarify? I really need as much sound reducing as possible. I am considering a much more expensive curtain that has mass loaded vinyl sewn in. I prefer not to spend that amount of money, but I really need them to reduce the noise coming from outside. Are the Absolute Zero curtains or the Off White Velvet curtains STC rated? Thanks for your time!

    1. Max Leighton Post author

      Hi Cynthia, I don’t have STC ratings for the two curtains. Since they are both made of velvet, they will both significantly reduce the outside noise. However, Absolute Zero was designed with media rooms in mind, so I suggest Absolute Zero would suit you better. Thanks for your question!

  6. richard


    Thank you for the information, but would you please explain why your selection for velvet curtain is not velvet.

    You go to trouble to show how good velvet is, but then point us to faux velvet or suede. I do not get that, so it would be nice to know why you did not recommend velvet curtains.

    Thank you.

    1. Max Leighton Post author

      Hi Richard, checkout the Heavy Velvet Curtains page. You will find that “velvet” means a special way to weave. The materials can either be natural or not. If they are not natural, then velvet is called “faux”. But it is still velvet. Hope that helps with the confusion!

  7. gareth


    Do you do a more modern colors like a light grey ? I have a condo in Thailand and they do a call for prayer at a local mosque at 5.30am so I want some curtains to mask that sound. Will these work ? Also can I just pick up from Walmart ? Thank You

  8. Ruth de Rooy

    I would like to buy two panels of the purple colour. I can’t find them anywhere.
    Do you have any idea?

  9. Bob

    Hi Max,

    Great website! Thanks for sharing all the info.

    I do have a question about double rods. How to use them? Any specific guidlines to follow there. Just put any liner? Any recommendations?

    We’re going with absoluto as we are next to a train track that runs every 20 mins all night long and a very busy street. We have a balcony double door and a window in the bedroom.

    Thanks again for all your help.


    1. Max Leighton Post author

      Hi Aarish, Thanks for the praise. Double rods will enable to put more curtains thus improving sound absorption significantly. Also check out Mike Conley’s comment and response on the main http://soundblackout.com page. –Max


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