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Soundproof Curtains And Young Woman Opening CurtainsWelcome to SoundBlackout!

This site is dedicated to people who are desperately searching for an elusive object called Soundproof Curtains. If you want your home to be an oasis of peace and quietude, you are in the right place. We will publish buyers guides for thermal insulating curtains, heavy velvet blackout curtains, heavy curtains for noise proofing home, children’s noise reducing and blackout curtains and much more. When you get the information you need, you’ll be able to inexpensively insulate your home from audible, visible, and thermal shocks!

We’ll also review soundproofing curtains/sheets and inexpensive noise reducing moving blankets for musicians, such as garage bands and music studios, and sound treatment curtains for home theaters.

Question: Is there such a thing as Soundproof Curtain anywhere?

Answer: Yes and No.

Why Not?

My YouTube Video Recording Friend’s Story: There Is No Soundproof Curtains

Blue Velvet CurtainsWell, recently a friend of mine purchased $5,000 (five thousand US dollars) worth of sound proof curtains for his downtown office in Orlando Florida where he records his YouTube videos. You should have seen him curse and swear on one of his videos when a fire truck drove past his window and the sirens’ wailing was clearly audible in the Video! He would most certainly tell you soundproof curtains are an impossibility (but here is a review of the next best thing).

I am guessing some “home audio consultant” has talked my friend into buying the $5,000 soundproof curtains package. I am now worried for my friend who will now fall for an eager home builder expert who will want to build him a room within a room for even more supreme soundproofing. Bring more money!

And Why Yes?

A Young Mother’s Story: The Curtains Are Soundproof Enough!

Eclipse Kids Dayton Energy Efficient Blackout Curtains RedWell, you could be a new mother looking to setup the best possible environment for your newborn baby. You really don’t care about the “Noise Reduction Coefficient”, but you do care a great deal that your baby is waking up when street traffic noise starts early in the morning. If you can find sound proofing curtains that allow your baby to sleep well throughout the night and morning, you would testify that sound proof curtains are a reality. And you would feel better too because you don’t have to wake up with the chickens anymore!

Even if some language and audio purist would declare these curtains as just sound reducing curtains and would look down on anyone calling them soundproof, you just don’t care! Your baby is sleeping well! These kids curtains are soundproof enough!

In other words, you probably won’t be able to find perfect soundproof curtains and you don’t really need them either. But you need sound reduction curtains for sure.

And if a young mother’s story isn’t heartbreaking enough, envision the entire nursery filled with kids who need to sleep in the afternoon, regardless of the bright sunshine and regardless of the noisy street filled with car engine noises…

Trying To Relax On A Saturday Afternoon

Absolute Zero Heavy Velvet CurtainsYou could be a working man trying to relax on a Saturday and Sunday afternoons after a long week at work. Then just as you sit down in your comfy chair with a bottle of wine ready to read your favorite book, a mariachi (or is it cumbia?) band hired by the neighbors for the Saturday night party starts to play! And loud! You know this won’t go away until late at night. And you wish you had a way to screen or block these noises.

Just as you think of the possibilities, your neighbor across the street starts his electric saw. Another Saturday, another home improvement project at your other neighbor’s.

You think you have had it by now. I understand. That is exactly how many of my Saturdays go, noise-wise (and these are the curtains that will reduce the noise the most).

So What Can One Do In This Noise Filled World?

The supremely great news is: sound reducing curtains which will significantly reduce the level of noise entering your home can be found.  You must know what you are looking for. You won’t be disappointed when you know what you can expect. Showing you what is possible and how to achieve maximal noise reduction at a reasonable price is our main job on this site.

What We Did On This Site That Will Benefit Homeowners And Apartment Dwellers

We put in endless hours of research into various sound reduction curtains and their reviews. We also looked for, gathered, and presented here relevant top-of-the-line research and information on sound and noise absorption properties of materials, like curtains and sound absorption sheets. We also visited various professional music websites and collected the available information on what professional musicians do for sound control.

We have combined this often boring academic knowledge into articles, sampled below, that will not only tell you what type of sound proof curtains we recommend, but also how to dimension, or size (over-size, really) the curtains, and how to mount them on the window for best noise insulation.

Even better, when you do the right thing for noise insulation in your home, you will end up with a better thermal and blackout curtain solution as well. And the best part is, in many cases it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to follow our suggestions.

Just look below for some of the best titles and enjoy your new found practical knowledge on how to make your home a more peaceful place.

Musicians (Garage Bands, Singers And Recording Artists) Will Benefit Too

Audimute Sound Absorbing BlanketsFurther below, you will also find our reviews of soundproof curtains and sound blankets for musicians. Starting a garage band? You will find numerous options below, from sound absorption sheets, to thick yet cheap moving blankets. Either one will do a decent job to sound treat your garage and minimize noise the neighbors need to put up with.

These solutions not only reduce the noise. Sound blankets will also ensure that you will be able to clearly hear your instruments, instead of being drowned in reverbs, and echoes from the bare garage walls.

By continuing to read below you will find out the easiest ways of creating a decent sound in a bare walled garage. So you won’t get tired of listening to endless echoes. And you won’t quit rehearsing with your garage band before you get real good.

Noise Reduction Curtains For Home

Buy Sound Reducing Curtains For Home And RelaxIf you are renting an apartment in New York City, I feel for you! As if the sirens from the fire trucks, ambulances and police rushing to the crime scene weren’t enough, there is also the cab drivers! Yeah, those cab drivers who come to New York from all over the world, from Italy, India, China, Puerto Rico. They came looking for opportunity, brought their “diverse” driving habits with them, and then end up driving the cabs! Until they get really well versed in city driving, there will be shouting, honking, loud engine noises, and car crashes!

That was just one side of the house! On the other side, you have an off Broadway opera singer rehearsing every single day, for hours. And that budding cellist, a 14 year old Japanese girl has to practice her etudes daily if she would even stand a chance of applying and getting into a degree program at Juilliard.

If you have noisy neighbors even if you don’t live in the Big Apple, the article on How To Buy Noise Reduction Curtains For Home is for you.

Best Children’s Blackout Curtains

Best Childrens Blackout Curtains To Stop The NoiseAre you an expecting parent? I know you are getting ready and prepared for everything when the new family member shows up in your home. But have you thought of the noise, and how street noises will upset your newborn, and, consequently, bring sleepless mornings to you?

Check out the article Best Children’s Blackout Curtains and get suggestions for blackout and soundproofing curtains.

Sound Reducing Curtains For Nurseries

Blackout Cuirtains For NurseryYoung children sleep extraordinary long hours, I am sure you knew. And if you have a dozen of them, or a couple dozen, it is time to really make sure their afternoon nap (during the time of bright sunshine and loud street noises) will really be taken care of.

If you are in charge of purchasing sound reducing curtains for a nursery, curtains that will also block out light and make the afternoon nap easy on the kids, then check out the article on Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery. It gives recommendations for curtains that children will love. And happy children will make their parents satisfied too.

Supreme Example: Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains

Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Blackout Curtains

Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Blackout Curtains

These Eclipse Energy Efficient Curtains made of suede are one of our favorites. Classy looking, yet quite middle of the road, sound reducing curtains that don’t look like they they were made from a theater stage curtains, and that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

But when you select the right number of panels for your window widths (hint – double up!), and the right length and color as described in the article Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains, you will be able to achieve three to five times the noise reduction, and 99% sunlight blocking with these curtains. This will be noticeable! Check these curtains out!

Heavy Soundproofing Curtains For Soundproofing Home

Absolute Zero Heavy Velvet Curtains - Best Noise Reduction Curtains For HomeWe present here the research findings taken from one of the top music institutes which explains why heavy weight (dense) curtain materials like suede and velvet are really beneficial if you are after sound proof curtains for home. Moreover, the research unveiled that making your curtains look full, or having them pleated, will additionally increase noise absorption by a large factor! This can mean a difference between a sound sleep through the night, and waking up at 7AM! Check out the article Best Heavy Curtains For Soundproofing Home.

For Up And Coming Music Heroes: How To Soundproof A Garage For A Garage Band, Or A Drummer

U2 at Gelsenkirchen, Source WikipediaWe present the fastest and the easiest ways of treating garage walls, windows, doors, ceiling and floor for quickly turning a bare-walled garage into a space that won’t kill your enthusiasm for producing quality, noise and reverb free music.

And that at the same time won’t give headaches to your neighbors who would most certainly consider your music to be a noise to them.

We will give you multiple options, from the nice-looking sound absorption sheets, to cheaper yet still effective thick moving blankets solution.

Check out the article How To Soundproof A Garage.

Sound Absorbing Blankets

Audimute Sound Blankets

It’s funny how the today’s top brands of sound absorbing blankets and noise absorption sheets have evolved from a simple moving blanket. Yes, a moving blanket used by Uhaul. Yes, that Uhaul indeed. But not all moving blankets are created equal.

Find out more about the newest, beautiful looking sound absorption sheets that will work in any room of the house that really needs top sound and noise absorption. Why, because, unlike moving blankets, the sound absorption sheets actually look good! Also find out more about what type of (not so beautiful looking) moving blankets you can use and still get decent noise absorption.

Just go to the Sound Absorbing Blankets Buying Guide through this link.

Our Favorite: Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets

Audimute Acoustic Sheets


The second generation of Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets is out, available in multiple colors and nicer looking and more practical than ever. No wonder why it is our favorite. Get more details about how you can sound proof your garage, or your music studio with these highly portable sound sheets, here: Audimute Absorption Sheets Review.

Moving Blankets Working Wonders For Soundproofing

Super Supreme Moving Blankets from EcoSmartBoxesWould you believe that some moving blankets (hint: the thicker the better) are extremely effective for sound insulation? Moving blankets wrapped around furniture will prevent the furniture to make dents when bumped into each other during the transportation in a Uhaul truck. Plus, these moving blankets are very portable (they aren’t called moving blankets for no reason, right?!?) which means they are easy to put up, take down, and move to a new venue that you need to sound proof. If you are an up and coming garage band, portability could be important for you.

You will learn in this article Moving Blankets For Soundproofing where to find the thickest, densest moving blankets, among other things. Check it out!

Keep Heat In Your House: Thermalogic Ultimate Window Liner

Thermalogic Curtain LinerThermalogic Ultimate Window Liner is a Detachable Curtain Liner. This is the best kept secret of keeping heat in your house.

Featuring multiple versatile hooks, you can easily attach Thermalogic Window Liner to any existing curtain and provide additional thermal insulation which is great during cold winters. Find a thorough review of Thermalogic Window Liner here.


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